My Favorite Whey Protein Shake Recipe

Hey, what’s up guys. Sean Nalewanyj here
just got back from the gym and I wanted to put up a quick video here, just showing you
a simple whey protein shake recipe that’s pretty much been my go to combination for
probably six or seven years now. Obviously there are tons of really good protein shake
recipes out there but I’ve always defaulted back to this one because it’s easy to make.
It taste really good as long as you have a decently flavored protein powder to work with
and it has good balanced macros too. So nothing fancy but I was going to come home here and
make one right now anyway, so I’ve figured I just pull up the camera and show you guys.
So the base of the shake is almond milk and I’ll use one cup for that, you can use any
type of milk you want. So if you prefer like, regular skim milk then that’s fine too but
I prefer the almond milk. And then I throw in a little bit of ice here, so there’s
three ice cubes there. The fat source, I use natural peanut butter and I’ll throw in
one table spoon of that. First carb source is oatmeal and I’ll put in half a cup of
that. And then for the second carb source I’ll throw in, like a medium size banana.
For the protein I’ll just use basic chocolate whey protein powder, you can use any flavor
you like and I’ll also put my recommended protein powders in the description box below.
And to finish the shake off I’ll just throw in a little bit of cinnamon just for some
added flavoring. Then I’ll pull out my trusty hand blender and thoroughly blend up all of
the ingredients. And then there’s the finished shake there, the nutritional break down is
522 calories, 36 grams of protein, 61 of carbs and 15 grams of fat. And I’ll put the macros
and the recipe in the description box below. So that’s all there is to it. High quality
protein, good nutrient, dense carbs, some healthy fats and you can put this altogether
and drink it down in just a few minutes without a bunch of preparation, chewing, clean up
and all that. It’s just a really convenient way to hit your nutrition for the day more
easily. And if you want that shake to be higher or lower calorie depending on your needs,
then you can increase or decrease the amounts of the ingredients pretty easily. It’s not
set in stone, so just play around with it and see what you like best. So just the quick
whey protein shake recipe idea for you and if you have a recipe of your own that you
personally really like then feel free to share it in the comments below. So thanks for watching,
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40 thoughts on “My Favorite Whey Protein Shake Recipe

  1. I'm looking to take a Whey Protein shake as a meal replacement for breakfast OR lunch. Any tips or ingredients? I go to gym 3 times a week after work around 3pm.

  2. Doesn’t taste too bad, all I’m doing though is chewing oats…ugh..other than all the oats, it’s “ok”

  3. its expensive buying protein powder ,i got sucked into that before ,big drums and they only half full ,really annoyed me ,do you have any alternative recipe for protein shake with no modern protein powder ?

  4. I use the chocolate whey protein powder every morning when I added these ingredients it made it so much better and was actually really filling thank you so much it was much needed

  5. Great recipe man! It's almost the same as mine, the only difference is I use Whole Milk, and a squirt of Honey, also..I just use an old school glass blender..and stick the glass into the freezer to keep it cold (I hate ice in my shakes) just for my own tweaks. But spot on. Thanks for sharing this

  6. Omg just so much sugar. That banana has at least 25-30g of sugar + the almond milk + Maybe 3-5g from the whey protein and maybe 0-5g from the natural peanut butter..

  7. post workout you shouldnt be adding a "fat" source like peanut butter. Fat takes longer to digest, impeding on the absorption of protein and carbs which you want your body to take in right away

  8. I’ve been working out since last year and I just started using protein powder, I first started drinking it with water until I found this recipe, thank you so much.

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