NYU Hosts UAA Cross Country Championships 10-28-17

[crowd clapping and cheering] Sabrina Herrmann: Everybody on the course helped so much. It was alumni and family day and I was Sabrina: really glad I was in this race because it’s like a really tough course we’re Sabrina: sitting not like a lot better place than we have in the previous years. There’s like Sabrina: a big step forward regionals I think we can like really surprise some people. I Sabrina: think the pieces are like starting to come together at the right time Sabrina: for everybody as a whole so this is a good stepping stone for us. Christopher Bledsoe: So NYU is obviously thrilled to be hosting the UAA a cross country Christopher: championships. We’ve done this many times, our women have run very well. We’re waiting Christopher: for the men to get started and we’re looking forward to the men’s race. Neil Saddler: It’s our plan for us, we’ve talked about all week. Started out conservatively Neil: and race the last 4Km. We executed
that as well as we could have and the race Neil: played out exact that we thought I was going to go. Tean’s best group of guys out Neil: there we run for each other more than anything. We got all the alumni out here Neil: today it’s what the teams are all about was our race today. Neil: Second place, really happy with that. Haven’t raced well the Neil: three years, so to finally come out on top like that, today’s a big day. [crowd cheering]

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