Organic Matcha Green Tea Benefits [Frequently Asked Questions]

if you’ve ever heard about green tea and
how it supports your health, you may be wondering about the benefits of a
premium organic matcha green tea. In this quick video we answer your top five
questions about naturellel health’s Matcha Green Tea capsules. What is matcha
green tea? Matcha green tea is premium green tea leaves that have been ground
into a fine powder. matcha has 137 times more antioxidants
than ordinary green tea and is packed with epigallocatechin gallate; though
you probably know it as EGCG. EGCG is a powerful antioxidant for detoxification
fighting free radicals anti-aging and immune health is matcha green tea a good
workout supplement yes my – green tea is an excellent pre or post-workout
supplement as a pre-workout supplement matcha with EGCG prime’s your system for a maximum effort and often increases endurance up to 30 percent. Natural
catechins in matcha lower lactate in your muscles decreasing that lactic acid burn
you get from intense training and giving your muscles the ability to function at
higher stress levels that means more reps and more intense workouts as a
post-workout supplement matcha is a certified natural detoxifier and
antioxidants helping to cleanse your system. I’m an active woman but would not describe myself as a hardcore gym person I’ll work out a few days a week but
wouldn’t consider my workouts overly intense. Is matcha green tea beneficial
for me? Absolutely! Matcha green tea health benefits aren’t limited to
competitive athletes and those individuals that spend hours in the gym
each week. They’re great for both men and women thinking matcha before and after
workouts can burn up to 25% more fat by increasing calorie burn and using stored
fat for energy and matcha sustains that fat burn post-workout by boosting your
resting metabolic rate why should I take naturelle health’s sport organic matcha
green tea capsules instead of an expensive pre-workout supplement. Naturelle health’s sport organic matcha green tea is an all-natural workout supplement that
you can feel good about putting in your body they are simple and easy to take in
either the capsule form or in your tea. Is this product made in the USA? Click
the link below this video and buy with confidence because all of Naturelle Health products are sourced and made in the USA in an FDA approved facility. What if I
don’t like this product or it’s not for me? Can I return it? Your happiness is
guaranteed if you’re not 100% thrilled just contact us for an immediate refund!

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  1. This was really helpful – my doctor told me to drink more matcha and get off coffee – I did not know about the workout benefits. The capsules make that really handy.

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