Nintendo Switch – Ring Fit Adventure – Adventures That Keep You Moving

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [funky music] [click] [slide] [snap] ♪It’s always getting bet-ta.♪ ♪We’re always getting bet-ta.♪ ♪It keeps on feelin’ fresh-a.
Bet-ta, bet-ta, hey!♪ ♪I keep it movin’,
always improvin’.♪ ♪Innovate yah, motivate yah,
getting bet-ta is my nay-tcha.♪ ♪I stay cool unda presha.♪ ♪I’m a go go-go get-ta.♪ ♪Floating light as a fetha.♪ ♪Innovate yah, motivate yah,
getting bet-ta is my nay-tcha.♪♪ [male]
that keep you moving. Explore an expansive
game world as you, run, flex, and play. In your world. Introducing
Ring Fit Adventure. Only on Nintendo Switch.

100 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch – Ring Fit Adventure – Adventures That Keep You Moving

  1. Too bad motion controls suck and so do the joycons. They break way too easily. I've owned 5 replacement pairs. And that's while treating them like glass. Like how do you make such a frail product when you can literally use a GameCube controller as a ball and chain.

  2. Your boss here and I just wanted to let you know that this right here was not approved by me.
    I find this extremely walu-inappropriate, mainly because of how the sleek pink ring(tm), a product of ours, is sexually portrayed in this advertisement.
    For Mario's sake, what is this 00:21?

  3. Everything is believable except for the insane madlads wearing sweaters and pants for this. Idk about you, but when I work out I overheat like a menopausal woman.

  4. I put the ring around my neck and the other controller under my dog's collar and we both pounded cheeto puffs for two and a half hours straight. Made it through the the Ring Fit Adventure just by watching Thursday Night Football. Money well spent!!

  5. I want to bash this so hard but I see most of these Nintendo playing overweight unhealthy kids and I’m live damn please buy this and eat a salad.

  6. Wonder what this video would be like if there was no music and the people were breathing hard

  7. Put Super Mario Strikers Charged HD the characters are Billy Hatcher Sonic Tails and Knuckles and Rosalina on Nintendo switch

  8. For anyone who has the Ring Fit Adventure, is this a legitimate way to lose weight? I'm overweight and I mostly want to do cardio, so I'm really considering buying this. I'm asking because I'm wondering if I should just sign up for the gym or if this would be a good alternative.

  9. Why doesn’t Nintendo concentrate on coming up with fun games, instead of crap ways to control crap games??? 🤷🏻‍♂️
    The only good games are ported over from other consoles and from 5 to 10 years old already.

  10. I’m sorry but I don’t think I have ever seen a human being look stupider playing a video game than what I just witnessed.

  11. Here with your economic forecast Nintendo fans.
    Put on your coats and grab your sleds because numbers are about to get real low and we're about to see a fiscal decline so steep on their annual earnings report that we expect people to be coming from miles to ride the plunge to the bottom.
    Maybe I'm just stoned and pessimistic but this really seems like one of the worst ideas ever. I honestly thought this was parody at first.
    Ugh. Good luck Nintendo. You'll always be an OG in my heart.
    Original game.

  12. I already have it. I only used it once though. But it is awesome and I’m excited to use it more. Just if you do get it make sure you have enough space to use it.

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