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It’s holi. Hey, no! What happened? Why are you so scared? I do not want to play holi, I hate getting wet in those colors. This festival comes only once in a year, how can you not play? I am going to first put colors on you. Happy holi Motu. No! Hey! Stop! It’s holi, do not feel bad to get wet with colors happy holi. Happy holi. Happy holi to you too. Hey patlu, where is my friend Motu? He is not to be seen. He does not like the colors of holi, don’t know where he is hiding. how much ever you people try, I will not come in your trape. Today even if god wishes to put colors on me, it will not happen. You have got cold, don’t play with wet colors. Use dry powdered colors, give me your bucket which is filled with watercolors. No mummy. I had asked god to save me and this woman threw watercolor on me. Hey woman, can’t you see and then throw it? Sorry I threw it without checking, next time I will see and then throw. Come dear son, practice to aim first and then throw. Haha! Do not feel bad, today is holi. Motu is running catch him. Brother, where is the tea vendor? I am the tea vendor. What have you done to yourself? All right, give me some samosas quickly, and do not tell anybody about me. Listen! Brothers and sisters, Motu is hiding here. Hey Patlu, Ghasitaram, Motu is here. today is holi, don’t feel bad. Aah! Motu by dear, my brother, please stop, where are you going? Oh my lord! Are we playing holy or racing? No!! Everybody meets during holi and enjoy the festival of colors. Oh my god! Who is come to meet me from the sky? Chingam sir, happy holi, come sir, let us play holi. Stop in the name of law, I am on duty, you cannot put colors on my uniform . Keep all the colors aside and then wish me happy holi or else I will put you in jail. No!! Hey, all are after me. Mummy! Motu stop, Motu! Please stop I am also coming. Yes. Motu stop in the name of law, I swear you in the name of the law, swear in name of India. Swear of mother of India, It’s is impossible escape from Chingam’s web. Platlu, hold the handle. Oh my god! Oh my god! Hey! Hey partner, come here, let us play together, this holi. Wow boss what a poetry. Boss I feel like I heard Motu’s screaming. Come on let us run fast, when Motu screams it trouble us, run! Aah! Thank you very much, I am honored, all the way, you have come to wish us. No! God, why did you do this to me? Do not cry Motu, let us play holy. No! If you do not want to play with them, no problem, you can play with me. What happened? How did this happen?
When did this happen? Why did this happen? Boss lets go down and discuss this. Landing down here is not a good idea
Let us go somewhere and land. I do not think anybody will put colors on me here I can whole day sit here and take some rest. No! Monkeys also started playing holy. Hey stop or else I will beat you. Today the whole world is after me. Hey what is this happening? We are planning to play holi with you, my dear. Now you cannot escape from here. Today we will not let you go, we will play holi no bullet, only holi. Why are you all after m? I do not like to become wet in these colors. Motu, look at yourself, you are fully wet and covered with colors, at least now you can play holi. I did not see this, ok fine, untie my hands and legs, I’ll go and get some colors, you people wait for sometime. Wait here I will be back. Listen! Run, Motu is coming. Why should we run if Motu is coming? Hey, tell us exactly what has happened? Oh my lord! Where did the fire catch? Oh my god! Where exactly is the fire caught? Here fire has caught, I have come to put the fire off. It’s holi, dear friends, do not feel bad. Help! Help! Now say, It’s holy dear friends,
Do not feel bad to get wet with colors.

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