Opening your Gym Pack Deluxe this Christmas!

So if you fancy putting one of these Active
Hands Gym Pack Deluxes on your christmas list, we’re here to show you exactly what Santa
Clause will deliver so let’s open up the ‘Get a Grip’ bag and the first thing that’s coming
out is oo get them out in pairs – pair of D-ring aids and secondly if I can find the
second one of these aha we have the Looped aids okay next thing to come out a pair of Heavy
Use Gripping Wraps which always like to stick to a friend pair of Heavy Use Gripping Wraps
and here’s the start of your next thing fantastic as you say they like to stick to some Hook
aids right now we have a pair of our most versatile products which are the General Purpose
gripping aids 2 of those in the Gym Pack Deluxe last thing in there finally lastly but definitely
not least we have the Thumb Protectors and they all come in this lovely bag great for
a Christmas present get you back in the gym for the New Year

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