say that if you guys did have a relapse
yesterday shave shave off your beard Shape for your mustache
whatever facial hair you can go shave off your pubes whatever all right
shave it off and start from scratch all right guys welcome to the channel all
right if you do not know me already my name is Jeff kidding I make a lot of
videos in regards to nofap fitness occasional food videos and overall
videos that I think can help you to become a better person
alright so guys it is officially November yesterday was November 1st it
is the first day of no not November but it’s also the first day of no-shave
November talking about yesterday this is basically day two but I want this video
to be a life hack if you will a life hack on how No Shave November can
tremendously help you with your no not November journey or overall your nofap
journey okay so let’s dive into this I’m excited
about it whenever you are embarking on a journey you kind of have to go through a
process if you will a process of re identity or re identifying yourself okay
and part of the big ways you could reinvent yourself we identify yourself
is to physically look different alright and say this is an example or
III say and a great example would be when you dress up really nice alright
say that you dress up in your finest attire and you feel like you look really
really good alright when you feel like you look really good you act a certain
way alright you act more confident you act
more more Zen you know I’m saying when you were the ladies you feel like you’re
less shy alright you’re less less afraid of rejection that’s afraid of judgment
you know what I mean because overall we’re just so confidence in yourself
that you just don’t care and this new confidence this new you because of how
you feel from the way you look it’s a lot
different than how you felt hours ago when you just woke up breath smelling
like shit and hair looking like pubes you know what I’m saying that just shows
you how a physical hack of how you look can change how you feel all right change
your mindset hope that make sense so let’s talk about how no-shave November
can help you in your path to know not November so say for example if I was
completely shaved alright if I’ll shave but oh just let’s just on a side note by
the way this I’ve been growing it since mid-october I guess you could say I just
got lazy one day and I was like you know I’m not gonna shave this week decided to
not shave for the rest of the week and I honestly do not know if I’m gonna grow
this puppy out alright I do not know if I’m gonna grow it out this whole
November um I think that I look like a Hmong when I grew up my beard I look
like the bad guys from Mulan alright the Hun’s alright I look like the bad
guy I don’t want to be the bad guy I want to be the hero be the knight in
shining armor that saves me one I don’t know anyways yeah I don’t know if I’m
gonna grow it out comment on we love you guys think I should
so anyways back to my points knowing this life hack of looking different you
kind of have a new state of mind being that November 1st of yesterday’s on
November 2nd I hope you guys are participating in motion remember and no
not November but doing two of them coinciding at the same time it can make
your no not November more effective and what I mean by this is that since we
already know that physically looking different changes your state of mind
every day that you are doing this no nut thing alright but not fapping your beard
is slowly getting longer every day so every day you are getting a new image
you’re becoming a new person every day every day you look in the mirror it’s
like your beard is getting longer and your streak of nofap or no nut has also
become longer you know what I mean so by being in a no fad mode and also growing
on your beard you’re like tracking your progress if you will of your streak your
long streak by how long your here it is going and it almost makes you
motivated to the point where I don’t want to break my streak I don’t want to
start fapping again because it makes me feel like I have to shave my beard off
and all that work and time that are dedicated to grow this beard is gonna be
for nothing alright so yeah you kind of have to put put two and two together
there you put two and two together but you kind of have to correlate your no
faff journey or your no not November journey with your not shaving journey
alright your growth of your beard journey so I would say that if you guys
did have a relapse yesterday shave shave off your beard
Shape for your mustache whatever facial hair you can go shave off your pubes
whatever alright shave it off and start from scratch
alright start from scratch and continue your streak all over again without
shaving any of your facial hair and then see the growth in your facial hair and
the growth in yourself and just how long your streak is you know what I mean so
yeah basically the second you relapse or if you did relapse shave it off and then
that’s starting all over again but it’s gonna be a very prideful thing not
prideful thing but a very encouraging thing every day that you see your beard
grow alright you see your beard grow your mustache grow your facial hair grow
you’ll becoming physically more of a man more alpha that it just reminds you that
this journey of no FAP is worth it you you’re gonna slowly look more alpha
you’re gonna slowly act more alpha okay and by being again and of by being in a
no fat journey regardless of how you look you already are attaining the Alpha
qualities right one of them is again so for some people it is
deeper voice you know I mean or also just more calm or compose more clarity
in your day throughout the day the list goes on and on and on there’s even
studies that say that after seven days of no FAP your testosterone increases by
40% that’s pretty nuts
that’s awesome okay but yes that’s the point this video I just want to get to
explain to you guys basically how not shaving can be very motivating for you
in your nofap journey alright so there’s no shape of amber this no not November
put both of them together man do it both together if you already again if your
you relapsed shave that shit off grow your beard all right
grow it up and start your streak your long street whatever streak you’re able
to start all over again I truly think that if you are a person that like
relapses every every week I think that by you starting this thing of no shaving
or growing out your beard or whatever facial hair you can after you’re really
out you’re really apps after you relapse then it’s gonna be definitely more
motivating and more incentivizing or more incentive to not relapse are using
words wrong I don’t know how to do words all right but I hope that made sense all
right so guys comment down below if you guys are participating and no not
November or No Shave November or both if you’re doing both then you got a double
thumbs up my friends speaking up thumbs up like this video if you have not
already subscribe ok subscribe guys help me to grow this channel and again this
channel is all because of you guys alright whatever success whatever
subscribes I’m getting is obviously because of you guys so I just want to
thank every single one of you guys for helping me alright for supporting this
channel and I hope I see you guys in the next video I’ve been getting a lot of
feedback on what my next video should be I am working on it guys
alright I just got super inspired to make this video just because it’s the
beginning of the month but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video I
hope I see you guys in the next one remember strive to be better F average
and be yourself thanks guys as always god bless you and
have investme

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  1. I think praying and reading the Bible help me the most even though I haven’t been spending much time lately doing so

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