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What’s going on Herman nation? We’re here in the gym And I’m going to perform for you guys my personal leg workout now if you notice on the other workouts I like to do a burn set for the first set where I do basically a drop set I like to do my legs a little differently [okay], and you’ll see why This is really going to help build out the quads the glutes the hams calves Everything and I like to take [my] time I like to destroy the muscle tissue What I like to do first, then start off with squats, okay? The only exercise where I do more than eight reps on But for this exercise I like to do three sets of 20 reps With 245 okay. You’ll find what works best for you, but after [those] three sets I like to do one set with my feet really close together of eight reps with 225 okay my first set I got a nice wide stance and the wide stance allows me to go a little bit lower We also notice when I do a wide stance. I hold the bar lower on my back okay, so first thing I’m going to do is 20 reps with [245] and then I would do two more sets I’m not gonna do those on the workout and then I’m going to do the 225 for a set of eight okay, so let’s start Like I said, I’m [gonna] hold the bar lower on my back Because I have a wider stance Hold your hands nice and close Make sure you push through your heels keep your head up arch your back. So a set of 20 for the first set second set and third set now I’m going to do just lower it I recommend using clips So that when I go up and down the weights don’t slide and if you’re OCD We can make sure the surface lines up too When you’re doing legs, I recommend having a water bottle And drink water All right now For the fourth set that I would do Close stance for a set of eight with 225 I like to go slower on these two And again push through [your] heels and that’s the first exercise make sure you’re resting 30 to 60 seconds in between your sets okay, so The next exercise is called the hack squat now The way you do a hack squat If you do it the right way, you’re really going [to] target your glutes. You should walk funny after So what you want to do on this machine Three sets of six to eight reps, okay? And now I already have mine set to 225 don’t put your feet back here Okay, a couple things you [want] to do your feet are going out to here because when you sit back Okay You have to bring your butt back like this so when you come down It’s like you’re sitting in a chair all right second thing make sure when you do this [exercise] There’s plenty of weights on the stacks on the sides of the machine It happened once I didn’t make sure I came down When I [came] back up the whole machine flips to the side, and it was kind of funny But won’t be funny if you get hurt So make sure you do that All right six to eight reps Make sure your body’s in the middle of the machine bring your feet out Once your feet are out sit back come down to 90 degrees [and] push through your heels Two more sets six to eight reps let’s go to the next machine and you’ll feel this right in your bum So we’re going to do now is go to the leg extension machine Now I already have this machine set up for me what you want to make sure is when you sit down This pad rest right above your ankles and that this pad is far enough forward So that your knees are in line with the pivot point of the machine Okay, so six to eight reps What I like to do is Instead of holding the handles here. I like to hold back there So I can pull myself into the seat so the weight doesn’t pick my butt up off the seat Also, I like to do is in between these sets even though I don’t do abs on my leg day what I like to do is get down and just do some crunches while I’m waiting for my legs get some energy back to do more leg extensions and usually can get in about a set of 30 before we do next set now once you do three sets of Six to eight reps in this machine you’re then going to lower the weight And you’re going to do single leg extensions now you can do this multiple ways and Sit down like this One foot off the side Or vice versa like that You can keep both [feet] behind the pad and flip it one leg and switch The way I like to do it Is I like to keep one foot down One foot up here like this Jam myself in because for me with my leg here This is pushing me back, so I’m going to drive my energy forward okay six to eight reps each leg Toe up and really focus on burning out that quad Soon as you’re done this may feel tight because of all the blood in your leg I like it Once you finish those you go to the leg curl machine Seated leg curl And again when you sit down you want to make [sure] your knees are aligned with the pivot point [of] the machine Which is right here and put your feet on top of the pad Now you want to keep your toes up And drive your heels to your butt on the way down, okay? you can use these handles if you want one of my tricks, so I put my hands like this And I push them to the pad that allows me to keep myself in the seat a lot easier So that’s the way I’m going to do it And again three sets of six to eight reps Slow on the way up Take the rest two more sets of six to eight reps Go to the next machine Next machine, we’re going to do is actually a single leg curl There’s lots of different styles of this machine Some of your gyms might have something like this where you do one leg move side to side But I have a personal favorite in my gym This is only the preview to the workout All right, so this is the single leg curl machine. Okay? Simply going to do Is get on here and again six to eight reps per leg get on top keep your back arched Keep a neutral spine Keep your toes pointing up when to the heal of your butt [breathe] out on the way up, so Pull and twist bring that side down bring that side up and now the other side Extensions on single leg curls, I like to go back and forth until I finished three sets on each side now next thing I like to do Is come over here to the calf press This is actually called a donkey calf press okay, and I like to do sets of 45s I found that your calves respond to higher repetitions. Okay, so what I’m going to do is 45 reps, but I’m going to do three different kinds okay? First kind is a set of 15 feet together And make sure you dip your heels all the way down and then push all the way up Good that’s 15 for the first set Keep your legs straight dip down come back up as high as you can Once that’s complete bring your feet middle turn them out legs straight 15 reps As soon as you do those you do two more sets and the last thing I like to do is another calf machine Seated calf raises You’re going to sit down and do three sets of thirty Keeping the same principle of mine of dipping the heel down as low as you can and then going up as high as you can so keep your feet on the edge slide forward dip down straight up two more sets of 30 and you’re done with the leg work out. Hope you guys enjoyed it More good stuff coming soon later guys

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  1. 6:03 i actually listened to this idiot and performed this exercise.I lost my center of gravity and i blacked out.Lucky for me the bar hooked it self before it falls on me.Its a totally braindamage form.

  2. Heya Scott. Know you're busy and probably loaded with questions but I have a lower back problem. Herniated discs. What should I sub for squats? I can't risk these. Every time I do I am out of the gym for 2 weeks to a few months. Thanks.


  4. It really looks like you have never done these movements befor now you'v just tried maxing out with no form attal.

  5. For everyone talking shit about Scott and his form, please reply with a video of YOU doing the same workout fuckin fat ass couch potato haters

  6. Your legbextension is weak…you have too much weight on there you have to come up all the way where its straight .tour barely comein up

  7. Wow, this guy is weaker than some women at my local gym!!!! Horrible depth, wrong squatting shoes, calves that look like they have never been worked, too wide of squat stance. This guy sucks, youtube is full of these small people who post workout vids

  8. Is it me or has anyone noticed that Scott has a average physique I used to watch his videos when I first started training thinking he looked great within a year I now look at his videos like WTF this guy is small as fuck

  9. gotta love how people criticize this guy, even though by looking at his physique, what he does obviously works for him. 

  10. The routines are good guides…I have used the Chest and Back Workout routines and already it's a good change from normal routines prescribed by most gym coaches. The idea of Drop Sets is really good!!!
    One request though if Scott reads the posts…most gyms aren't as well equipped as the one you use…I am sure the readers and subscribers would really appreciate the alternate exercises in some of the routines you post here…just for example: The Donkey Calf Raises or the Single Seated Leg Curls in this routine…are there any free weight/barbell/dumbbell exercises which target the same muscle groups???

  11. 735k viewers of terrible form and advice, and about 90% of those people don't know any better.  And they wonder why this world has so many problems.  Blind leading the blind.

  12. The loudest person is usually the weakest.
    Don't have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.

    If he is so terrible, then make your own videos, instead of laying down on your bed criticizing.

    If he didn't know what he was doing, he wouldn't of achieved good results. Personally, he's very helpful and uses his time constructively.

  13. Yo Scott you have helped me a whole lot with your deadlift tips. I want to help you on your back squat. Because you are much stronger then you are displaying here. Just like your deadlift if you narrow your squat stance and feet pointed slightly out you will be able to go deeper. Oh and dont believe the myth of your knees going past your toes its not true.

    Once again great Vids Scott. Thanks a bunch for the deadlift tips. It increased my max by almost seventy pounds.

  14. Everyone is claiming he isn't going deep enough, and it's true his hips aren't passing his knees. 

    But he has a much bigger problem with how far he is leaning forwards. He's practically doing good mornings. 

  15. Why ya'll hating on Scott's form? He's stronger than most all you trolls. Not to mention his physique can pull more bitches than yours.

  16. i was told when doing squats not to lean over because it will destroy your back. he was leaning like a cholo 

  17. Scott, how often do you work your legs? Lately I've been doing 2-3 times a week, and have gotten good results, but I haven't had as much time to work my upper body.

  18. So many haters on here. Well Scott Herman's training is geared towards pure aesthetics. He is lean and handsome with muscles that arent too big. Among all the gym rats on youtube lifting weights, i actually think that Scott is the one that girls will generally find the most attractive. Lean and handsome over big muscular meatheads anyday. His training is great. 

  19. his problem is not that he's not going deep enough , it's that his back his almost parallel to the floor . looks like he's doing good mornings. working more hams than quads .

  20. you are really sympathic, but this workout is really bad in my opinion. way too much exercises (bad exercises) too much reps, bad performance of squats and leg extensions. best leg workout in my opinion is deep squats 5 sets of 5-8reps for steel glutes, quads and hamstrings, frontsquats 4 sets of 5-8 reps for maximum quads and straight leg deadlifts for the ultimate burn in your hamstrings 4 sets of 5-8. this workout with all its machine use, wont take anyone further with regard to strength. strength = mass! this is a planet fitness style training…

  21. going half way down means your working more on your quads. good form, wtf are you noobs talking about? going all the way down works more on the hams and ass. (time for you noobs to go watch some fatass omar isuf vids)

    now, because i believe you dont ever mix it up, scott. you are lacking on your hams and cabs or cavs( however that shit is spell) 

  22. I've been on the decline for a while at the gym. Since finding your videos, I've been gaining massive improvements for the first time in a long time.

    Your five year old videos are still better than any on the web currently.

  23. I love how everyone is calling out Scott in this video even though he's just demonstrating how to do each workout , he's not going to push himself 100%. Chill.

  24. I feel like your torso is descending too much as you squat. You'll train your spinal erectors instead of your lower body if you do that, it's best to keep your upper body vertical as much as you can.

  25. Hi I I wanted to know what I can do in the gym for leg workouts my main aim is to strengthen around my knees as I am knocked kneed but when I do try and do some legs the amount of strain or tension put on say if I am on a leg press just isn't the sort of pain that you feel when you have had enough I need something that's not going to put to much stress on my knees till the muscles start to build.

  26. This is like some kind of hybrid cross between a squat and a good morning and I'm really not sure what to think of it

  27. Oh man seeing this vid today after seeing ur 5 dumbest mistakes on leg days n I'm like "oh yup that sure is ass to grass "😂

  28. This looks exactly how you just said not to squat in your front vs back squat video. It's old, so i'll assume you don't do this anymore. Yikes. Half squat, large bend in your upper torso placing a huge amount of stress on your lower back.

  29. CHRIST Almighty! Glad modern day Scott doesn't squat like that Scott! And I mean, 20 reps per set on a squat is freaking unheard of, I'm sorry, but I cringed when I read that!

  30. i don't see any quarter squats you hit parallel from all of them back then but from "YouTube standards" they count this as quarter squats ridiculous I seen how quarter squats are . had one guy smacking on 405 and barely bending his knees lol

  31. Man looking back at this, so many of these things are wrong. He went light on squats with 20 reps and heavy on isolations with 6-8 reps, never heard of that. Very puzzling..


    Regardless of how my form might have been in this video.. it was still an intense workout and still is if you want to give it a shot!

  33. what the living fuck scott i see all of ur recent vids and u always say dont do half reps or just go 90 degrees unless ur power lifting and what are u doing here scott not breaking parallel and have a wide ass stance what the scott ur better than this come on man.

  34. Hi Scott, any reason why you wouldnt do the squat all the way down like ass to floor?
    Also how do you deal with muscular imbalances? My left quad looks slightly bigger than the right one even though am a natural right hander

  35. Do you have to do Squats to build muscle along with rows, deadlift and bench presses? I have seen a few people who do not and they look good. I cannot do some of those exercises. What about weak links and overlapping muscle usage. There are about 13 different movements the body can do, as I count. How about 13 exercises which isolate the muscles?

  36. You're all about weights nothing else matters… as heavy as you can go… your form doesn't matter… all that's straining and no training! Newbies don't know anything they'll buy in to anything!

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