Outrageous Workout Bloopers (GAME)

– Working out is hard to do. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – Exercise, it’s the hot new craze everybody’s talking about. I even recently caught my kids doing it. – Oh, scandalous. – But working out can be
complicated and hard on your body and if you’re pushing yourself to the max, you’re probably gonna end up
on the ground a few times. But that’s okay, as long as
you pick yourself back up and let us laugh at ya!
– Yeah. – It’s time for How Well Do You Know What Happened To These People
Who Were Getting Swole? I just roam, I rhymed–
– Know, swole. – I rhymed swole and know. Okay Link– – I didn’t know you could do that. – You’ve done this before. We’ve been here before.
– Yeah. – I’m gonna show you some footage and then I’m gonna pause it! And then I’m gonna give
you some multiple choices. All these people–
– Yes. – All these people are in
the midst of exercising. – Good for them. – And if you get four of these right, you win a gym towel. – I could always use another gym towel. – Okay, let’s play that first clip. – [Link] Okay, surveillance
footage type situation. (dance music) – Okay.
– Personal trainership happening in the foreground
but then I see something on that treadmill back there. – Yeah it’s the treadmill
lady that we want you to be focusing on. What happens to this treadmill lady? A, she turns around,
falls down, hits her head, gets thrown to the floor
and her phone goes flying. – Okay.
– B, she runs sideways, trips on her shoelace,
flies off the treadmill, and loses both of her shoes. C, she turns around,
hops off the treadmill, then tries to get back
on while taking a selfie and faceplants. Or D, she pulls out a
clipboard and asks everybody in the gym if they have a
minute to save the environment. (Link chuckles) – I’ve run into those people.
– That happens. – I always have a minute
to save the environment. Who knew it was that easy.
– I say of course, of course. I’m gonna sign this thing. – Hmm, man, it’s hard to
lose both your shoes at once. – Okay. – Ruling that out. (chuckles) Trying to take a selfie. I just think it’s a
straight up violent tumble where her phone goes flying, A. – Let’s show Link. Come on, oh.
– No, she took a selfie. – [Rhett] Selfie and then, yep. Oh!
– Oh dang! – I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay. Hug me. (laughs) Ah. That’s not how I would have responded. I wouldn’t have hugged
her, but you know what, I’m not a warm person. I hope her phone’s okay. – Wow.
(Rhett chuckles) – Link, that was incorrect.
– It was. But it was worth it. – Well there’s more where that came from. Let’s watch it. – Oh yeah. Oh gosh, ooh. That is a lot of weight, dude. – Okay, how does this weightlifter fail? A, he stumbles backwards and
snaps his laptop in half. – Okay. – B, he sprays liquid puke everywhere. – Oh no.
– C, he lets out a gigantic five second long fart.
– Oh! – Or D, he quits
weightlifting when he realizes the only muscle he needs is his heart. – Aw. I mean, I’ve eked out a few
farts in my gym experience. But a five second long fart, I mean– – Quite a release. – After two seconds, you’re
running out of the gym or you’re closing the
valve or something, I mean. – Closing the valve. – I hope he, I mean the
laptop is just so inviting now that I see it but
did you just write that ’cause it’s there? He looks sick. No, I’m going with a laptop, A. – Okay, let’s see the answer. (bass music) – [Link] Oh no! – Ugh, ugh! Ugh! Right onto the camera person. – So a five second mouth fart. – Yeah, exactly.
– Liquidy. – Scoop that up, that’s $50
worth of protein powder! (Link chuckles) Or should I say protein
chowder. (chuckles) – It did look like chowder. Man, but what happened to the laptop? – It’s intact. – Oh, oh for two. – All right, Link, you’re not doing well. What’s about to screw up
this woman’s yoga routine? – Oh, I like how she’s
looking at the camera. – Okay what’s about to happen? A, her camera is blocked
by a pair of dog balls. (Link sputters and laughs) I hope, yeah, that. – B, the statue tips over and shatters. – Oh wow. – C, a riding mower comes
through and almost runs her over. D, she goes to India and it’s
like totally life-changing. And now she has a handbag line but it’s like organic hemp handbags so it’s totes not about materialism, okay? (Link chuckles, crew laughs) – She has a handbag and the line is called Totes Not About Materialism. – Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah, what happens here man? – Well the grass doesn’t
need mowing in my opinion. – You got a lot of experience. – Why would the statue tip over? Man, I need point blank
dog balls in my view. Let’s do it, A. – All right, let’s watch. – [Link] Yes. (Rhett and Link laughing) (Link laughing excitedly) – Oh he wanted to make sure
we got the perfect angle. – More! Was that it? Come on. I love the fact that she
was checking the camera, then she stopped, then he rolls through. – He saw the opportunity there. That’s what they call the upward dog. (Link giggles) All right let’s keep it going. Next one. – [Instructor] We got
10 bricks here, guys. Ladies. That’s a lot. – [Link] There’s a lot, 10
bricks here guys, ladies. Okay get ready. Okay, all right, any day now. (baby cries) Come on. Okay. (Rhett laughs) All right. – [Rhett] Yep, yep, you gotta
make sure you get lined up. – [Link] Seriously? Oh!
– Okay. – Dog balls.
– So– – I’m going with dog balls. – What happens after all that? – What if that dog ran in front? Yeah, he could do it.
– He might. A, he fakes pulling a
muscle and walks away. B, he slips and falls and
smacks his head on the blocks. C, he completely misses the blocks and punches the cinder block instead. Or D, he’s still amping up
to his punch to this day. – Oh gosh. If he fakes a pulled muscle, I’m gonna hate this guy so hard. – Oh you don’t hate him yet, huh? – Yeah I don’t hate him. – Good for you. – I hope this is B, that sounds hilarious. C does not sound physically possible. How would he hit the, I’m going with B. – Okay, let’s watch. (crew laughs) – What? Can I see that one more time? – Yep, he missed it. After all that, Link. – Are you serious? – Actually that’s what it was like the first time I made love. (crew laughs) – How? – A lot of buildup. – Oh. Ouch. – Okay, what goes wrong
for this trampoliner? (chuckles) Okay. Yes, lots of potential here. – Okay. – A, he lands on his back
and tears the trampoline off its springs. B, he does a flip and his
shorts and underwear fly off. C, he kicks the cameraman
right in the face, or D, a vulture grabs him by
the foot and carries him away. – (chuckles) All right. I just feel like I know this. Like look at those shorts, this is B. I don’t know how his underwear fly off, but I can’t wait to find out. – Okay, roll it! – [Guy] Do it, okay do it. – [Link] Oh! (laughing) – [Guy] Oh my God! (Link laughing excitedly) – And look, he pulled it– – Somehow they came back. – It came back up just up one leg. – Yeah, this guy should be
friends with the yoga dog. – Hey! – They’d have lots of
fun just rolling around in the grass together. – Wow, what a friend. – Okay Link, you know what,
if you get this one right, you get half which is not
what you needed to win. – Oh. – Okay here’s the final clip. – Okay.
– Let’s watch it. – [Guy] Oh! – He bent over, I didn’t
realize, what is he doing? – He’s just flexing, man. – He’s just flexing?
– Yeah yeah yeah. That’s all it is is a flex. – Okay.
– What happens as a result of this guy’s extra-hard flex? A, he passes out cold and
hits his head on the wall. B, he poops his shorts. C, he pops his shoulder out of its socket and it hangs there limp.
– Oh no! – Or D, he receives the Pitbull award for being the most cool. (crew laughs) – Pitbull does give out that award. – Uh-huh.
– Um, hmm. He’s straining hard. This is A. A.
– All right, let’s see. – [Guy] (bleep) Gross is that. Why do you have so much veins? – [Rhett] Oh, oh, oh! (laughs) – [Link] He just deflated. – He actually–
– No he’s fine. – [Rhett] Oh, he’s fine. Here he comes. – He’s fine, we’re just
gonna sit here, uh. – Well actually you know, you
shouldn’t be too concerned about this guy ’cause this
is how you earn your degree at Arizona State. (crew laughs) So.
(Link laughs) Link, you know what? – Not even a community college, man. Lay off! – You got three right which is not four, but you know what, I–
– Give me the towel, man. – I wanna give you this anyway. This is the gym towel for you. It is soaked in Alex’s sweat. – Oh my gosh. No thanks. – Well its yours for the taking. – [Link] I lost. – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hey, I’m Shane from
Windsor, Ontario, Canada. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Shane’s in the gym. Perhaps a lot.
– Perhaps a personal trainer. – Click the top link to watch us dissect some terrible exercise
fashion in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Having a naked
phone is embarrassing, but you can avoid that by
popping into Mythical.store and buying some of our popsockets.

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