No Gym Body Transformation (3 at home exercises)

the gym can be intimidating right you’re
surrounded by fancy equipment and fit bodies that make you feel confused and
uncomfortable well what if you could get a great workout and transform your body
with zero equipment using three simple exercises the good news is that’s
exactly what you’ll learn in this video hey there coach Tyler here from where we get people the workouts and recipes to transform your
body and life from the comfort of your own home and today I wanted to show you
how to get an amazing workout without having to step foot in a gym in fact
you’ll be able to do this workout from the comfort of your own home using just
three simple but not easy exercises so just follow onto the video and then try
the workout that’ll give you at the end using the exercises that you’ll learn
today and if you like these exercises then make sure you stick around till the
very end of the video because I want to show you how to get more home workouts
from us for free ok before I dive into how this is gonna work I always try to
be a responsible trainer by asking you to check in with your doctor before you
try any exercise or workout routine once you’re clear then here’s how this is
gonna work first I’m gonna teach you the 3 zero equipment exercises one by one I’ll
be showing you an easier variation of the exercise as well as a harder
variation to exercise this way I can make sure this no equipment workout will
work for people of all ages and skill levels so watch the three different
exercise sections and pay close attention as I’m a stickler for form
press your lower back down into the bed you’ve gone to far but I show you how
to do this with perfect form with perfect form the perfect form on I’m
gonna show you how to do it with perfect form because I found the good form that
makes all the difference when it comes to you getting the best and fastest
results possible from there after you learn these three exercises and their
variations I’ll share with you how to put it all together into a workout
routine that you can do from the comfort of your own home to transform your body
alright now that you know to expect let’s get
started by showing you each of these three exercises exercise 1 lunges ok
the first exercise is called a reverse lunge I’m going to show you how to do
this exercise with perfect form and if you find that it’s too easy for you I’m
also gonna show you a slightly more advanced exercise
called the drop lunge so to start out with the lunge what you’re going to want
to do is start with your feet right underneath your hips and then hinge
through your hips as you step one foot backwards now when you do that what I
want to make sure of is that your front knee doesn’t go super far forward you
want to move through the hips not through the knees because you want to
use the stronger muscles here rather than the weaker muscles here so as you
step back hinging through the hips your shin stays nearly vertical and you bend
that back knee tap the ground with the back knee stand up press into that front
heel come up to a standing position okay then you’re going to switch sides
you do the same thing step back with that foot hinge through the hip not
through the knee hip not through the knee press back into the heel bend that
knee now press into your front heel and extend your hip all the way to the top
position so as you can see it’s really more about a hip extension than it is
about a knee extension now another thing to pay attention to as you’re doing the
reverse lunge is your knees so if you’re stepping backwards oftentimes people
will let their knees cave in like this and if you look down your femur your
thigh bone is pointing the opposite direction of your toes when you do this
you put a ton of pressure in your knees so as you’re doing the reverse lunge you
want to make sure that your knee and your toes are always going the same
direction especially as you switch sides really thinking about that front foot
knee and toes going the same exact direction now one final thing is inhale
as you step back and give me a nice exhale as you press into that front heel
as you stand up it’s gonna give you a little bit more strength power so to
make your muscles work a little bit tighter which is gonna make this
movement safer for you if this is too hard try this instead now if you think you can do ten reverse
lunges on each side without too much effort then move on to the next
variation of the lunge which is called the drop lunge which is slightly more
difficult alright for the harder variation called the drop lunge you’re
gonna have all the same cues as for the reverse lunge only this movements gonna
move quite a bit faster so for this one you’re gonna stand with your feet right
underneath your hips just like the reverse lunge but instead of slowly
stepping back you’re gonna step your back foot back and your front foot
forward almost like you’re just letting your legs drop out from underneath you
and you’re gonna land towards the bottom of the lunge like this so it’s gonna
come down I’m then you’re gonna stand back up and hop to the middle position
they’re gonna come down stand back up hop to the middle position same thing
inhale as you go down see everything looks nice this good shins nearly
vertical still behind the toes weights in the heel there exhale as you stand
back up and you’re gonna rotate from side to side as quickly as you feel
comfortable now this is a very explosive movement can be very challenging so make
sure you do every single rep with perfect form if you find yourself losing
form then just go back to the reverse lunges and do those ones instead once
you pick whether you’re going to do reverse lunges or drop lunges then move
on to exercise two okay the second exercise you’re going to use
is leg raises and I’m going to show you two different variations an easy one
called reverse crunches as well as a slightly
harder one called slightly bent leg raises so here’s how to do the reverse
crunch with perfect form to start lie down on your back and the most important
thing you want to do during the reverse crunch is to press your lower back into
the ground the whole time so oftentimes some people do this exercise they let
their lower back arch like this creating a bunch of space underneath their lower
back so the first thing you want to do is press your lower back on the ground
like you’re trying to squish it into the ground and don’t let it change the
entire time from there you could bring your hands right underneath your butt
squeeze your knees together and just come down tap your heels and come back
up and you’re gonna repeat this motion inhaling as you go down exhaling as you
come up and really thinking about as you go down
don’t let your back arch like this press the lower back into the ground that’s
gonna activate your core muscles significantly more and it’s gonna
protect your lower back at the same time if this is too hard try this instead now if this is too easy you can start to
straighten your legs more and more and if you find yourself almost getting to
the point of straight legs then move on to the next variation okay
the next variation of the leg raise is called the slightly bent leg raise and
it’s exactly like it sounds very similar to the reverse crunches but your legs
are going to be nearly straight the entire time so it looks like this again
coming down onto your back pressing your lower back into the ground that’s how
you know if you’re ready for this exercise or not is if you can keep your
lower back and contact with the ground the entire time placing your hands right
underneath your butt and this time instead of bending your knees like this
you’re gonna go almost straight you don’t have to go all the way straight
but slightly bent like this from there come down lower back press on the ground
tap your heels come back up inhale as you go down exhale as you come back up
and move nice and slow and control no reason to move super fast as you do this
exercise do you really want to feel your core especially as your legs are fully
extended at that end position so pick which exercise you’re gonna do either
reverse crunches or slightly bent leg raises and then move on to exercise 3
exercise 3 yoga push-ups okay the first yoga push up variation I’m going to
teach you is called down up dogs it’s a great exercise for strengthening your
core and your spine and creating a lot of flexibility in your shoulders and
your torso at the same time so to do this exercise you’re gonna come into
what’s called a downward dog position so to do that bring your hands right
underneath your shoulders squeeze the grounds with your fingertips so I don’t
want your hands to be lazy and loose I don’t want you just to plant your hands
look out like this I want you to squeeze the ground with your fingertips almost
like you’re trying to rip the floor right off the ground so once you have
that bring your toes tucked underneath and then press up and push your hands
overhead back into this downward dog position okay so from there you want to
think about a few things first thing is bring your belly button towards your
thighs the second thing is to let your heels
drop as low to the ground as possible while your legs remain straight when you
do this you’re gonna feel a big stretch in the backs of your calves and
hamstrings which is exactly what you want now from there bring your hips down
and your shoulders forward and come into an upward dog position where your
shoulders and your toes and your course still stay active and you look up in the
sky now right here the mistakes people make is that they let the shoulders
slump forward like this what we really want is for you to pull your shoulder
blades back and down like that that’s gonna really strengthen your posture the
other thing that people do here is they just get lazy and let their hips sink
down what you really want is your gluts watch my glutes squeeze your gluts as
you do this exercise that’s gonna strengthen your spine muscles and your
glutes at the same time now when you press back up drive your toes into the
ground push your fingers towards the wall in front of you and come back to
downward dogs you’re gonna repeat inhaling as you look up exhaling as you
look between your toes and again you’re gonna move back and forth between this
upward dog and this downward dog in a slow and controlled fashion if this is
too hard try this instead and if that’s too easy for you then try
this next variation all right this next variation of the yoga push-up is called
The Hindu push-up very similar to down up dogs only you’ll be using your arms
for strengthening a movement even further and coming closer to the ground
so it looks like this you’re gonna start in the same position
of downward dog where your hands grip the ground nice and tight your belly
button is pushing towards your thighs you’re trying to arch that lower back
and your heels are coming towards the ground but this time as you come to the
upper dog position you want to bend your elbows and try to skim your nose towards
the ground before you press up to your upward dog from there return to the
position without bending your elbows again and repeat so the way I like to
breathe for this one is inhale as you’re looking up at the sky and exhale as
you’re looking back between your toes again slow and controlled as you try to
go and as deep as you can on the Hindu push-up and as much stretch as you can
as you come back into the downward dog position so pick which exercise you’re
gonna use either down up dogs or Hindu push-ups and then I’ll show you how to
put these three exercises together from the comfort of your own home how to put
this all together alright now that you know these three home
exercises let’s put it together into a workout just for you so here’s what
you’re gonna do start out with lunges and do ten repetitions on each side it
will look like this then move to leg raises and do ten slow
and controlled repetitions just like this and finally move to yoga push-ups and
again do 10 slow and controlled repetitions like this after you finish
the yoga push-ups go back to the lunges and repeat this routine two more times
so that you’ve completed three rounds of each exercise if you actually do this
workout you’re gonna find that you can get a great no gym workout done in very
little time and you’ll feel your whole body being worked probably better than
any gym workout you’ve done in the past now if you like this workout then I want
to share with you how you can get more follow along workouts just like this for
free you see at we believe that in order to transform your
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popular exercise was as we might create a video going into more detail around
that topic thanks again for watching and we hope you enjoyed this no gym home
workout routine

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  1. Helpful video:) I was wondering if you have any workouts for someone who has back and leg issues and can't quite perform all the exercises in this video. Suggestions would be helpful. Thanks you!

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