Nữ Thư Ký Đi Tập Gym Để Câu Zai Không Ngờ Lại Nhận Kết Cục Cực Đắng | Nữ Thư Ký Tập 19

SUBSCRIBE THIS CHANNEL to get 1 million subscribers as soon as possible Are you go to work tomorrow, right? Yes, thank you for introducing me No problem, we’re friend! Well, does your company have any handsome guys? I know right away! Our company has a “super product”, making sure you will like if you meet him . Really? Who? Tell me! He’s our manager, our manager is both handsome and gentle, and also kind, not to mention there is also a hot 6-packs body. I feel you have the potential, try it! But a “super product” like that, he doesn’t have girlfriend or wife? So he’s busy doing business, where is the free time and dating? Being his secretary, you can see him all day! By the way, don’t know our manager to go to the gym, or do play any sports? He has gyming in a fitness near our company Or will I go to the gym tomorrow? Well, are you start trapping? Well, I have to have a strategy, you just wait and see, If I do, everything well is done Do you need to see the his photo? No need, with my keen eyes, it’s easy to see the prey! Good luck to you Listening to Trang, the manager very handsome, I think it’s him! Hello, here I am? Isn’t it possible to do that? New staff? New person? Okay, maybe he talks about me? I win this game! Put CV on my table, I will see it later Hello Hello I just came here the first time, right? Yes, I recently came here for a few days, so today is the first day Have you practiced before? If you are a novice, be careful, you can be muscle injury if you don’t be careful I’m newbie, too, can you help me? Ok Now, you want to practice this exercise machine, right? Yes At this level, you should leave it a bit deep, it will put a lot of pressure on you, and the weight should be raised a little because your body is pretty good too. Thank you so much Let’s try it Let try it out When using your force, you should breathe out, very well But are you often practice here? My company is nearby so I practice here, so what about you? Where do you work? I also work nearby, we have a lot of natural bonds So when I finish my exercise, we can go out for a coffee time That’s right, I’m newbie, please help me Now you sit back, your shoulders break off, hold your belly, both sides are equal, right. exhale, breathe in and out Sit here, are you done? Yes, are you done? Yes I’m done I don’t know are you have free time? I want to invite you to have a drink, thank you for helping me Hmm, it was nothing, but okay, I’ll go change the clothes Yes, go ahead I’m sorry Hey, are you blind? I’m so sorry Leaving your hand out, what a misfortune! I look at your face and know you’re useless, just know how to eat I’m sorry I didn’t mean to know it Not intentionally? You make my shoes are dirty! Make up for me! You can give me the price, I will make up for you Do you know the price of these shoes? I look at your face and know that you don’t have money, how can you make up for me? You can give the price These shoes I buy for $500, but I have to order from the foreign, make up for me $500? Are you going to rob or not? What did you just say, the other one, the type like you, you don’t have to say anything if you don’t have money, make up for me It is not that I don’t have money, but these shoes of you is not worth it, this is just fake goods, at most 5 million VND Hey, people like you, how can you know what is the brand name and fake goods, then make up my shoes or you can’t go anywhere. Actually this is only fake good, I’ll pay you 5 million, if you feel not enough, I will bypass it! Hey, are you want to go out? If today you don’t pay the right amount, don’t expect to go back home! Hey, why do you like to pick a quarrelsome things? I like that, so what? You’re look so fat! Eww! No one wants you! Hey, how can you insult others like that, even I’m fat, it’s not relative to you! I like it, so I said that! Now you should wise, give me money, or let me take some photos and post them on social network? Stand still for me to take a picture You’re so excessive! Why, scared? Now, wise, kneel down, wipe my shoes, I will forgive you! You don’t have to look down on other people! You’re just beautiful, your personality is ugly, your brain is like a grape. Shut up, what kind of you, but dare you to compare with me? Just sewers but want to compare with the ocean? Just water-spout but want to the same with hydroelectric? You shouldn’t be a turkey-cock! Do you know that the alpine has a higher mountain? A cloddish girl like you but still want to stay here? Well, I strongly recommend, this article is old, it’s not good Hello, I’m here, so you can bring the files to the gym for me Well, people like you can’t flirt anyone! Brother What’s the matters? She hit me and even told me come here to flirt the men Do not let she trick you, the kind of person like her always seems weak, to be protected by others It was you who beat me and pushed me to fall, now you say that? How about I hit you? Beating you is to teach you, you should know who you are! Do not go out to scare other people! Enough! Who are you to talk to my sister like that? Ah, turns out you’re siblings? You guys look like the same! The younger sister came here to flirt the men, and what about you Maybe you come here to find the old lady to be a gigolo? It seems that you’re the right kind of person who has no education Uneducated? I have a master degree, I still work in a big company. Don’t like you guys, live by other money! Talking with you guys make me feel I’m a low-level You should not be excessive! So what? May I say something wrong? You introduced a career qualification like that, so you probably know many big bosses? Of course, do you want to ask for help? No. I don’t do anything so bad Not really, but surely you also knew the chairman of Duc Thanh Corporation, right? I heard that he used to practice here! That’s right, I am also the secretary of Duc Thanh Group’s chairman, you knowing he’s usually coming here to do exercise so you want to come here to make the relative? Secretary? Why have I never met you? Who do you think who you are? Don’t dream! What’s the matters? There are people who like to brag about themselves So? Let me tell you, this is the chairman of the Duc Thanh corporation, right? Is he the chairman of Duc Thanh? So? What is up? Can I help you? Go, we don’t need to talk to these two crazy people anymore! Stand back, you haven’t even given me my shoe money, where are you going? Did I tell you that I will give you 5 million, and you don’t want it! Are you crazy, these shoes I bought $500, you just give back 5 million VND, do you want to die? Well, you ruin her shoes so you need to pay back! It’s not a big number! I was going to skip for 2 people, but if you want to calculate, let me calculate for you! You said you were the chairman of the Duc Thanh group, what did you have to prove himself? Do not bring the name of others to go scam I don’t know my boss? Well, pay back money to me, hurry up! Hello everyone Trang, what are you doing here? I brought some papers for the chairman, are you ok? Ok, done Sir, this the some files you need, Are you wrong? This is your boss? No, he’s the my boss Are you sure? Are you silly? I went to work for many years, If I can’t realize my boss? So what did I do in the company? Hey, why you said that you’re the chairman of Duc Thanh group? Did I say ever? it’s you said that I warned you,Trang, who is she? Yes, she is the new secretary that the new HR department has just hired for you, she will start working tomorrow. Sir, who does not know not guilty, I hope you will forgive me I don’t dare, my company is small, don’t dare to recruit a person with a master’s degree like you to go to work, you don’t have to go to work tomorrow Sir Well, you don’t need to say anymore, you should re-learn how to look at people and how to behave Can you give me a chance? The opportunity comes only once, this is a lesson for you, never underestimate others. And you, this is the last time, I never want others to carry my reputation for fraud Go Trang, help me My job doesn’t know can keep it here? I don’t know what did you do? But he said that he did not recruit, you should take care of yourself! Thought to meet the delicious goods, turned out to be a cheap girl! Never judge anyone because you don’t know their nature Take your mind to consider, take your eyes to look, take your ears to listen and take time to prove it

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