Mummy Ka Hard work l Maa Moral Story l Stories in hindil Ayu And Anu Twin Sisters

Anu, Ayu! Let’s get up.
You have to go to school. – Get up!
– Let me sleep, mummy. Get up. Ayu got up already. Mummy, I am going to get freshen up.
Please keep my clothes ready. Can’t you help yourself? What’s your problem?
Mummy will keep ready. – Mummy, also please remove my bag too.
– Alright! – Mummy, mummy!
– What happen? I am preparing the breakfast. Mummy, where is my Maths book? Can’t you keep your book
yourself after studying? No. You keep it then! Take it. I am going to make the breakfast.
– Okay! Mummy, wait. Where is my compass box? Oh yes! It is here only, sorry.
– First check and then ask for it. Mummy, where is my new pen? I have just seen it somewhere. You say me and can’t you handle your own pen. You too don’t miss
the opportunity to say me. It’s here. Take this. I will serve the breakfast. We have to leave for school,
is the breakfast ready? – I am serving the breakfast, till the time
you keep your things ready. – Okay! Mummy, where are my socks?
Please bring for me. Take it. Till the time I am wearing the socks,
please bring handkerchief for me. Oh God! Can’t you even take
your handkerchief too. – Mummy, please bring my tiffin.
– And also water bottle too. – What about water bottle?
– Oh yes! – Do you know, what’s today?
– What? – Today, it’s a very special day.
– Why? Today we have test in school. I know and I have prepared for it already. What to prepare for such a simple test. – Take your water bottles.
– Thank you! – Bye, mummy!
– Bye, mummy! Take care and have proper lunch on time. – Okay, mummy! Bye.
– Bye! I’m so tired mummy. My water bottle got empty.
I am feeling thirsty. Mummy, please give me water bottle. Take this. Mummy, I am also very tired.
Please keep my bag. Mummy, I am very hungry.
Please give something to eat. Our stomach doesn’t get filled
with such small tiffin. – Is snacks ready?
– Yes, I’ll bring for you. Please make it fast, mummy. – What happened, mummy?
– What happened, mummy? What happened to you, mummy? It’s nothing. Just feeling dizziness. Oh God! Even daddy is also not at home.
What should we do? – Mummy, you have a fever.
– Yes mummy, you should take rest. But what about your snacks? – That we will manage.
– But how you will manage? – Don’t worry, we will manage it.
– You get up mummy. Oh! I forgot to give medicines to mummy. Mummy, cover yourself. Mummy, have a medicine. Now how are you feeling? Ayushka, it smells like something is burning. – Oh no! I must have burnt my snacks.
– Oh, God! Oh God! Food will get burn. Thank God! It didn’t burn. Oh God! So many clothes. Let’s fold it fast. Oh God! I forgot to put wet cloth
on mummy’s forehead. I’ll be back. How my small hands
will fold these big big clothes. – How are you feeling now, mummy?
– Feeling little better. You have to work so hard. Mummy, you always work hard.
I’ll manage it. You get well soon mummy.
I’ll be back soon. We both are trying to fix the bed
but still we can’t make it proper. You fix the bed from other side. I want to give night suit to mummy.
I’ll be back. Oh God! I can’t fix the bed. Take your cloth mummy.
Now how are you feeling? You are working so hard.
You may have got tired. – Get up Anu.
– Mummy, let me sleep. It’s not mummy. Don’t you remember
that mummy is not keeping well. Now get your own clothes ready. Oh yes! Mummy is not keeping well. What are you doing sister? I’m washing clothes in washing machine
like mummy use to do every day. – Yes, otherwise there will be no
clean clothes for tomorrow. – Yes. I forgot to wake up mummy. I’ll serve
her tea and be back, Anushka. Mummy, have a tea before it gets cold.
I’ll go and switch on the washing machine. Where is my book? It’s here. Where is my pen? Oh! It’s there. Now where are my socks?
Anu, please look for my socks. I’m not able to find my compass box, and
you are asking me to search your socks. I forgot to give breakfast to mummy.
I’ll be back. Here mummy, your breakfast. – Now you are feeling better?
– I am feeling much better now. Mummy, it’s time for my school. I am going. You go, I’ll have my breakfast. – Okay mummy, bye.
– Bye! Make it fast, we are getting
late for school. What to do, there is so much work. I am also very tired, sister. Now finish the breakfast soon
or else we will miss the bus. – I’m very tired.
– I’m too tired, sister. Yes. Should we go to school? No sister. We are so tired
that we can’t even study. It will be difficult to study
and pay attention in the class. And we will be sleepy too. But sister, I can’t understand that… …even mummy do these works
but she never get tired. – Yes! Already mummy has so many work… …and on that, we also ask to do our work… …which we can do ourselves. If we don’t ask her to do our work
and lesser her burden… …then she won’t be tired. Yes, we shouldn’t ask
mummy to do that work… …which we can do ourselves. Infact, we have to do our work ourselves
and lesser her burden. So friends, what have you learnt from this? That we should do our work ourselves. Friends, please Like, Share
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