Natural back workout for muscle mass | Pre- and post-workout meal

good morning guys welcome here on my channel today’s video is going to be a workout and diet combine video soda you’re going to see some back workouts to teach because this is my plan to train back today and today I’m gonna have a training partner so we’ll see what’s going to happen I think I can predict what’s going to happen okay so you’re going to see a back workout probably I’m gonna give you some tips how to make your back workout more efficient and I’m going to show you some meals what I eat during the day it’s not going to be a full day of eating video but maybe a hot day of eating video currently I’m not bulking or cutting because I feel myself good at the point where I am now at this point I have decent apps and decent muscle definition my training plan is the same year around I don’t really mess with it I just make sure that I change tiny tiny things from workout to workout because it gives to my body a different stimulus and it helps me to improve I play with the weight the rep ranges the pace with pretty much everything what I can play with even though I do pretty much the same exercises from training session to training session I try to mix them up a little bit sometimes I do more reps with less weight sometimes I do less reps with more weight sometimes I do set the failure I have a basic training plan like push to like post push for like post and that’s all and I’m mostly trained by instinct because I have more than 10 years experience I already know my body and you know every day is a little bit different sometimes you’re tired sometimes you have other stress sources in your life and you know sometimes you cannot leave the same amount of weight because you’re just not able you’re tired in that case you can cook with the ingredients that you have if you’re not able to leave so heavy then just decrease the waste concentrates more on a technique concentrate more on the muscle contractions and do more reps you can do the same amount of work with less weight but with more reps with slower negatives with concentrated muscle contractions a little bit focusing more on the isolations so it works like this everything is different and every day you have to cook with what you have on that given day all right guys I’m hungry country this is going to be my first meal of the day and it’s going to be also my pre-workout meal we have here unsweetened almond milk cereal cookie whey protein and 300 grams of blueberries I’m gonna eat the whole container this is how it looks like when it’s done I have here 177 milliliters or grams of unsweetened almond milk 35 grams of whey protein and 80 grams of cereal cookies check the macros guys the fibre content is really high okay the carbohydrate content is high as well but it’s not the problem because this is my pre-workout meal so I need some energy I need some precious cards and it tastes really really good I use flexible dieting it means that I have my daily macronutrient goals and I eat pretty much everything I like is 350 grams of carbs every day and I like to time my carbs around my training sessions I like to eat around 80 200 grams of carbs before the training and after the training as well I like to eat 80 200 grams of carbs before the training and I do the same after the training the club that I have left after that I just split among my other meals alright guys so I ate one hour ago I need another half an hour to reach the gym so if you count I have like 80 to 90 minutes between my pre-workout meal and my training session whatever you eat you have to digest the food so when you hit the gym your stomach must be completely empty if you get something which is rich in fibers probably you need more time to digest it but if you ate something simple or simple sugars you need last time if your stomach is completely empty if you digested the food then you can go and you can lift some weight and you can make some games okay guys I have to hurry now I don’t want to be late [Music] if you do pull-ups or why’d we fold out it helps you to concentrate more on the outer part of your back so your latissimus if you grab the bar with your pinky so try to grab the bar with your outer part of your palm it makes a huge difference [Music] I just got back from the gym it was awesome the pump was insane it was a really good workout now it’s time to eat something and feed my body and make some games oh and I don’t know about you guys but I like to be home because it means that I’m new to the food my post-workout meal is one can of black beans one can of peas I’m going to mix them with this cold meat and I’m going to eat 300 grams of these mixed berries I have here everything that I need complex carbs protein simple carbs perfect [Music] so I have here my beans peas and chicken breast bowl and I have here 317 grams of mixed berries and of course macros on the screen I just finished two videos right now guys and today I had a back workout and I want to talk about using straps somebody says it’s cheating because without stress you wouldn’t be able to leave the same amount of weight somebody says it’s good because it helps you to push yourself a little bit more and my personal opinion is that I’m a bodybuilder so everything when I do I do it for building muscle I don’t compete in powerlifting so I don’t need strong grip your power lizard you shouldn’t be using it because you cannot use it in a competition your grip determines your results but if you compare the size of your back and your forearm you can see the difference you cannot expect that your forearm and your grip can compete against your back muscles I like to use them because it gives me the opportunity to do some extra reps or to lift a little bit heavier because my back is able to handle that amount of weight but my grip is too weak for that helps me to concentrate more on my back and I use my fingers my hands as hooks so I don’t wrap myself around the barn like this I do like this so if you ask me I personally like them because it gives me the possibility to do some extra reps some extra sets and it helps me to concentrate more on the muscle contraction of my back muscles but if you’re a power lizard if you cannot use it in competition if you’re not allowed to use it then probably you shouldn’t do it and I think I’m going to wrap this video up now thank you for watching guys and we will see each other in the next video bye [Music] [Applause] you

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  1. Nagyon jó videó, csak azt nem értem, hogy ennyi kalóriával hogy vagy ilyen szálkás? 😀

  2. Ismét egy tökjó informatív videó! Érdekes ez a gurtni nekem eszembe se jutott, de most így elgonfolkoztam hogy beszerzem 😀

  3. ? Nagyon tetszik ahogy a magyar, azzal fozunk amink van szolast leforditottad ? Allat! "You can cook with the ingrediens what you have"! Imadom ?

  4. Really good training! The pump looks sick, when you have time I posted a new arm workout, check it out!!

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