NYC Teen Says She Faked kidnapping

hey good evening star report Tuesday
night I’m your host Troy Terrain aka star all
right sad news or a sad story I should say to
report Bronx New York and folks if you’re not at the speed nationwide last
night somewhere around 11:30 p.m. an alleged kidnapping took place four
young men they appeared to be African American and a young female 16 years of
age took the girl in front of her mother screaming through the mother to the
ground New York City was turned upside down Amber Alerts posters everything and
then today let me just cut right to the chase
somewhere around 2:30 p.m. the girl pops up I I saw this story this morning and
honestly I said this girl was probably doing something yada Ya Ya and listen
I’m not a downward thinker but I just I didn’t believe the story um then I was
watching Jack Frost one of the best doing it right now BB and network on
YouTube he was at the actual press conference I’m gonna bring him in he’s
on the line right now and I I started to say okay well maybe
this is real but again around 2:30 p.m. today the story was found to be a hoax
fake news and the girl she staged it allegedly uh Carol Sanchez she’s already
confessed so I need to talk to some parents I need you tonight if you’re a
mother or father auntie grandmother or whatever stepmom because I want to ask
you the question should parents be friends with their children I’m gonna
try and piece this all together how did this sixteen year old even think that
this would be acceptable also I want to talk to you guys about Dame Dash I think
the IRS is setting them up to get him this was in the New York Post Damon –
hmm is one of New York’s top delinquent taxpayers of 2019 now we like Dame we
respect Dame but Dame owes two million dollars to the IRS and they’re gonna get
that screw they don’t care about you know all this talk about you know the
the child support was paid and what is it then
I got streaming networks they want the money and the money’s not there wherever
he claims the money is that they now want the money I think they’re setting
him up this just came out again and then your post a week or so ago he was in the
New York Post again talking about I look good and I think this new article is a
result of him talking about I look good now for those of you who are older just
bear with me I have no hatred no malice in my heart towards Dame – but I think
they’re lining him up the same way they lined up Nicky Barnes when Nicky Barnes
was on that cover of I was it the New York Times mr. untouchable
that’s when Giuliani at the time said let’s get this nigga to fuck up out of
here yes her name – I was two million dollars in back taxes so I’m gonna ask
you a question sure Damon – now sue jay-z he’s got to get the money he just
said an interview with big boy and he was talking about yeah I’m always gonna
think that Jay robbed me well maybe I should sue him if you think he robbed
you so him because at some point they’re gonna put him in handcuffs and send him
away for tax evasion all right let me get Jack Frost in here early BB and
network Jack Frost are you there sir hey one of the few people who I will let
address me as brother how are you jack love the show you already know shout-out
to the chair I love like don’t do shoutouts Jack I can’t let you do
shoutouts don’t worry about the chat let the chat do what they do all right Ronny
are you also there Bostic Ronnie you there sorry okay all right so listen
guys I just wanted to have discussion this story happened in the
Bronx New York and Jack you’re from the Bronx and before it even picked up
traction nationwide it has now been deemed as a hoax this was staged
yes Jack yes that’s a loony arm but I want to say something real quick I was
actually at the press conference yeah yeah I was watching your YouTube channel
earlier you were there filming live please that’s a whole thing and I’m
gonna tell you something that I don’t like that happen at the press conference
before I say what I don’t like I want to say something to everybody that shows up
you gotta start taking care of our women and our children and make sure that
people can’t snatch them up in the hood for real okay so that’s a real thing but
but the one thing that I was I I would have felt better if they would have let
us know at the press conference because nobody spoke about that she was found
nobody said anything at the press conference while the press conference
was going on that she was found and I think that that’s something that they
shouldn’t share with us at that time yeah so now I was watching your YouTube
channel again BB BBN on YouTube which stands for BBN Network and I just I said
Wow okay so Jack is there as always on top of things because you’ve been down
at the Takashi tre way trial inside the court law inside the courtroom you do
great journalism so yeah man what was the feeling there because I’m looking at
people they were taking shots at the media it almost sounded racist at times
and then you got this girl is she Hispanic african-american where’s her
family from do we know Carroll Sanchez Khan Doris Doris okay Honduras and a lot
of the reports are saying that the mother wanted to return to Honduras but
the daughter does not want to return so this was basically her acting out oh
Jesus so Jack why did you even go to this press conference was it because of
the whole Amber Alert I mean they were posting posters all over the Bronx so
what made you say I have to be here okay oh I didn’t
the Amber Alerts all about 1036 today okay the girl got kidnapped or or faked
kidnapped or whatever the case was about 11:30 6:00 last night so that’s just
something that we have to fix up with the whole envelope system because some
kids are really getting snatched up we got to make sure that people know as
quickly as possible okay um well one of the things when I went definitely I have
to say about the whole situation is I did it I’m all for people trying to
speak out and help in everything but there was a couple of people that was
speaking and I think that people was going off message right so if you watch
the video that I have on YouTube um it’s up I still like it’s a live video was
posted today I thought a couple of people went off message because the
message is keeping all the women in our children safe our message isn’t trying
to separate our men and our women like one female went up and and shout out to
her no disrespect to her but she was trying to say you know basically forget
the guys women we have to take care of ourselves like this is not the message
that we should be sending out um and one of the main thing that I want to say
about the situation is the only reason why I think that that girl came home was
the course of all of the press coverage in how much people were speaking out so
quickly and putting posters up to try to find her so quickly we need to make sure
that we do this whenever a child goes missing period you need to get those
posters out we need to get the IG out we need to get Twitter of active we need to
get everybody active to find these kids but we’re gonna hang a second jack if I
can jump in and say you know I can’t blame anybody within the NYPD or anybody
else who did you know take action you know I’m saying this girl did what she
did I mean end listen I’m a man of a certain needs I immediately thought of
Tawana Brawley and I said this is a whole this is a hoax this girl’s getting
high some goddamn way and for those of you babies who don’t know 1987 Tawana
Brawley that it was so much commotion revenue Sharpton and a host of others uh
alton maddox saying his name and i forget and um
press coverage and supposedly she was off smoking crack smoking crack rock
yeah you know and so that’s what I thought of an asinine
I’m bothered with this man but then somehow she believes that statement yet
I saw her and her family leave the police station and to my knowledge no
one has been charged yet behind do something come on Ronnie what do you say
I’m sorry Ronnie they’re actually looking to speak with the four gentlemen
who participated in the hoax they want to question them and you know I think
they want to pinpoint down their statements and basically pin her as the
mastermind of the entire thing before they start you know just charging people
because they couldn’t have orchestrated this without her help and the police
sources so far saying that she’s admitted that you know she staged it
yeah yeah so jack what time did the press conference take place because
again you were there live and she turned herself in at 2:30 p.m. what time was
the press conference the press conference was about after to me 30 Wow
Wow so the people that was throwing the people that have been at the press
conference knew that this young girl was already safe that’s my point they made
it in arm they didn’t tell anybody so they had people that was there that were
in the know that really thought that this young girl still was not safe and
they should that’s one of the main things that they should have said you
look that let’s go thank God we found her she’s back they didn’t say anything
yeah yeah Ronnie it was the mother in on the the alleged hoax oh did she not know
because she was thrown to the ground in the video footage in this video footage
of this folks in case you don’t know the mother was thrown to the ground by by
one of the savages I’m not calling them gentlemen thrown down to the ground she
was screaming and people were at this press conference saying yeah I heard the
screams and after about you know a couple of minutes then I came outside do
the mother the mother know ronnie was in on it I haven’t you know come across any
sources that say that she’s under any part of you know the investigation but I
would lean more towards the eyewitness accounts and
by all accounts she was hysterical she was besides herself and you know one
witness said that she collapsed so I don’t think that she was a part of it I
think that this daughter was simply you know acting out jack did you have any
information about the mother did she know about this or was she just out of
the loop and possibly uh just unaware of it all
oblivious one that eyewitness account actually Ronnie’s 100% right so
eyewitness account says that the mother was actually on the floor yelling and
screaming please somebody help me on the floor the mother doesn’t speak English
either you know the first young lady that got to the UM the first young lady
that actually got to the scene was a black lady and they weren’t even able to
communicate the black lady had to go get a whole nother person to help her
communicate to find out what was actually happiness well but the mother
was hysterically so Ronnie you said the mother wanted to go back to Honduras she
had enough of America the filth and all the things that just didn’t I guess
maybe a work with her morals ethics and values and the daughter wanted to stay
and turn up on the ground and you know it’s a shame I wish that lady would have
you know set up a GoFundMe because it probably would have raised a
considerable amount of money by now and she could have taken like five hundred
dollars booked a one-way ticket and bla Honduras I don’t think anybody would
have cared I think now she’s dancing chance of that but listen Jack I know
you get ready to go live on your show man anything else you want to say in
parting uh again I want to bring you in because you were there at the press
conference Jack no I definitely I appreciate you know I don’t have nothing
more to say in this it seems like Ronnie got everything or a lot previously to be
honest with you um your look I appreciate you for having me on I’m
gonna let y’all go and continue to hang on Jack are you gonna be at Takashi’s
sentencing tomorrow I think that’s 10 a.m. absolutely you’re gonna be there
absolutely solutely okay so now we’ll be going live
straight away after I step out of the courtroom
okay so people should go to your YouTube channel BBN network on YouTube and you
will be streaming live from the courthouse tomorrow morning that’s the
whole flag thank you thank you Jack salute please take your mother yes sir
okay all right Jack Frost keeps calling me a brother
it’s all good all right folks welcome aboard we had to get some of that out of
the way that was was a big story in New York Amber Alert and again it has been
found to be a hoax it was staged in case you don’t know let me uh bring you up to
speed there it is this is the Metro and it’s also on CBS
supposedly this 16 year old she confessed she just wandered to the
police station and still not at this point to my knowledge no statement from
the mother so Ronnie let’s just let’s just see when I just talk we don’t have
to like you know be so pressed for details and notes and there has been no
arrest at this particular point in time so you and I were talking Ronnie about
should parents be friends with their children I don’t know if this woman was
friends with her daughter but we wound up discussing that so that’s the
question we’re asking people tonight along with should should aim – sue jay-z
which one you want to jump on first morning which topic I’m gonna switch
gears to Dame Dash and Jay Z please okay well you know there’s they say there’s
two things you can’t escape death in Texas and dodge so Dame is gonna have to
yeah he’s gonna have to pay his taxes now how
he’s gonna come up with this money you know I don’t know I don’t know how
successful he would be bringing a lawsuit or or or you know I don’t think
he has any grounds at this point in time for what you know he had the case with
Lee Daniels he got his money looks like all of that
is going to go to his back child support so well the reason why I’m even mentally
massaging this is because again I remember you know news headlines when
they said well I was very young then but I just you know looking back into
history that’s how they got Nicky Barnes to fuck up out of here he got up on the
cover of the New York Times I forget what year that was
and the title said mr. untouchable we’re talking about a Harlem heroin drug
dealer and great you got damn – talk about I look good in handcuffs over the
child support shit when you’re owed two million dollars in back taxes so I think
they’re lining him up I could be wrong I don’t wish to yell upon Dame – but he’s
been talking that talking I don’t see jay-z stepping in to loan him money I
don’t I see Dame – at some point saying hey I’m getting ready to go to the
penitentiary I ain’t built for the penitentiary how do I get out of this so
I’m just I’m guessing folks anybody would join the conversation and I reach
my reaching about Dame – should he sue Dame – what say you guy Ron he was
saying uh it might not necessarily be a reach because you know lately he’s
making statements saying that he feels that he was robbed now whether or not he
was officially Rob’s would be a matter of you know a lawyer’s
expertise I can’t say but I have a feeling he doesn’t mean it in the
literal sense like as far as embezzling or you know something like that I think
he means it in this sense we built this company together and then you cut me out
of it in the end did you mention where he said this and
folks if you don’t know Dame – just an interview with a big boy from Big Boy’s
neighborhood and that’s where he said I’m always gonna think that Jay was
worth the specific word he said was it robbed he said robbed he said I’m always
gonna feel like Jay robbed me robbed robbed so that’s where I’m even getting
this from to lighting him up if you ask me well
open hold on a second and uh I might have someone else calling tonight
I’m not certain just yet I just wanted to jump on this on this hoax with
regards to the Bronx New York if you care folks every echoed nine one seven
let’s bring a call man Ronnie nine one seven are you there good evening yes I’m
here yo this is vitamin man hey how are you
yo this right here your arm speechless yo tell the truth about this P are you
from there are we from New York nine one seven we fun I’m Brooklyn from Brooklyn
New York okay okay did you see the AMBER Alerts and all
that sort of jazz did it you know I got that you know I got the AMBER alert and
the first thing I noticed and and they got me upset was they just an Amber
Alert there was no detail I just said the Bronx I didn’t say no name nor
height no description so you know there was this this notion amongst the people
that there was a lack of urgency for this because we saw this last night we
saw this last night we saw the footage and it went viral on the internet right
the heroines post gonna be posted in talking about what’s the city gonna do
about this and you know she gets found the reporter that has a stupid questions
you know how does it feel to be home and all that so we still epitaph with her
but then we find out that the hoax and it’s like you supposedly she staged it
the 60-vote she orchestrated this er this thing and you know it when you know
like when you think about this stuff because I worked in a school system for
a couple years now and I see I see how the youth conduct themselves you know
when the young ladies get to a certain age they want to do what they want to do
they want to have boyfriends they they try to get the attention of kids their
age and older men on the street your um the parents are too busy working to know
what’s really going on the kids are saying at the library when really they
at a boy’s house in the lobby of a building I’ve seen these type of things
before and it’s really sad that a lot of parents are too busy trying to work and
make a living and and they’re not and they just trust their children to go
home after court or the beasts and was safe women
and their children are just running around doing what they want to do it
subsequently distance that type of situation a young lady we want to run
off and one of the perpetrators are the boyfriend what do you think okay well if
I can jump in again I’m not fully fully up to speed I looked at this story
yesterday that girl was off you know partying somewhere and I don’t want to
make it just seem like you know white kids and Hispanic kids and Asian kids
don’t do this as well but what bothered me about the motive what bothered me is
that one of the before young males through through her mother on the ground
and Ronnie when you and I were talking you said suppose the mother pulled out a
gun a knife and started stabbing one of the boys then what Ronnie yeah then what
will he be facing murder charge yeah I suppose that some real dudes was in the
area when I was happening and decide to get involved you know I mean but it’s
like you know now it’s kind of like what are they gonna do I think this young
lady needs to go to some type of well maybe maybe some type of juvenile or
some type of you know both about jail give her six months jail she turned the
city upside down I think the worst thing you can do to this girl is center where
exactly where she doesn’t want to go which is back to Honduras okay Center
back and you know with commenting on doors there’s a lot of civil unrest over
there we don’t know the reason why the mother wants to go over there so we
don’t know the reason why the young lady might not want to go over there it maybe
there’s something going over there that she might not want to go back to we
don’t know all the details here why he doesn’t want to go back to Honduras but
this was not the right way to go about it I mean this is some young people
stuff young people do stuff like this all the time they lie to their parents
they want attention they create hoaxes they they they they you know they young
people do stuff like this you know what I mean I beg to differ
I don’t know too many young people that will say okay you know what punch my
mother in the face throw my mother down to the core
I don’t know that will do that I’ll give you the last word that was so good you
had last word you know the last word is you know I don’t even know what the last
word is it’s like yo this is the holiday season and the worst way possible
but what I would like to say is do not let this deter us from from paying
attention to the real cases of young lady that are being abducted in the
Bronx and Brooklyn I think that’s about it thank you thank you
I you know I don’t know Ronnie I’m not gonna sit here now so yeah let’s focus
on you know real kidnapping yeah we don’t know anymore everything’s fake
news everything is a goddamn conspiracy I just want to deal with this particular
case and this female you know Carol Sanchez doing this dumb shit yeah this
was dumped you this was a very big story it wasn’t just a New York or a tri-state
area thing I have friends across the country who were sharing and sharing you
know the footage the video the articles you know all over social media this was
a big thing because it was just so brazen the manner in which it took place
like you said they threw her mother to the ground yeah yeah hang on a second
Ronnie let me go to UM super chat good evening to Polo 1200 he says star I
think Kanye would give Dame the two million before Jay will also hey Ronnie
I’ll send you the money tonight for those photos we talked about okay bolo
1200 thank you sir what do you think about Kanye do you think Kanye will step
in and give Dane the two million to pay his taxes because he’s got to pay that
you can tell us anything when I say us I’m talking about the media you can talk
about your streaming channel and all that sort of jazz but the IRS if you ask
me they’re lining him up you think Kanye give me two million Ronnie to keep him
out of jail I think if he asked Kanye would give it to him but I don’t think
Kanye is like aware of the headlines and is gonna hit him up and say hey do you
need some money but I don’t know it all
depends on if game is willing to humble himself he has to Humble himself because
none of his business ventures are panning out right now and it’s all right
to humble yourself sometimes maybe you have to go back to work for a little bit
so to speak go work for the boss I work for real boss get your bills paid real
quick leaving two old Negro giving game sends in a super jet star is what old
southern racists would call an uppity nigger stirring up the good mystified
nigras with talk of iron Rand and objectivism hashtag salut thank you sir
that’s amazing when the check in says when Ray J was talking about the booty
goons he was talking about whack whack 100 okay Ray J is is a real Piru and
that’s why he’s never been touched out here in these streets you know I would
believe that you know I met Ray J he came to my Morning Show the storm buck
wild show on 100.3 the beat in Philly I think was like 2012 and I used to get
that Ray J on the microphone never really disrespectful and he was cool
when we met I said hey man I been getting it getting at you he looked at
me he said I know you’ve been working he wasn’t blazing he wasn’t fazed
he might be official pyro I would not doubt it thank you for your donation
that’s amazing he also says whack 100 is a factor in LA
he’s from okay but calm it how do you say that PA CEO ima Piru hmm and he has
a pull on the streets Ray J game and B F okay best friends
made him their manager for protection okay I don’t know the history and do we
have any any wack 100 updates Ronnie have you seen anything – no no I’m just
looking for the footage of the knockout but I I think that what happened was it
happened so fast before anybody could just pull their
phone out and press record but the aftermath is the aftermath is good
enough for me okay so you’re sticking with the the your assumption that whack
100 was dropped you’ve dropped like a sack a sack of potatoes yes
he was completely punch-drunk disoriented somebody adjusted his clock
okay clearly there was a reboot okay choppy one one one threes did anyone
find a sandwich or a noose what is he talking about uh the female uh what is
the name Carol Sanchez this is the female Jersey right right okay thank you
for the donation a bush kid on the check and he says something about started she
did not want to move back to Honduras so she staged the whole thing she hangs
out with my little cousin hashtag shaking my damn head are you sure okay I
have no doubt no reason to doubt a Bush kid he does send in cash apps and he
supports the machine springing area code three one three that’s too loud can’t do
that in a second get that cooler heads bringing every code 973 good evening 973
are you there hey hey how you sir talking about the AMBER Alert in the
Bronx New York yep speed yeah we had juicy juicy movie
a of New York you know saying like that’s just crazy once you saw this
video just seemed a little eerie like not even areas weird like come on
man you as soon as as soon as that went down then she gets fat now you could
tell what it was walking out the precinct with all those cameras in her
face that something was up like something was not right you don’t
I’m saying and you remember when that whole thing with Jesse so uh less he
smell it yeah you know for some reason a lot of black tea
would did not run with the fence it was mostly it was inclusive liberties
because we could always tell when something’s a little funny style and
that chicks that everything that happened with that shit was a little
funny style yes a you know look it was kind of obvious yeah you know well I’m
sure you know the timeline she was supposedly taken at 11:30 last night
which was Monday and then today Tuesday somewhere in the late afternoon she pops
up so so the city was upside down I don’t think there was even even time for
anybody to really get on board did you see the press conference I just
saw a little piece of it and you had people you had some crazy-looking people
it was a girl with a scarf on her head and she was she was getting at white
people and the mainstream media and it’s just I said damn I said okay maybe it’s
real you know you see the press conference yeah yeah yeah that’s good
that’s a look that’s off the hill not yeah why should that white people like
what what they got to do with that cuz I think anybody who might jump out that
car right what you know which is which is another reason why it makes me think
that it was speech because it’s like now you got all these people trying to throw
like swish narrative and and throw in little things that have nothing to do
with what actually happened in its life like what you’ve been talking about yeah
so I mean I can answer this question are you a parent thing to be a parent
okay well how about this other question should Damon – sue jay-z I think the IRS
is lining him up there listen if time you could do it why can’t they do it hmm
like come on think about it now like Kanye Kanye was talking about how he
sold his life to rockefeller and you know one thing that I always really dude
beside that lifetime contract did J know about it so because you know the same
people that were around J you know his team were the same people around ty yeah
so I mean at the Bennett then you could also think about it – like okay well how
could Dame Dame sue J when date was the guy that
was doing the business day-to-day business what is he going to sujet for
it everything that Jake acquired from Dane he paying Dane for her they went to
dinner that one time and he was like look I want to buy Rocawear he bought
Rocawear for seven and it turned around so awkward for like what was he sober I
think so he sold his shoes a lot more for like a hundred Miller guy like 40
mil is so crazy but I mean you can’t really sue anybody you yes are you no
business not what you think we deserve is what you negotiate at the end of the
day you know when I here’s the thing I think that Dame – if she gets too thick
he can sue jay-z even if he doesn’t have a case he can try and kick up some dust
and then it’ll become a thing of does jay-z want to deal with the headache
does he want to you know go back and forth with Dame – does he want to you
know go through discovery a deposition if you ask me I think J I don’t think J
would settle I think J would clap back and say it’s nigga stole for me yeah I
think because of their their history and their personal beef I think that like he
will fight this out but then but then you have to look at it like this if game
does it you know how Dean walks around with this whole honorable thing is that
honorable for him to – J like then how did it make Dane look so when the IRS
gets involved all that honorable shit will be out to window trust me I got a
list of people that’s where I stay – so then it’s like I so now what’s that
whole situation is over with you can’t even talk about honor anymore yeah all
right so I thank you for the go oh I didn’t uh I don’t know thank you thank
you it’s been a lot of time to hang on a sec you running you there yeah I’m gonna
put should jay-z sure Daymond – sooo jay-z on the screen
unless you think there’s a conversation here with regards to ship parents be
friends with their children I’m not a parent you’re not a parent would we
sound crazy asking that question what do you think well you know
whoever disagrees with their answer that will be the first retort well you don’t
have kids you know you’re not qualified to speak so yeah maybe you should change
it do you want to at least take take a shot at it before I change the screen
should parents be friends with their children because again we were talking
about this mother that was thrown to the ground in the video footage up in the
Bronx New York and the daughter do you think that they were friends why did the
door to even think that this she could do this to the mother did she did she
play the mother for a chump why don’t you do that to a mother why would she do
that because she’s out of control this was a very this could have been a deadly
situation like the other caller said if somebody a bystander had decided to get
involved if like you said if the mother had you know what if she pulled out a
knife and she you know trying to defend her daughter so this this girl is way
out of control I’m not even sure if the mother truly has control over her or not
but I don’t think they were friends I don’t think it was that sort of
situation where they were tight or they were close or else why couldn’t you have
a conversation with your mother so I guess to answer your first question
should you be friends I think there should always be a direct line of
communication as to where your children feel comfortable enough to come to you
you know with anything from the small things to the big things and if it’s a
situation where or a relationship rather where you’re just asserting dominance
over them they’re probably not going to feel comfortable coming to you when it
counts okay I don’t have any biological kids folks by I have I have children
that I have influence and I prefer that type because I don’t have to see them
all the time I don’t have to deal with them all the time you know if I had
biological kids I mean they’d probably be very very spoiled
let’s bring an area code for one three grieving for one three are you there look yeah
I’m here what’s going on how are you soon bobbin I’m doing good I’m doing
good it’s pant it’s paying at a can of man smoking on that cushion all day so
so you know we’re not when I first saw that that arm that that article about
the the young girl getting kidnapped you know I was I was I was it was
heartbreaking man but I’m a father of a 21 year old okay and for that to happen
in just in it was it was the nighttime but just like you know in with the
public around it was frightening and automatically thought to myself you know
this this this incidents good it’s gonna ruin the holidays like this this is
gonna make national news like we’re gonna have to start being very careful
of our young daughters uh you know alone but especially when when we’re with us
you know did you see the video footage first did you hear about the story um
I’m no I read about the story that autumn
the video was linked right on the arm on the New York Daily News site okay so
before you saw the video footage did you suspect a white person of kidnapping
that black man I thought what keep it real keep it real
no I did not I did not what I’d what look my girl was sitting next to me okay
and I explained to her and I showed her the video she’s from the Bronx she
automatically said you know what temp some Dominican custom sex some sex slave
trade she nothing she ought she automatically knew it was it was her
people or some Latinos for the sex slave trade market
wow it’s yeah yeah I’m gonna keep it 100 with you man I read the I read the news
every day right and I see a lot of a lot of a lot of a lot of fuckery going on
between these boroughs excuse my language okay and I’m gonna keep a high
demand oh the Bronx keeps the Bronx keeps the shit going on 24/7 out of all
of the borrow something is always going down in this BX violence wise you know
what I’m saying but Brooklyn is not the same you got white boys walking down
Franklin Avenue two o’clock good morning in and pulled
shorts Brooklyn’s not the same I agree it all goes down in the broth we man the
Bronx is the borough I agree I agree and that and and to speak about the dame
– thing man yeah um I think I think he’s gonna reach out to Kanye mankind’s been
amended to Bill you know they’ve always had a tight relationship or maintain
some form of a positive relationship I’m going to throughout this Rockefeller
drama so I won’t be surprised this far if game reaches out to them and says you
know what man let me the – Marilyn yeah if the IRS comes down remember where you
heard it first I’m saying that the IRS is lining him up right now I would not
play with the IRS man I remember about six years ago
um I owed them about like I don’t know maybe like $800 and without any notice
then you know they claimed they send me letters or whatever I looked at my check
that day Thursday and though what I saw a letter in here for garnishment man my
heart dropped like Oh go play man I mess around Iowa
they sat Lauryn Hill down all right hey thank you for you cool man yeah yeah
thank you me hang on folks I think we got uh-oh is that mo facts in the
building 703 Moffat’s is that you sir are you North Star good evening thank
you for checking in how your door Ronnie I got your text hey Mel what do you want
to start mo are you up to speed did you see the AMBER Alert the
kidnapping in the Bronx New York which has now turned out to be staged what do
you wanna start mo ah I called in for this to our two topics the damn –
topping and the arm should parents be on Friends of their kids I’m gonna start
the damn – when is it possible that there are I mean that the u.s.
government can use Dame – to apply pressure on jay-z over the SEC case they
have against him and ikonics over the whole Rocawear situation good point
come on you know you know you can catch a small fish you flip them right you’re
sent to the big fish I mean we’ve seen this before we
Takashi six nine a lot of people don’t know jay-z was subpoena back in 2008
become testifying in front of the SEC I do to her due to the whole rocket where
a situation when Iconix wrote down on undervalued the company when they bought
it from jay-z okay so I’m a name they’ve been they’ve been on his heels they
subpoenaed in like five separate times and they all actually were successful in
making him come in and testify but the news haven’t really been covering this
only in small outlets so the IRS could put the pressure on Damon like a I mean
we know how they roll we saw how they did red fox
we saw her they do you’re saying all the legends Joe Lewis man you come to future
me held up to the speed like Wesley Snipes so I can say that when the RS put
that pressure on you you know and they comfort a millions and it would be and
it will be so ironic and poetic if it happens to be over Rocawear which was
Dame Dash is really brainchild you’re saying that he was saying jay-z he’s
taking down so I just wanna you’re saying good point Ronnie any thoughts on
what mojo said about the IRS stepping in to flip Dame – get him singing and
talking cooperating well I do know a little bit about the case with jay-z and
ikonics but I thought that they had settled that a couple months ago it
seemed like something with the intellectual property rights and I
believe they license the portion of it back to Jay
so if they life license the portion back they may be able to make some sort of
claim to that I don’t know you know what he signed over when he left the company
or if he you know wrote off all of his rights when it was sold and I’m not sure
but a good lawyer can find money but ya know you there yeah so I mean like I
said I mean you go US government and we know as I call them 45 Savage you’re
saying hey a Donald Trump you know saying we’d say will you take shots of
him just he’ll use any apparatus any two he can
to get back at you so I mean I could see him definitely using damn – to flip and
he was saying if it possible I’m saying to take down some of the people that’s
been critical to him okay so I’m and I just love me you know died out new me
listen I’m just reaching and I’m admitting that I’m reaching Ronnie sent
me this article in the new york post about dame – being one of New York’s top
delinquent tax payers of 2019 either all shit they’re coming to get him so I
immediately thought about you know Nicky Barnes and and I just I’m you know it
may not be that deep and I just put that on the table
all right so Moe I you have to speed on the AMBER Alert and everything that went
down in the Bronx New York actually I’m not actually I’m not you know but I like
to say I just wanted to touch on the wish you have them screen about your
parents leave their kids friends right yes once you become once your kids
become adults yes that’s when you should become their friends before that no
because I mean I’m sure star you’ve employed many people that have worked
for you and it’s kind of like being a boss if you’re too lenient when you
first hire them it’s harder to be stricter once once you create that in
saying that environment where you know you let them get away with murder come
in late leave early you know call out sick it’s the same thing with kids once
you create that environment it’s hard to go backwards people want to start
parenting their kids at 10 12 years old you have to start at 1 2 years old you
know saying and then you as they get older then you start loosening the reins
on off for lack of a better word but yeah a lot of these parents I mean and
it’s and it’s weird that you see these people like they go so far as they like
they treat their kids like their sister their brothers I mean sometimes you see
these moms with a son and they look like they girlfriends out here I mean I don’t
know what’s going on in this world um but yeah I’m nah I don’t play that
kid I don’t play that friend stuff with my kids I mean I have fun when we play
board games and playing video games and all that but there’s gonna be a level of
respect and reverence and we talked about that before in the show but you
got to address me in a certain way okay okay
anything you want to add to that Ronnie or do we just let Moe promote his
platform we’re just having a discussion tonight folks late discussion
uh yeah what is your next episode coming out now actually I just dropped one
yesterday Thank You Ronnie for asking um I just dropped one on this
deconstructing Kamala Harris and her and her leaving the 2020 election and also
the Father the Boulet Negroes that’s good
that’s going down with her I mean you saw that I don’t know I mean I want to
step on any toes nice all Tom Joyner retirements as well and in the same week
you know saying they’re seeing now that these these people that they think have
power don’t really have power in the black community anymore because you have
armed alternative outlets you sense such your show start and many other youtuber
and bloggers and vloggers that’s giving great information so these people from
the arm the huge power structures of I don’t have the power that they used to
they can’t motivate us activate us to go vote I mean you’re gonna start seeing a
lot of these dominoes fall because they don’t have the power of those over us
mentally like they used to right right right I also saw event well
I haven’t seen your video yet but II bet Cornell did it did a really nice
breakdown of Kamala Harris so uh I’m inclined to believe what you’re saying
has a lot of legs to it but then hey man I appreciate you calling in and if you
get time just check out that story with regards to the Bronx New York Amber
Alert and this young female who has now admitted
according to reports Carol Sanchez that she she she organized this this fake
kidnapping yeah you see this a lot with young girls when they run away from home
or I mean I don’t know about the parent staging you but you see a lot of times
the girls say they were kidnapped or you know something was criminally done to
them when they when they were uh complicit in them disappearing and they
want to not get in trouble so but but the the difference with this one MO is
that the sixteen-year-old organized it orchestrated it and the
mother who was not in on it was thrown to the ground by one of these before
boys she that the daughter got to be a part
of this through her mother to the ground that’s the difference here Wow
like yeah you can see the video of it but it’s a birthday tonight
yeah I mean you want to be on the streets the streets can have you yeah
yeah I mean good talk um oh thank you man I I think we have a non-starter I’m
Ronnie you have a good we have a good night okay all right you can hang on
Bostic Ronnie let me go to super chat blade good evening sir Starr the IRS
goes after F niggas who tried to offshore their money in overseas tax
havens but I ain’t gonna point the finger at anyone thank you sir for your
donation Clark cunt okay so I don’t know who you’re talking about
I don’t just promote trolls unless they contribute to the show I don’t know who
that person is but thank you very much did full-blast radio on the checking
leave me sir he says between 100 and Suge Knight getting their shit rocked
which one woke up quicker and if Ray J is gangster then Nick Cannon spits
better than Rakim listen with regards to Suge Knight I think Suge Knight was a
shot was knocked down and he needed some assistance to get into the truck I
remember those those pictures he had on a big-ass yellow shirt blood all over it
so so somebody knocked blood out of his nose or mouth or something I didn’t see
blood coming out of whack one hundreds mouth but I I don’t know I would assume
that whack 100 got up quicker thank you for your donation DJ Tiger black to
death on the check and says these non Atos foreign-born blacks have bought a
high concentration of criminality into the black community since the 1980s
build that wall I would have to agree you got a lot of flags of corruption
that fly around the United States of America I take offense to some of those
flags especially if they are you know from places where people are thrive
you know a crime but thank you for your donation and I got polo 1200 as well I’m
coming to cash app shortly guys let’s bring in area code two one six for a
minute two one six good evening are you there
206 yes hey gleaming oh yes sir oh hey told you
my dad was so worried yes sir um the thing that I got to say is about uh you
know parents being kids uh guy thing you know friends and everything else I was
like yeah my I was never friends with my oh my god thing parents and everything
oh so because of the simple fact they have one one just just like the just
like the Tuesday from before is like once you open up all this other shit to
see kids like all the internet all this all this publicity all these news and
everything else though and and you train them to see all this other shit while
they’re young and they’re also Mike soon as they start to do shit by them so can
I ask you to watch your language please you’ve cursed four times within less
than twenty seconds please watch Linc oh hang on a second I
hear what you’re saying but I’m not a parent and listen I’m the type of person
I don’t reward bad behavior with adults with adults
oh I don’t reward bad behavior but with small children
I’ll give them a pass you know from time to time but now since you mention since
you mentioned the Internet is it different now when you have children you
know under the age of 18 do you have to befriend them to be more in tune with
what’s going on in social media because again I don’t know what’s coming into
the into the house if your daughter or a son has got Instagram or whatever else
your snapchat right on the day iPhone good right and and in the thing and the
thing is about that so effect that you know I’m not I’m not well then how would
you know if you’re not a parent the fact that I’m starting to see a lot
of a lot of weird stuff they’re kids and getting into and and and and and I mean
I mean just like just like for instance um for being a parent and everything
else you know whatever it is like there’s there’s this post office gay
parade shit going on and let’s get him out of here
he carries a curse thank you for your call sir what do you say he he watches
kids if you don’t have to do what are you doing watching kids big pork 2/9 I
don’t see you on the line sir I do not see area code for one for I see four
three two do not see big pork I’ll come back to you sir I’ll keep looking thank
you for your donation okay someone sent me a to Kashi spotify
deal we’ll get to that tomorrow I’m gonna try and do an afternoon show with
regards to Takashi six nine being sentenced at 10:00 a.m. I’m gonna try
okay hey Dennis Dennis sends in a cash at star whack 100 was dropped like a
black chick on NBA draft night that was hard
that was hard thank you sir free free cash chef I don’t see a full one for let
me try and bring in every code eighty five six hey good evening eight five six
are you there eight five six star was full o K star
was going on how are you well we should be taught what we should be talking
about how much times he bought ticket who the female the teenager that
orchestrated the fake kidnapping come on come on she hasn’t been arrested
yet to my knowledge last time I checked which was around 6:30 p.m. I saw like
that nobody has been arrested yet do you think she’ll get some time if she’s
arrested she’s a minor 16 years of age yeah they got a place for her murder the
boyfriend or whoever who push them on the on the ground I mean
that right there that’s total I could respect you and respect your mom a great
loss that one yeah no I’m saying obviously it’s not a it’s not a it’s not
a dad in a situation you know I’m saying who knows we’re going on behind closed
door that we don’t know about you know I’m saying you did all that just so you
can get out and party for the night and then get dropped off at a park the next
day right and then just walk up to the police station and say Here I am
did you see the video and what area are you calling from you see the video from
South Georgia from South Jersey Paul okay Oh kandi CMD yeah all right so you
saw the video at all you saw the video yeah I’ve seen the video yeah I’ve seen
the video I mean I’m still kind of wondering what they was going out you
know after 11:00 at that time she probably was texting the same people
that was riding up in the car at the same time like yeah you know we will be
on this street um make it look like something make it look like something um
I don’t know you know pushing her mom on the on the floor so that’s a whole
another situation like like y’all just said that could she could have pulled
out anything no I’m saying you never know where she could have that’s what
bothered me about the video one of the guys through her mother down mother down
yeah could hit her I could have hit her head
splitter splitter wig no I’m saying right anything right I don’t know too
much about the dang dad situation star I’m still turning in one truth
well they’re coming to get him the IRS if you ask me they’re coming for me oh
yeah yeah niggas talking about I look good a week is so good oh really
okay we’ll be right there I mean I appreciate the call man and
tomorrow Takashi gets sentenced any uh any predictions uh yeah they still gonna
sit him down story I don’t see him I don’t see him getting no time serving
nothing like that okay maybe they might though like five to ten Adam real quick
no I’m saying okay and I just can’t I I don’t wanna get
some detail just came from auditor and little situation cause month so okay I
know I just go go okay I’m saying thank you maybe they’re gonna
sit him down I appreciate a call thank you all right yeah
CMD but what do they call do you have a prediction as far as Takashi Wong
I have not been following I do know that today people sent letters either today
or yesterday to the judge with regards to their lives and family families being
destroyed because if his his testimony but I don’t know I don’t know I don’t
know I think that the case overall was bullshit I never heard of any murders I
never heard of like you know bricks and bricks being pumped in into other states
I thought that was a bullshit case off off the RIP any predictions from you
yeah Takashi any predictions I think that all of the talk and all of the
predictions are certainly not helping his case because you know this is all
going to be what the judge wants to give him he does have the support of the
prosecutors but the judge isn’t blind he can read he can hear he can see people
speculating and saying yeah he should be home by Christmas so the judge might say
oh yeah home by Christmas huh yet next Christmas you know I think I’m gonna say
at the most he’ll probably get three years at the most okay running since
we’re having a pretty lacks lackadaisical show tonight you just sent
me an email is this with regard to what mo is saying Moza claims about the
lawsuit and what is this um that was about the lawsuit with J and iconic over
the Rocawear brand okay so this how this says the lawsuit was settled yeah yeah
it’s been settled then November hmm so mo did not call with the facts tonight I mean I could send him the same link he’s
welcome to call back ah Ronnie got my lacking today um oh
okay thank you thank you for the link who’s this an area code three one three
uh chanita well shemitah whole in a second
hey hey hey well something like that it uh my you know I told you about that
before I got you are my wife gotcha I appreciate the donation man
what’s poppin let’s talk about a few things
did you see the video at the Bronx nah man I heard it like my to dinner okay
oh good they’re trying to get there barks blue out man you know how that go
here on the young girl mission that’s all man in there roll with that sorry
hey Ronnie what’s going on Ronnie moms was thrown to the ground come on man
that you can you can see the cat feet and it jumped up but I’m I’ve seen worse
okay Christmas I seen a tank thanks T man it’s sad man
you see how it stars fall like that man like you’ll be beggin straight he hasn’t
done this alright big that’s coming like say IRS I’ve seen IRS brief you know the
IRS us at a Lauryn Hill down sat Fat Joe down who else went to jail I mean I can
go very far back I can go back to Santa would say Ronnie why please Nate you’re
Wesley went to jail he go to jail yeah let’s see what the prison yes he did sach from The Ohio Players went
prison home of Jax’s house my guy all right I don’t know if John rule went to
prison but he had issues at me I get a listen to you but so so I want you to
finish up with regards to a dame – so you think Dame will be bagging
quote-unquote for help I don’t see Dame beggin she’s going to deal I mean I’ll
see him walking out uh walk around here cuz like you do with a with a sinner apologize I’m okay man with this off the
ball they use a hill man dear Ronnie my darlin
he had you back to earth to get hey listen I appreciate Moe coming in with
the conspiracy you know because once in a while we do have to you know mentally
massage things and sometimes you have to reach you know and then come back but
alright so you see the usual Dame – at some point being broken and begging for
help okay hey man I appreciate the call and the
donation salute man salute to you alright yes sir okay alright folks we’re
just chopping it up kind of kind of loosely tonight uh Ronnie and I were
having a discussion earlier and I wasn’t sure about this particular the main
topic but you can see the video and you can see this mother thrown to the ground
it the video is not the best quality is there other angles Ronnie or was that
just the one video that is circulating the words of this I think – I think I’ve
seen two different angles of it one from you know facing I don’t know if it’s
north to south and then to West so it’s two different cameras
two different camera angles so far that I’ve seen available okay
and folks if I can just go down a list here of some some people they did have
issues with the IRS Shakira they caught her lack in one time for 16
million beanie sigel seven hundred and twenty eight thousand didn’t equal to
jail for taxes beanie sigel I forget I don’t know Whitney Houston I’m checking
on that okay Whitney Houston a million dollars Willie Nelson thirty two million
dollars okay the IRS I ran down on mister they took Whitney’s house they
took Whitney’s house the house she had Mendham they took it I this way I
remember that and Gerald for the tax evasion your phone a phone went out say
again say again your phone out ja Rule did twenty eight months first for
failing to file the tax return failing twenty eight months failing to file and
said you dumb ass down mr. cool 3.2 million mark Anthony six million method
man a hundred thousand okay that’s light for Method Man Toni Braxton four hundred
thousand and she filed bankruptcy twice I think but that you still have to pay
the IRS Prince 1.3 million ozzy osbourne two million Lowell Wayne seven point
seven million if I’m not mistaken jay-z helped Lil Wayne with his IRS debt mary
j blige over four million dollars Aaron Carter one point three and our Kelly
twenty million Lord Jesus so even if our Kelly which I don’t think he will beats
the the new sex I’m just going to say sex charges he still has a hefty IRS tab
crazy hey mister come on let me finish up on some super chats and then we’ll go
back to the phone lines Clark Hunt he says fu star Luke a nice till did
wipes with his hands Jesus the back of Moe’s neck
looks like a CD looks like a CD player and Dana throws barrels at Italian
plumbers for a living okay mm okay I read that one from bleed
hold a second I have a I have got a land on the check and a dame is gonna Takashi
Hova okay then J will join big okay okay thank you and Elvis the chef Rosenberg
ugh leave me sir he says for doctor walkins turned up big toe in Africa okay
thank you sir thank you so the area code for three two leaving for three two are
you there was good straw hey hey how are you sir
I’m so good man that was a hoax man yeah yeah she won with a kidnap I think I’m
mom get it up so she can get some bread out the bill my mmm
you think mom’s was in on it the moms are down with it come on come on now
come on come on and nobody’s gonna just you know I’m saying be out there late at
night and walking by two women by yourself they’re gonna have some
brothers around them or some you know I’m saying daddy uncle stay with me
because you know I mean I didn’t think that the mother was down with it but you
know if we really start to do a deep dive on this there have been people that
have said hey you need to shoot me in the leg or the arm to make it look real
so it’s not far for you it’s not far offense what you’re saying yeah come on
pistol-whipped me and make it look good we can get this bag do anything is
Christmas let’s go let’s go Ronni know how we’d be Ronnie any
thoughts on what the coal is saying that mom’s was down with it man maybe we’re
being too soft just because mom’s got pushed down come on she’s from Honduras
you know they’ve probably fighting over food you know no push down as regularly
shit Ronnie I mean anything is possible jesse showed us that right yeah anything
is possible so it wouldn’t surprise me but from the
way that it looked to me from the video and then again going back to the
eyewitness accounts I I don’t think that she was in on it but I wouldn’t be
surprised the eyewitness account is in on it too man they getting live bread
off of it too so will you call from what state I like how you’re approaching this
okay that’s what’s up I said think of a call man salut yeah man thank you salute
thank you okay what was the mother down with it was the
mother and on the action folks you if you have not seen the video this was an
Amber Alert in the New York tri-state area now the actual alleged kidnapping
happened in the Bronx and I forget the exact area but we’re just discussing it
and the aftermath this 16 year old daughter she turned herself in there’s a
picture of her huh Bronx kidnapping was staged okay and
we’re just talking about a few things here this evens go to area code 206
leaving 206 all your there 206 yes no maybe try area code nine one seven nine
one seven are you there good evening hey baby how are you
based on a big fellow you’ve been watching you since your 970 but a
pleasure to be here thank you yeah it’s crazy man like the things you
know i’ma let me make this clear I’m a youth counselor and I work with a lot of
at-risk youth change man and its really sad and pathetic the things they would
do you know to leave home or get away whatever the case is when I saw that
footage man I wasn’t surprised I oughta make you think about some of
the kids that I work with okay and it’s like yo they they buggin out there man
and it’s that I’m someone like 13 14 teenagers man like the shit they do this
is pretty crazy you know and whatever the case is I’m happy was saying that
she didn’t want to go back to her country whatever it is but still man
like son shit like you don’t do you know just like you know you don’t play with
shit like that and me personally like they should send her like to a spot
where she out of her comfort zone sooner to like I’ll know jail so used to sit
down and think about it you know hopefully she can learn from it do not
shine it’s like no treatments and or whatever don’t do that because a lot of
time they don’t work so now hang on a second I don’t know the full details of
this story Ronnie and I were just speculating it but Ronnie was pulling
some notes so now has there been any and interests any statements or reason given
as to why she turned herself in Ronnie you said that this was kicking up
a lot of dust with the the posters Amber Alert and maybe she said ho whoa this is
too much I’m gonna turn myself in anything from your at your perspective
sir no actually I didn’t follow up with it I
just saw the footage and I’m like and I was just shaking my head like wow but
I’m listenin to your show now and I’m listening to Ronnie that’s why I’m
getting more detailed but I don’t know how you know if that’s the fact
or but you know as time as they go god i think we eventually find out cuz you
know obviously if it was staged she had to plan it basically here she was
texting with them or talking or met with them something’s gonna come out out of
it you know but now are you a counselor in the New York tri-state area you
from nine one seven that your area yeah Yaman Morgana here okay okay so so now I
mean I can only assume I don’t have biological children but I can only
assume that the internet now enhances the the the strategy if I can use that
word that young people use these days because of course they can go online
they can find out how to make bombs they can get information with regards to
things that you know can really catch catch people lacking do you find that in
your profession working with them at-risk kids as you just said to be no
you know one you know one thing but you know you know what it is man what I’ve
noticed like all right um coming from the country I come from Haiti like it’s
a totally different ballgame how kids are raised but what I notice here in the
United States these kids are exposed to a lot of shit out of age and they are so
like how would I say it’s like they so advanced like it’ll be 1415 but they saw
ahead of things like because of the exposure that they get to so many things
you know they have so much freedom and another thing too is like the system
play around with them too much they have so it’s on their side what I mean by
that it’s like I could speak for myself growing up 14 15 16 for instance I
couldn’t even look at my mom the wrong way sure what my ass but here it’s like
you know they could get away with a lot they call the law you know if your
parents beat that child you know string whatever they call the Lord do all of
that and the next thing you know you got a CS all that come in and pick up you
know get their child from them like it’s crazy there are two major thing that I
noticed being in the system for so long you know and these kids the kind of shit
they do you know the kind of stuff they do is like yo you need to treat them
like adore unfortunately but there are certain rules and regulations they
follow here in the States they’re not gonna do it and they didn’t
baby stuff with these kids now hang on a second are you a counselor are you
certified you said you work with at-risk I’m not I’m not I’m not
a certain spot but what I mean that’s my title
okay you know what are you well what do you do jack are you a cook or you a
janitor let’s keep it real what is it you do oh yeah I think I know a
supervising monitor okay no um those things I learn a document
and you know you know behavior or that stuff you know pretty much that’s it now
so can you answer other question that’s on the screen right now should parents
be friends with their children based upon your your expertise you working
with kids please yeah there should be a certain boundaries man you know like
first of all you apparent that should be the number one thing and number two I
mean all right yes you could be you could be their friend their best friend
their Idol their role model but there should be a certain boundaries that
because I’ve seen the way I’ve seen like some of these kids treat their parents
are like holy shit yeah something went wrong along the way
you know then a lot of times peer pressure
you know it’s peer pressure you know these kids and maybe they had they got
away with a lot dealing with their you know disrespecting their parents in the
past or crying in front of them they still I’d make a run over the parents oh
hang on a sec remind you want to ask the caller any questions he said he works
with at-risk youth Ronnie no no not really
okay all right sorry I thank you for your call and before you go do you think
Dame Dash should sue jay-z to get rid of that tax bill I don’t think I don’t
think you should okay no I don’t think you should okay you know I think I think
that jay-z or Kanye whoever should help him out at some point man you know
because you guys they’re grown ya know what happened there jay-z’s a Brooklyn
nigger so that’s not going to happen but I thank you for your call you know you know we see jay-z
differently now he’s got the locks and he’s got a very cool demeanor he’s
always had that but trust me believe me when I tell you
jay-z is gangster he’s gangster he’s to come up to the
radio stations dolo now I’m not gonna say whether he was carrying a weapon not
because that would be snitching but jay-z’s to come up to a hot 97 back
in the days it may be a driver downstairs one guy in the lobby he
didn’t walk around with entourage you know and I’m saying that to say that you
know he’s he’s got a I don’t know if cold streak is the right word but I
don’t see a J giving Dame nothing and if you remember a couple years ago when
they interviewed jay-z and Dame had some other problems jay-z said he’s a smart
guy go figure it out just like that he’ll
figure it out it’s gonna be a code three one Oh dreaming are you there three one
oh yes hey hey out of Compton hey what’s a minute I was just calling the update
on let’s go what do you got okay all these weirdos calling the station
public bought sixties and all their dead news great street what okay
he was a cripple great street okay so he fired away from the blind and took off
somewhere like abroad mmm if he was a real gangster you know I’m saying he
would have standing with toe to toe so you know for niggas drinking and nigga
hit you from the back and he slip you and by the time you get up everybody
rushing the scene and city like what niggas know so everybody act like black
was knocked out he wasn’t knocked out he just got a little sick enough okay he
wanted that Fame and everybody are we talking about Oh big you ain’t let you
see happen let’s get one thing straight come on big you he’s a rider from hood
but big you don’t run whole la the Crips and bloods another day right everybody
could get it out here it don’t matter where you from
okay and that just real talk now hang on a second now do you think there’s a
possibility that j-rock you know could have chin-checked whack-whack went down
and j-rock said I’ll fucking the money this is how ass nigga fell already I’m
at it and walked off I mean I don’t know but see you got a look at like this
j-rock a big dude like a little stocky dude
okay so if you this hardcore plus if you equip see one thing about Reggie Watts
they’re big crip gang out of La out of Watts area and they with the business so
if you representing Frenchie why’d you make her look bad cuz you we’re from a
PI room okay he’s from Pacoima he ain’t from Peter blocking from before
power rule okay okay not in this I’m gonna keep the same
energy as I had yesterday I want to see the retaliation I want to see you why
get down for his crown he said we got to get down that’s what he said so I’m
waiting for the retaliation do you think wacker will retaliate you think he’ll
just take the El what do you think you’re out there here no I can’t
she’s my fare but where he take the hill he know to do right so they got to get
it on well Naomi and waxing it’s all home safe yeah it’s working letting that
slide in oh you gonna let that slide to kill now you gonna take care of somebody
don’t be de noel that’s a sucker move it’s just like a bitch slap you around
hmm can you break down that whole dope fiend terminology because some people
are getting it misconstrued and I want to be clear when you say he when I said
he dope fiend means that what he said verbatim but a rock okay that makes
sense yeah dope fiends if you a real gang banger
and you I hear banging it reppin these earth you’ve nothing that don’t see
nobody around you make your home neighborhood look bad okay hey he’s a
he’s a power rule it ain’t like he’s a Crip he’s the power room by room okay
Ronnie any questions I’m getting up to speed on this Ronnie
so you do acknowledge that he was at least touched then right yeah he was
touched but see he okay wag no to do everybody know from hanging out with
Nestle business he buddy going everything and being around the industry
they all know him so he can’t run forever they go back there somewhere
yeah and it’s going I’m counting on it let’s go back I’ll call you back in let
you know yeah do me a favor can you shoot me an email so you know soon as
something happens again I can get right action get you on the line shoot me an
email okay trying to call in I’ll turn the domain but the way you got your
little thing set up what you got a log in the sump your page now you can use
either cash app or PayPal right up under the video there you can use either one I
appreciate you man okay yes sir all right all right yes sir thank you man
hello okay yeah he broke broke it down yeah whack is coming with the get back
we got to get down get down got to get down hang on a second Ryan let me go to
superjet Greg from Springfield Gardens that might be the homie he says I
haven’t donated in a while keep up the great content salute ma’am there might
be the homie from back in the days great from Springfield that’s that one Queens
folks in case you don’t know Springfield Gordon’s vacuum man says they probably
sniff coke and thought they were kidnapping Wow okay he’s crazy daughter
for ransom okay thank you vacuum man mmm I I don’t know I don’t know but the
whole Amber Alert really and Ronnie can we give the NYPD crediting here because
they got on the whole posters and all that sort of jazz fast what say you
they did and there’s different levels to an Amber Alert sometimes it’s just a
custody issue or you know but they actually elevated this
to the highest level and said that she was at an imminent danger of risk I’m
sorry imminent danger of bodily injury or death because they seriously thought
that this is a genuine kidnapping yeah hold on a second I’m sending you an
email Rana can you check your email hang on a second guys Darius I got your
email ster whore wait a minute who set up a GoFundMe account okay check the
email Ronny then I’ll come back to you on that somebody set up set up a
GoFundMe let me go back to super chat Remy greetings sir he says a parent is
supposed to be the big homie you can laugh and chill together but if they
violate that kid you should know how you should know hos getting his shit pushed
in okay that reads crazy Thank You Ben tremie parent is supposed to be the big
homey you can laugh and chill together but if
they violate that kid should know hos getting his shit pushed in okay 4:03 on
the check-in says f the algorithm salute star thank you very much do you see that
is that real Ronny diem that GoFundMe send Carroll Sanchez back to Honduras
yeah I see that it’s been set up I think that it’s probably gonna be taken down
by GoFundMe they routinely do that but it’s raised $20 so far it has a goal of
sort of actually $1,000 okay here and it was created three hours ago and filed
under accidents and emergencies okay hang on a sec cash app came in from Trey
traces started the Bronx kidnapping was to kill sympathy for missing black girls
okay how we explored yet Ronnie I mean who do you think
that’s that’s a stretch I don’t know if anything’s going that would mean come on
that would mean that certain entities are in on it and you know basically she
was you know a stooge for them upon for them so I guess maybe Elvis can call in
or Moe can call back and you know help us explain you know understand this more
just theory okay it’s been real calmly now go back to super Jets go to area
code um 404 good evening 404 you there hello
hello hey good evening hey how are you hey Ronnie good who’s this all right
hi my name is bean I’m calling from Atlanta okay how are you I’m great
I just really want to chime in real quick and just say that this situation
is so heartbreaking I’m from New York and I normally tune in to the post and I
saw it as it was training and well this young lady tickle her mother family
through this this is what you call toxic young love okay she was faced with
having to go back to Honduras but you’re in New York and you’re young and you’re
sixteen is come 3/16 stuff that went really wrong I mean I don’t think she
thought of how vital this will go because I think that a lot of these
people are youngsters that are on the internet don’t realize how things can go
viral and literally worldwide in like ten minutes
where do you think the mother was in on it no I watched that thing my mother
wouldn’t react like that I mean it was it’s but you know what I’ve had a sister
that did my mother long what she gave her doing her tuition money and got
missing for five months because nobody find her these teenagers can do that and
I don’t understand where they’re so ignorant as to the Rockets that they
caused in the aftermath like it’s so wrong in all ways it’s just because of
young love gone wrong you didn’t want to go back home your mother didn’t want you
in York you know and they know better you’re going back to a
third world country I’m from Jamaica my mother’s work that singing all day
every day and I didn’t want that but you can see that at that age and that this
stage in 2019 and the political comment you know how these young girls are
missing don’t come home some date wait don’t come home from eating some I look
at belong yet the young lady day got kidnapped they killed by the NFL player
acting right now but she was kidnapped you don’t play like that this was
sickening and I’m like no this is so ignorant let me tell you something my
mother was a boss queen and my father was a Jamaican police officer and my
mother ran that house so she always told me I’m not your friend I’m your mother
and I put that into not getting caught up in having a gay boyfriend three four
kids and you know I have one son my mother gave me my first home it’s my
graduation gift so getting my masters and all that you children need to
respect their parents whether they’re poor middle class they want the best for
them and this is not what you do okay so the mother being in on this is totally
out of you’re out of your mind mom’s not down with it yeah no I mean
like laughing you run away why don’t you just run away we don’t need no new
Tawana Brawley come on the body is hiding out after
this message she calls I grew up in Mount Vernon New York see this unfold as
a teenager why would you create that in this climb will be the young women that
are missing sex trafficking is real especially in Atlanta that could have
happened where children are getting snatched up yeah so why would you bring
a 16 year old ask in this situation oh damn boy now hang on a second I I you
know to be objective and someone who brought this up earlier the mother could
have been in on this and maybe the mother text her and said hey you gotta
come you gotta come come forward now because it’s really getting people it’s
really getting out of hand if we got you know Amber Alerts and and they’re
questioning me let’s just call it off let me say something Jamaican people
give me the most scandalous people and Honduras people on the like steps
so I’d get back okay I get it but not right now not right now not right now no
not right now all right thank you for your cold love
you guys thank you and I’m voting at swamp okay all right
all right said she’s voting Trump rania have we done enough with exploring
if the mother was down with this any statements from the mother yet or what’s
going on on Twitter let’s take our time here I’m not rushing so far I have not
you know seen any statements indicating that the mother is any under any sort of
investigation but that’s not necessarily information that they might you know
would put out there anyway if they’re gonna look at her they may already be
looking at her they may already be examining her you know her call logs and
her text logs and seeing what she was doing hey Melissa let me know the area
code nine one seven I think this is also someone from the tri-state area nine one
seven are you there good evening nine one seven yes no baby hey what’s that mean come to the phone
please you have to come closer oh he hate what up stop how are you sir
I’m good I’m calling from the belly of the beast hear the shit hold the BS
I swore them wrong please watch your language please watch your language it’s
a brand new day on YouTube all right you got it the algorithms going on yes
gang-infested this shit is terrible I heard on the post put out that he was a
23 year old crip member the boyfriend of the young lady that was kidnapped okay
and he was in on it yeah man it’s sad because they already think that we’re
all savages over here so they already know that we are savages okay so you
live in the tri-state area you said you’re from the Bronx yes from the Bronx
yes sir okay any thoughts on what do you think the
mother was down with this I mean I know she was thrown to the ground and I feel
for her but you know I’ve seen people they say hey you know
cut my face punch me in the eye break my nose so we can get the bag oh I’ve seen
that too I’ve seen that too and I’m no I don’t think the mom was down with it I
just think the young lady was stupid she got played she just didn’t want to
go back to that shithole shonduras which is gang infested as you know by
ms-13 by 18th Street gang there’s like four or five games they got
that’s that fucking Hondo certain you watch your language please again what’s
the language oh sorry about that yeah sorry about that and we have people
that we know in common you know black are from back in the day who I knew
yellow man okay I knew yellow man they had a spot on 124th and ii read they
used to call don’t start snitchin so you snitch and take it easy take take a
breath take a deep hollow that place has been closed and people have been gone okay they had a special room in the back
too you already go okay okay all right so so
what please keep me posted via email I mean I’m in Atlanta man but this this
thing soon as it was picking up traction I watched part of the press conference
on Jack frosters a YouTube channel and then within a matter of hours bang it
was a just set up you know all right yeah actually the post put that out that
the the boyfriend was a 23 year old creek gang member
okay the post just put that out yeah and then the daughter was involved and it
was because she didn’t want to go back to that you know to that country because
of whatever was going on you know I’m saying and now and I’m not
for that and how do you brother doing but while he’s good he’s home he’s in
jail doing great getting a balanced diet he’s getting he’s getting a health
medical don’t late he’s doing better a lot of people out here
good good I’ve been a supporter since thank you the cable channel days when
you told Big Pun now to eat the turkey sandwiches he’s dead
easy nigga snitchin pay attention thank you Miss Lucchesi
yes those are public access shows uh crazy some of that stuff is on YouTube
very little bit of very little of it anyway
whoo so why don’t you just sent me something here what is this NYT Metro
this is from right and they’re saying that she said the reason for it was that
that she staged it was because her mother was overprotective of her okay
Carol Sanchez is who were talking about from the Bronx yeah okay now she could
be saying anything right now she could be you know and I hate to do conspiracy
stuff but she could be saying this to to protect her mother you know I mean why
would she say yeah we were all down with it together including my mom you know I
hate to do that type of you know conspiracy stuff but uh I don’t know I
don’t know I think Moe will unravel of course so area code 872 good evening 872
are you there yo hey hey wait you said yes dude hey okay papa homey I let a
black woman die before I let a white woman cry you’re talkin reckless I know
you’re going to man what I see when I see no black Haitian Jamaican later well not hang on because now I have done
shows with regards to young black children being being a kidnapped stolen
for their organs so now it is a reality but when I say
I know I never found that to be true in a way to steal no black or yes there’s
an underground market for but but this particular story I saw a nice man that’s
them to wanna brawl these stuff that’s what I said off the RIP right anyway
that’s all I like your perspective before you go before you go should Dame
Dash sue jay-z the IRS is coming for him got him in New York Post again two men
in taxes she’s so my guy I guess you don’t know
okay folks if not the speed we’ve also been talking about Dame Dash New York
Post setting him up December the 16th got to get that two million he can tell
us anything yeah I got the streaming channels yadda yadda yadda woo IRS is is coming for me and I really
think it’s because of him what was it last week or two weeks ago Ronnie when
he was in handcuffs he said I look good to say right yeah he’s showboating and
that showboating you know it’s attracting the attention
of people that he does not want to attract the attention of yeah because
like you said the IRS is relentless they’re not going to just go away or
charge it off or write it off no Nicky Barnes got up on the New York Times
Magazine cover mister untouchable no now let no niggas grandstand like that
let’s bring in every code 304 is that uh furious Styles furious dolls in it yes
sir yes sir hey madman good thank you for your cash yet what do you want
support hey I really want to talk with the child
there was actually kidnapped there nor do I think that she was kidnapped was so
I mean nor do I think that her mother was involved with this it whatsoever
excuse my language come on you know I mean these children
they’re wild nowadays I mean where I’m from
I’m from West Virginia okay I mean per capita
I mean drug trafficking and all that stuff people OD and stuff is crazy these
children is mixed into it I’m an african-american male myself okay I mean
it’s bad I mean I used to work in Child Protective Services I’ll you see it
every day I lasted about a year and a half within it and I pull a parachute on
it can you break that down what do you mean you pull parachute for those who
don’t know your terminology no I mean I pull the parachute on the whole
situation as far as working in that field okay I mean having to deal with
families that are going through real situations and actually having to not
just look at like oh it might just be all of the parents for these children
nowadays man is for social media and the things that they doing the things that
they’re exposed to you know I mean it’s it’s rough to be a parent to be
perfectly honest I mean if you want to be a good one I mean there’s a lot of
things that’s exposed to your children nowadays Matt yeah it is it’s tough I
couldn’t fathom it and I mean I noticed you guys was talking about people being
a fathers and stuff like that but I mean I’ve been a stepfather and in my life
personally and I think I’ve seen the woman that I was with having to go
through that situation children running away from home and you know what the
system really doesn’t really care like like Ronnie I guess what that’s or the
name is there’s levels to that Amber Alerts stuff there’s a lot of stuff that
they really don’t look into don’t look at the parent be like hey is there
something that you doing know that children is actually sitting around and
like hey I’m taking off because they’re not happy with their home situation I
mean people have to deal with that though yeah now listen I can only
imagine that these mobile developing these mobile devices and how young
people maneuver around them you know faster and better than the parents it
just how can you you know think that you’re gonna you know stop a child
that’s born into the matrix you’re gonna stop them from utilizing this to do
disingenuous things and that’s got to be a job within itself yeah I feel for
parents and how can you combat it I mean how can you
about it I mean a lot of these children they got phone stone and they faces at
the age of like five they know how to use that mordant better than their
parents really do yes maybe I thank you for the call and love your donation
salute but I’d like to say one thing about dame – the situation with Jay Hey
dank dame actually held it down for a lot of years had a lot of videos of him
actually doing the groundwork for that company right when Jay when Jay turned
his back on Rocawear and everything like that
I think Dame actually knew what was gonna go on with it with Dipset and what
Cameron and them had to go through with the entire situation you know if the IRS
is going to actually touch his heels on it you know he wasn’t gonna be rich
forever but hey I’m not clowning the man in no way shape or form but but in my
opinion and I’ve seen this before that they’re coming for me IRS set them up
yes and you know how to fit this man angle comes for you unless they know
exactly what was going on all that in the third so I feel for the man but hey
he might be at the cost of 69 in the whole situation thank you hey but it’s
gonna be very high in the media stuff when it does happen man okay Thank You
Mia salute hey salute me you big guy yes sir okay Ronnie job hey you just sent me
something money what’s up yeah I’m on the actual page before what’d you send
me that was a screen shot so now there’s um six people have donated so far and
it’s up to now a grand total of $40 to send her back okay so now the pictures
and Carol Sanchez back okay is the picture of the the daughter or the
mother I’m looking at the link who is that that’s the daughter that’s bigamy
that looks like the same picture that’s shown as the you know as her missing
unless they just really closely resemble each other okay wow she looks busted busted in shops damn
right hold on a second I think the homie big Spanish on the check in salute a day
one with the store in the morning thank you man he says I believe that girl was
a neighborhood thought hence the reason being sent to Honduras okay I’m gonna
say alleged thought we don’t know for certain but thank you big Spanish salute
to you man bodega on the check and he says this is for Ronnie to smoke and
Newport till the Green Line and take three more people and take three more
puffs do you want to mention anything about smoking Ronnie do we just keep it
pushing no Newports not cutting me a check we’ve got to stop giving them all
this free advertisement hmm okay okay okay then I got that from Greg let’s
still want two more calls and wrap this up here it’s gonna area code two one
zero gleaming two one oh are you there hello Lou okay slow on the draw let’s go
to every code 404 is this Atlanta 404 no no yeah can you hear me yes sir how are
ya can you hear I give you doing good doing good I wanted to address the US
Dane – oh man okay Dane – it’s a state tax issue it’s not a
federal tax issue and some hip-hop folks are talking about it now and Dame has
been through this before no7 in 2012 2015 and now here in 2019 in
the state of New York and in 2011 he had an audit from the IRS
so what he’s dealing with right now with the New York Post is a state tax issue
but Dame lives in California and there’s the reason why Dane never
comes to New York because if he does come – okay – when they can touch okay
but his but his business is and all of that are set up I don’t West Coast okay
so that’s why everything is set up on there
in my opinion though to get to your point with him with Jay the answer is no
because at this point he really doesn’t have any space and it’s a state tax
issue it’s not a federal tax issues I’m looking at Department of Taxation and
Finance but either way they’re gonna get that money you can’t dodge that you can
dodge well you can dodge it for a while but they’re gonna get it they’re gonna
garnish whatever he’s got talking you state that I agree with you yeah that I
completely agree and and and the problem is though is is what it’s you know it’s
what’s called one takes precedent over the other so right now Dame is being all
of his wages are being garnished for child support so on once he has a
pecking order folks he has to pay before he gets capped the new thoughts right
now I’m not a New York State resident so I don’t know exactly how New York State
and as this article says Department of Taxation and Finance I don’t know
exactly how they work I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for a lot of years which is
a common wolf but are you saying that the Department of Taxation and Finance
will not issue a warrant to arrest Damon – even if it reaches 5 million what are
you saying I think that they will but I don’t think it’s gonna happen just yet
they’re gonna see the part because Dane does what I will say is you got some
lawyers either he or somebody’s paying for lawyers right – to drag this out
because we’re taxes they’re not gonna rush this but lock you up over them you
know you can drag that out in tax court and you can say well I’m fighting my
baby mama and in family court man you know they want to take the welfare of
the child and all of that so they’re gonna defer on certain things
my hanger sir if I can jump and he’s been avoiding this since 2007 2012 and
2015 so this is multiple years this is not just you know from two or three
years back we’re going back to 2007 I’ll take your word on this if you really
really know New York state taxes I don’t but I do know that at some point this
will turn into a warrant and he will be even if he’s arrested in California on a
speeding ticket they will contact New York State to see if they want to
extradite him I’ll give you last word though my last
word on it is is all of what you said I think we’re saying the same thing I just
think the dame has alloy but they know how to drag it out and that’s that’s
what Dame is doing it’s a cash-flow place they have got you well you can run
but you can’t hide for so long Thank You Man yes sorry thank you me a
call okay salute all right all right I think we’re good here Ronnie anything
else we want to mention as we head out no I will be watching to see what
happens with this go fund me will be interesting to see how high it gets up
to work for they you know take it down because they will take this down okay
I’m gonna jump out the window and say I think the mother was down with it
she’s down with it I had no proof could be all that screaming she could have
been acting she could have been screaming so that someone would come and
and see what’s going on you know because I saw at the press conference again at
the press conference that Jack Frost was streaming on his YouTube channel beabea
Network people were saying that the mother was screaming for over five
minutes well then why didn’t she roll out her own GoFundMe it sort of become
customary now you know something tragic or bad happens you know here’s my
GoFundMe you know you see everybody doing it these days so what why didn’t
she roll it out all right thank you honey we’ll talk tomorrow okay okay take
care take you lost your money helping me out there tonight Anthony thank you for
your donation star okay how many fitted caps do you own
it’s amazing I don’t know sir I wear different hats
because I’m not loyal to one team I’m the hater loyal to none but thank you
for your donation okay someone sent me what is it sir who just sent me
something to download sorry I don’t download stuff unless I
know what it is did you share the video who are you sir
something about photos this spam is just some something I have to answer to to
one day no thank you but you mean email tell me exactly what you’re sending all
right all right guys I’m out of here tonight I will see you tomorrow at some
point also we have one last shopping game chili see you hey man been a while
he says I guess Dame is a che guevara and jay-z is Fidel Castro allegedly star
has allegedly seen where crypto is going to so he can move that money in Germany
nigga stay snitching don’t they or I’ll see you guys tomorrow at some point I’m
gonna try and do an afternoon show with regards to Takashi’s 69 his sentencing
again is at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time so I do want to see if I they’re
gonna sit him down or whether he’s gonna walk on time served all right have a
good evening take care and be safe you

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  17. I pray to a living White God we see Dame Dash in front of a White Female judge, Federal New York State magistrate, wearing Orange Jump Suit, Shackles, and with open toe sliders, facing 16 counts – not withstanding Tax evasion…

  18. Her mother probably want to move back to Honduras because her daughter is probably a problem , and she can't parent her properly. I know many parents who ship their children back to their homeland because they've gotten to "Americanize". The question is where and how does a 16 year old know four well over her age men from? Could this be the reason why her mom want to go back. Also New York's living cost is very expensive. That could be another reason why her mom wants to return home.

  19. . (QUE MUSIC – MADONNA'S HOLIDAY ) Holiday, Celebrate, if we took a holiday took some time to celebrate just one day out of life – the impeachment of the orange turd, if we impeach the orange turd, just to celebrate took a holiday took some TIME to celebrate the impeachment of the racist orange turd, it would be so nice…we can turn this world around and bring back all those happy days, lock him up and put your troubles down and COME TOGETHER WE NEED A HOLIDAY HOLIDAY, TOOK SOME TIME TO CELEBRATE, JUST ONE DAY OUT OF THIS 3 YEAR HELL IT WOULD BE SO NICE woooooooo! OH YAH OH YAH! WE ABOUT TO GET TOGETHER!! CELBRATE CELEBRATE COME TOGETHER IN EVERY NATION!!– thank you thank you so much!

  20. The Bronx is full of fuckin drug addicts and jealous and hateful people…. Its so sad….the Bronx is full of walking dead young and old

  21. Or suppose the mother had a Heart Attack in the street after getting pushed down on the ground. I want to know where are the men in the family for that and Assualt charges on them as at least an example and that little girl would do what she was told. And it could be because of that boyfriend that was in the plot to uproot the whole city, she didn't want to move. Momma should make an example of them putting hands on her at least and that little girl needs some fear in her heart from her momma. Ijs

  22. Throw the whole teenager out! She’s street tainted, lying ? o k, mom knocked down?, the fake kidnapping, at a time like this! She definitely don’t have no respect for this country, send her back, I will go fund that

  23. Dame has something that Jay-z wants and that is how he can get some $$$ from him. Dame still owns a 1/3 share of Reasonabke Doubt the first album on Rocafella Records.

  24. Street team here with exclusive info, Jay-Z actually paid Dame dash taxes the first time he was in trouble loaned him like 6 million (insider info)

  25. I pray for good things there's things I half ass in covo it's was nice to meet star on god I will never talk on YouTube again nigga u bad all love

  26. Ain't no real dude going let his situation get the way dame dash tax situation has gotten , smh careless if u ask me , so smart but yet so behind ,

  27. Did Mo ever send in his picture, talking about he got kids and shit, I don't know any father that sounds as gay as him. Dana has more base in her voice than ho-mo

  28. Dame is a classic example of a oldhead not knowing when to fall back…?….he ain't doin no biz, just doing podcasts trying to convince us he doing big biz….. nobody wants to see him go out like this

  29. what if the girl was forced to say it was fake because the people who kidnapped her got shook because of all the attention NYC was giving this case.

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