Overhead and Lateral Chain Strength Drill – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey everyone! In this drill right here we’re gonna work the lateral line. So we’re gonna be offset with the stick. We’re gonna utilize the flex of the stick in this partner drill to help work Neal’s lateral line. The yoga block is actually there,
Neal’s gonna place that between the legs. So he’s going to be in a tall kneeling position. The reason why the yoga block is there
is because you’re deep front line is from your abductors up through your pubis bone, all the way up the chain. Now as he compresses that yoga block, he’s going to amplify and bring more
strength up through that deep front line. So he’s gonna go into full kneeling position.
He’s gonna go overhead with the stick. When he goes in the overhead position once again, make sure you’re not flaring the ribs,
keep the ribs to the hips. He’s then going to, at about 60 – 70%, he’s going
to compress that yoga block with his legs and he’s gonna feel those adductors turn on. He’s at overhead position, well now that he’s engaged,
I’m going to add stimulus by pushing that stick down, and he’s gonna challenge that
right lateral line right there. I’m gonna ease off after about six to ten seconds and we’re gonna repeat. Remember to not hold your breath, he is breathing. And relax, good. So give that about three to five reps,
at about six to ten seconds each. Stay in that 50 to 60% window. If you want to get more strength amplification,
then crank it up to about 80- 90%perceived exertion. Have a good one!

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