My #1 Nutrition Tip, Metabolism Speed & Foods for Cutting

bjbj>>RYAN: Hey what’s up guys? It’s Ryan
for and as you know today is a great day for working out getting huge.
But let’s go ahead and jump right into some of your questions for the week. All right
up first Stringsa wants to know “With body building diet is the key ingredient to building
mass though some find it hard to balance this around work and family life. What tips would
you give?” The big thing to do would be plan ahead. Right try and have basic control of
your environment as much as you can in the sense that you have some good food sitting
around the office, or have some good food at home, so that when you’re hungry and you
want to eat you had that available to you. Because if you’ve got junk food sitting at
the office or if you’ve got junk food sitting in the kitchen at home that’s what you’re
going to end up eating. So you got to kind of win the battle in the grocery store, whether
that’s your spouse or yourself who was picking up the food, that’s where it’s most important
that you get the good stuff. Daniel George 1001 would like to know “How do you know if
you have a fast or slow metabolism?” Good question. I would say it’s kind of hard to
measure but an easy way to check or just get a sense for it is how quickly do you put on
weight? If you put on weight pretty quickly then there’s a good chance you may have your
metabolism maybe on the slower end, and if it’s harder for you to put on weight you may
have a faster metabolism. Obviously there are a lot of variables in there as far as
if you’re working out and what type of food you’re eating, but that’s a good way to give
you a general consensus of where it falls. Good question. Last but certainly not least,
we have C. Murray 1991. Mr. Conner says “Hey, really enjoying your videos.” Why thank you.
“Just wondering what sort of foods I should be eating while cutting and would it be better
to do long jogs, sprints or servant training?” All right Conner well as far as foods you
want to go after whole foods, natural foods, right, so get away from the processed stuff.
The whole foods is easier for your body to digest which will help with your metabolism.
In terms of the exercise it’s a personal preference whatever one will get you in a gym I would
say go after that. I’ve done a variety of those can’t say I’ve seen a difference in
either one in terms of whether one helps burn fat more than the other. A lot of studies
out talking about high intensity interval training is very helpful. But again I think
the difference is small enough to where as long as you’re in there doing it you’re going
to see the results. All right guys that’ll do it for another edition of Mind Food Monday
Your Questions Answered. Go ahead and put your questions for next week in the Comment
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it. All right I’ll talk to you next week. [Music] my 1 nutrition tip metabolism speed
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6 thoughts on “My #1 Nutrition Tip, Metabolism Speed & Foods for Cutting

  1. My concern with working out so much is a good affective way to stretch. What kind of schedule of stretches should I set up for myself to help with flexibility and does it increase muscle size with better, deeper stretches?  Triceps video was on point. Keep it up

  2. @AtoZyzzyva Today I did:
    DB Press- 3 sets 10 reps, light
    Butterfly- 3 sets, light
    BB Bench press, 4 sets, heavy, between 6-12 reps
    Machine rows- 3 sets, 10 reps
    and some more i just experimented with. Chest day. And i am 20.

  3. Hey really like your vids. I think your advice on doing whatever motivates you to get in the gym/working out is really good. Thanks

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