Paulo & Miguel: Duarte Gomes At The Gym (EN.ES.FR)

DUARTE GOMES AT THE GYM – Well, due to health and well-being, I spend some time of my life doing physical activity. And a big part of that is done here, at the Club L. I’m reaching “high competition athlete level”. So, I’ve been working really hard! You’ll be able to watch it!… I’ve been working a lot to improve… Let’s say: my muscles! Stay tuned and watch it, because it’s gonna be really good! Let’s learn good stuff! Stay tuned! Well, I can’t work out with these clothes, so I’ll have to change… I don’t know if you’d like to see this part or not, but it can’t be, ok? See you in a bit, ok? See you! Now that I’ve got the right outfit, you guys come with me to watch a real workout! But a seriously and manly tough one! Stay and watch! It’s gonna be great! After having worked my back, it’s time for biceps! But a seriously tough training! These weights are just to warm up. I’ll get bigger ones afterwards. Watch it! Here’s the “lifts zone”. This sir is doing his, but… …He’s ok… But, here… I’m the one who’s gonna be really strong! Here, on this area: from here to here. This area is gonna be fabulous. Do you wanna see? Another really important part its the burning of calories and I’ve been strictly following the trainings of Francis Obikwelu [portuguese sprinter]. So, I’m gonna start really strong for you to see how to do it, ok? – Man, what are you doing there? – Well, I’m doing abs! – Oh, pal! Let’s start a real workout, because what you’re doing is not right at all, man! Ok?… Ok? – Let’s go! This was obviously a big play. When you come to workout, you have to do it for real. Especially with the right body posture and the right weights. This was obviously a joke. My real training will start now, but I like to do it in a more “low profile” way… I’ll take advantage of Luís’ help, today… You guys, take the chance to workout a bit as well, if you have the time and the willingness. Ask the professionals, for you to know what to do before you start it and what you should, and can, workout. That’s really important! See you in a little bit!

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