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Hey guys it’s Brodie from Bulk Nutrients
with one of our ambassadors Nicole Frain. So, Nicole you’ve been through quite a
transition in your sports in the last couple of years, you’ve gone from bodybuilding to triathlons to cycling. So why the big change? I first made the changes from
bodybuilding to triathlons and that was because I just got a real buzz from
one of the events that Bulk Nutrients sponsored which we participated in and I
thought “yep this is for me”. But, what happened then in the next year I entered about six different events for triathlons, marathons and an actual
iron man! I started training and my body just didn’t like it and kept
breaking. In that year I fractured my foot from running and then
I fractured my hip. So, what actually happened was I got quite tired of being
injured or recovering for the whole year and not being able to participating in any of the events I entered. It became very costly so I thought, I’ve already got the bike I love the bike, I can do the bike and I’m
not getting injured… Unless I fall off, so I thought – yeah I’ll give that a go and I’ve stuck with it since racing and I
love it! I’ve been seeing you doing really well on your Instagram, so
that’s one thing that I have definitely taken a note of! So, obviously going from
body building to triathlons you’re going through a big supplement change. So, what are your favorite supplements and what do you
take now that you’re cycling? Yes, one thing I noticed is
obviously you’re a bit more macro strict with bodybuilding and it’s specific and
maybe you limit some of the things like carbs whereas carbs are now my friend
and I want the carbs, they’re my energy. So, every day religiously I’m having BCAAs for recovery, stops my cramps and it makes me consume my liquids. I really like Earth Protein for my protein intake, so that’s for post-workout and then I also add in Citrulline Malate which helps with oxygen uptake for my
cycling and I had L Glutamine to help with muscle retention and recovery
because obviously doing a lot of endurance can also mean a little bit of
muscle wastage too. So yeah, they’re the main supplements I use. I may add certain various proteins into things like protein balls too, I
make these and eat them when I go out for a
long endurance ride. Awesome, so quite bit of a change then! For more information and to follow people like Nicole fitness journey
check out our blog.

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