No Motivation To Work Out? Here’s What To Do

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of,
and in this video and I want to touch on the topic of what to do when you don’t feel
motivated to train on any given day. So maybe you’ve had a long day at work or school,
maybe you’re feeling particularly physically or mentally tired, or for whatever reason
you’re just not feeling it and you’d much rather just stay at home and relax instead
of get yourself into the gym and train. So what should you do in these situations? Well,
this is going to sound overly simplistic to some of you, but the honest answer is this.
And that is to stop thinking about it, and to just start taking action anyway. Now, stick
with me here because there’s actually more to it than just that and there’s actually
a very important lesson to take away from this. See, most people think of action and
motivation as strictly being a one-way street. In other words, you feel a sufficient level
of motivation, and that inspires you to carry out a specific action. In reality, it actually
works both ways. Not only does motivation cause you to take action, but taking action
also causes you to feel motivated. In other words, if you feel completely unmotivated
to do a particular task but begin taking action anyway in spite of how you feel, you’ll
often find that the simple act of just doing something in and of itself is the actual catalyst
that causes you to feel increasingly motivated. And from there, this processs then feeds back
on itself. More motivation inspires further action, and further action inspires more motivation,
and before you know it, you’re fully absorbed in the original task you thought was so difficult
to begin with. So, instead of sitting around in your current “uninspired” state and
just hoping that you’ll magically feel some sudden big surge in motivation to get you
into the gym, instead realize that the very act of taking positive actions towards performing
your workout, that’s often the very thing that will produce the motivation that you’re
looking for. The state of mind that you feel while you’re sitting on the couch ready
to fall asleep is NOT the same state of mind that you’ll be in while you’re performing
your actual workout. Instead, all of the small actions that you take leading up to your workout,
through your warmup and through the first few sets of your session, those actions will
gradually “shift” your state of mind in a positive direction, so that when it comes
time to perform the bulk of the actual challenging work, you’ll already be in that pumped up
and motivated state that you were originally searching for. So again, stop thinking and
just start taking action anyway. Stop creating mental pictures of the work that lies ahead,
stop creating “what if this” and “what if that” scenarios in your mind, stop weighing
out the possible benefits and possible drawbacks of either performing or not performing this
partciular workout. If you’ve already made the commitment to your muscle building or
your fat loss program and you know that the right thing is to get into the gym and train,
then shut off your mind and just do it. Stand up, change into your gym clothes, pack your
bag, even these tiny little actions will gradually kick-start this “state-shifting” process.
Have your cup of coffee, take your pre-workout supplements or whatever else it is that you
normally consume prior to training, walk out the door, and just start making your way to
the gym without even thinking about it. Again, these additional small actions will cause
your state of mind to shift even further. Walk onto the gym floor, put your headphones
on, begin warming up and moving your body. Far more often than not, what you’ll typically
find is that by simply taking all of these individual actions leading up to your actual
workout without over-thinking and without over-analyzing it, your mindset will shift
all on its own and automatically produce the motivation and the inspiration you need to
tackle your workout with full intensity. And by the time you get past your first few sets,
the rest of your workout will usually not only be smooth-sailing, but it will actually
be fully enjoyable as well, especially since you’ve now reinforced in your mind the fact
that you are a self-motivated person who is able to take action regardless of the circumstances.
And here’s the most important take away from this particular video, and that is that
this principle can be applied to every area of your life beyond just your muscle building
and your fat loss program. Any time you’re faced with a particuar task that you know
you need to do or that you should do but that you’re feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated
by, you can apply this same “stop thinking and just take action” principle in the exact
same way. If you have a work project that needs to get done but that you really don’t
feel like doing, then just take some initial small steps without thinking about it and
then harness the reaction of those first few steps in order to motivate yourself further.
If you have an essay for school but you’re feeling uninspired and unmotivated to do it,
then just get the first few lines down on the page and then see where it takes you.
If a friend invites you to go out, but you aren’t in a particularly “social mood”,
even though you know you should get out of the house and go do something, then just go
anyway and you’ll usually see that this “state-shifting process” kick into gear
once you simply interact with a few people. So the bottom line here is this: if all of
the actions that you take require you to feel fully inspired and motivated right from the
get go, you’ll never get anything meaningful done, or at the very least, you’ll only
be a fraction as productive as you could be. If you already logically know what the “right”
thing to do is, then stop relying on positive emotions (or on the absence of negative emotions)
to drive you forward, and just do it anyway, and you’ll often find in most cases that
the motivation and inspiration become an inevitable byproduct of that process. So, I hope you
find this concept useful, if you want to get some more useful motivational tips and tricks
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77 thoughts on “No Motivation To Work Out? Here’s What To Do

  1. So true. Don't give yourself a chance to think and start justifying to yourself why you'll be fine if you skip a workout. I did that this entire last week. Lol.
    Thanks for this video. The timing of this reminder couldn't have been more perfect for me. Time to not think about, but just be about it.

  2. I'm actually feeling this after over 5 years of solid training. It's due to various factors; family member not doing very well and the stress of work. I'm still going to the gym but not as often (around once sometimes twice a week for the past 2 months), but I'm not fully focused on training if at all.

  3. Well said Sean. I train even if I'm dead tired, sick or just not in the mood. I know that if I stop, it's hard to get that mojo back. Just do it I agree.

  4. This is great. Another key thing: once you get into the habit (acquired over months/years) of just automatically going, you will avoid the need to actually think/motivate yourself and just do it on autopilot. 

  5. Excellent video. I used this same principle to ask my now girlfriend on our first date. I was really nervous, constantly over thinking what I should say, but then I just shut off my brain, stopped thinking and went for it. It worked out.

  6. Sean is now becoming a motivational speaker. haha Seriously though, great video. Something I learned to do to pick up girls but can be applied to anything is to count to 3, and then no matter what, just do it. 

  7. wow this is exactly one of the strategies in the "Solving the Procrastination Puzzle" book, this is not an ad but a rather an honest attempt to help because that book is probably the best one on the subject of motivation and minimizing procrastination. 

    It's written by Timothy A Pychyl, a psychologist/scientist who studied procrastination for 25 years. 

  8. thats great advice there sean,,like always you speak the obvious that we seem to forget,,your channel deserve more subscribers,,,thanks dude

  9. I get this a lot.  I often don't feel like going to the gym, but as soon as I get changed to go, I feel much more ready to take on a workout.  For me, it even works hours before the event, just being in my gym stuff makes me feel positive about going to the gym.  Of course it could just be that I have magic gymware.

  10. Interesting, Sean. I never had difficulty going to the gym regularly regardless of the situation. It could be because I find each workout enjoyable. I have always looked forward to each of my workouts. In fact, sometimes I am so excited about my morning workout that I take some time to fall asleep.

  11. It's sad how unrecognised Seans channel is in the fitness world, considering he gives the best advice/ tips out there. Always to the point, no bullshit information that doesn't leave you guessing. Thanks as always for posting videos like these Sean

  12. At first I was ready to dismiss the video, then as you went into detail the penny dropped and the message hit home. As Nike said "Just do it"!

  13. This is a great video because it's 100% true.  I never  feel unmotivated to go to the gym and haven't missed a non-rest day in a year or two.  Why?  Because I've had this routine so long that I don't even think about it.  I don't think about being tired or unmotivated or unenergetic because the routine is just part of something I "do".  There is no thought at all.  Subbed!

  14. Im looking for some advice. I work a physically demanding job, that required alot of lifting and carrying for 8 hours. Now I want to know if I can suppliment this "workout" so that I can improve my health and body shape. Can anyone advise on what, if and how much ? Thanks in advance

  15. wow!  i love this video. i have experienced this before without even realizing it. and coming across this video just reinforced the idea, and now i know how to control it. thanks for the articulation—powerful reminder!

  16. Excellent points. This really helped me have a different perspective on motivation. You have positive energy brother. Thank you for sharing. Keep it up.

  17. This is a seriously good video, one that resignated with me right from the beginning. Well done!

  18. I appreciate all the advice and all the logic that you present Sean.

    I just want to throw my two cents in, and give the viewers some extra common sense tips that they can use themselves.

    I impose rules on myself. Granted, you are both the enforcer and the subject, but still tactics can be used to manipulate yourself.

    One tactic I use, is taking showers. I force myself to "earn a shower."

    I mean, you have to take a shower, you can just go around stinking. So in order to actually allow myself to take a shower, I must train first. That means that if I'm going to be lazy and not train, then I'm gonna have to walk around in my own shame stinking like a fool. And nobody wants to walk around like a stinky bastard, it's embarrassing, it's shameful, it's gonna make you do something.

    I know it's a strange tip but hey, whatever you can do to get yourself up and moving right?


    Other "self-imposed rules" such as this might involve diet. This is more difficult, because this means that you have to be in complete control of your diet, meaning that if your wife cooks for you, you are not in control of your diet, aside from just refusing the food that she puts on the table for you, you have to eat what's already there.

    But if you really enjoy your carbs let's say, you can force yourself to "earn your carbs" through training; so if you don't train today, you don't get to eat those carbs today.

    So using "self imposed rules," avoiding training actually becomes a very inconvenient, you feel completely unsatisfied because of the rules that you have imposed. So I find myself rarely skipping a training session.


    Another factor, is whether you go to the gym, or whether you have a home gym. I have a home gym in my basement, and I can tell you the convenience factor makes it a heck of a lot easier than having to go to the gym.

    There are so many convenience factors. Don't have to worry about people using your favorite equipment, don't have to worry about grunting or getting loud, don't have to worry about getting into an extended conversation with that chatty guy, don't have to feel like you're hogging the bench or hogging the squat rack, don't have to warm up the car find a parking spot scrape the windshield throw a coat on pack the training bag etc, don't have to worry about what time you train – the gym can be very busy in the evening.

    In my opinion there are a ton of benefits to having a home gym; and of course there are the trade-offs and drawbacks, lack of equipment; but some ingenuity can easily fix this.

  19. As i was watching this video, I stopped thinking about the girl I've been sweating, and called her and left a message about getting together. Thanks Sean

  20. Been doing this for a while for my workouts. But i have trouble motivating myself for other small, completely mundane tasks. Even stuff as simple as making a protein shake.

  21. This is incredible advice sir. This is literally true for many things in life.
    -"Never wait for your motivation before doing things that you know you want to and are good for you." Thing is, you are not always going to be motivated to do things even the things you love, motivation varies for many reasons. In-fact doing those things actually motivates you more, work can actually motivate you & who would have thought?. I am starting to think that you actually feel bad because of not doing what you actually want.

  22. After being out of it for quite a while now and struggling to find the motivation I watched this video and in all seriousness after 3 months I'm finally on my way getting back into the fitness lifestyle so thank you Sean 🙂

  23. glad I'm came across this, mind was in a jigsaw lol thank you! great advice Sean thanks for putting this up was really helpful put my mind at ease.

  24. Thanks for making this video! It was helpful! Keep up to good work! I agree with people saying that I just found your channel. I wondered why you're not well know! You rock Sean!

  25. I've been feeling not motivated,in 2015 I got a hernia surgery, I lost 20 pounds of solid muscle and to make things worse depression started to kick in.I dont know what to do the only memory that I have are my pictures when i was in good of those pictures is this one that i have as my youtube profile picture I dont know what happen but i just dont feel like training any more.I do train but only 3 times a week and not with the same intensity that i used to train,I guess I did fall off real badly anyways good video and sorry for my bad english greetings from guatemala…..

  26. I know this is an old video. But I've always found. . . Drinking 3 scoops of prework out helps haha.
    You got one of two options. Either go to the gym n beast it, or sit at home and shake like a junkie

  27. My problem was that I used PEDS aka steroids when I was younger. I then stopped and became natural. I recovered fine. The thing is, the motivation was gone because I will never get the strength and pump I had when on cycle. Even though I have pushed forward, the thought still prevails. Just Say No lol.

  28. Thanks bro..tomorrow i am gonna start it whether i feel like doing or not..fuck off my feelings..its just distracting me.

  29. I have been away for a month now, all because of the lack of motivation. Hoy told me what i needed to hear. Thanks

  30. I use to be motivated to work out all the time. Eventually the drive to constantly grind was gone. The base problem with it is the fact that it never benefitted me no matter how good of shape I was in. Never made me any money or furthered my goals. My energy now is focused furthering my actual goals. I would like to have my body back though.

  31. Mine is a rather dumb reason my headset breaks. I got bullied as a teen and will not run without them, chosen to delay it and do it in the evening in gym because theres music there,

  32. I decide to exercise at home and I was successful actually I lost 11 kg but I have to lose more and it's about month I give it up?feel like a shit

  33. my reason is not because i hate training, i love it, i love the weights, the only feeling that demotivates me is anytime my training is going really good i get injured then have to take a few weeks off then reset weights when im back, this has happened like 3 times this year already

  34. I forced myself to go hiking 2 days ago and I am so sore because I never ever exercise and it felt so good. I need to take action every day because I am overweight but I don't do shit about it….

  35. I usually find that whenever I’m too fatigued and demotivated (typically from a long day at work) and just want to relax – the quality of that relaxation is ten times better if I make the effort to workout first.

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