MORNING MOTIVATION – Discipline Yourself!!!

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed Discipline There’s nothing cute or easy or funny about discipline Especially when it comes to the subject of self-control If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day It will give you a small sense of pride And it will encourage you to do another task and another and another and by the end of the day that one task completed Will have turned into mini task completed Clean up your room! That’s a good start, organize your local landscape, schedule your time, start taking control of yourself Stop looking for the quantum leap and start looking for the daily discipline because that’s where the breakthrough lives When you make your bed You already have something done for the day You’ve already accomplished something and even though it’s small Just accomplishing one little thing can propel you to do the next thing and the next thing and the next thing But if you only plan your pleasure And you don’t ever plan on having any pain if you spend all your life trying to avoid everything that’s uncomfortable I can just tell you right now: you’re gonna have one wretchedly Miserable life. You’re gonna be old and all you’re gonna have is regrets Ask yourself: ”Am I practicing self-discipline in my life? Am I doing the things that I should do because I need to do them, or am I kind of waiting to feel the moment?” The things that you do and that you don’t do are far more important than you think! We can do something extraordinary with our lives, and you need to discipline yourself every day! Greatness will cost you something not somebody else. It’ll cost you something It’s going to cost you some time. It’s going to cost you some energy. It’s going to cost you some Sacrifice. It’s going to cost you some resources It’s going to cost you some hours of your life laying down Paying the price going the extra mile doing what other people are not willing to do greatness is not cheap Greatness always cost more. That’s why there’s not many people who achieve greatness. They’re not willing to pay the price See a lot of people want want want want, but then they don’t use the discipline that they should. Decide today That you’re going to discipline yourself When you have the discipline to do the things that you really don’t want to do you then earn the right to have the things you really want to have Self-discipline and being able to perform and being able to keep your life on schedule and being able to keep Commitments and promises and meet deadlines is essential to success Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right You’ll never be able to do the big things right and if by chance you have a miserable day You will come home to a bed that is made That you made and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better You just need to make a choice a choice that you’re gonna stop being bitter. A choice that you’re gonna stop looking back, A choice that you are not going to waste one more day of your life feeling sorry for yourself And I know you may have issues in you, but you’re doing better than you think you are Somebody needs to know today. You’re gonna make it somebody needs to know today You’re doing all right you may not be what you ought to be But you’re not what you used to be and you’re gonna get there Don’t you give up don’t quit and don’t you keep putting yourself down you’re doing better than you think you are That is not how your story ends. Look again. There’s another chapter There’s a new beginning You know just keep growing be disciplined be committed have heart be consistent If you get up and you just have no discipline whatsoever you get no value of anything. Your diets don’t work when you don’t do them, Exercise doesn’t work when you don’t do them Like what is the fire that stirs you that, that you wake up saying: ”I will do this even when I don’t feel like it I will do whatever it takes to overcome my temptation for mediocracy, my temptation for excuses, my temptation for reasons and circumstances to hold me back I won’t allow those to be in my way”. And if you have that within you you’ll achieve whatever you choose Nothing will be different Until I think differently. Nothing will be different until we think differently

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  1. I dont agree with "if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed" for several reasons…

    I have house keeping in my hotel I'm staying at so that would just be a complete waste of time in my quest to change the world.. secondly if I was homeless I would not have a bed to make. Who is to go under the assumption everyone sleeps in a bed? For all you know people may sleep in hammocks or on the lounge which requires nothing more than the removal of your body for that particular sleeping host to be deemed "made".
    What if I was a crackhead and chose not to sleep? It goes on and on the ideology of making your bed to change the world is wildly stupid and has no relation to anything.

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  4. I'm 32 and confused what i want in life. I have degrees and certifications but nothing to show for it. I work in a warehouse. I have the option to come on my off day and work 6 days straight but i feel i need that extra day off to rest. Does that define my self discipline? The job is pretty tough and i don't want to break my back

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  6. If I have learned one thing these days is that the little things matter.

    Don't underestimate the detail of life.

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  9. I watched a lot of motivational videos but this video has changed my life! my hair stands up every time I watch this! I watch it every morning and night Iv been suffering with mental health and this has turned that around I had no motivation to do anything but this has changed that! Thank u so much for changing my life for the better 😊

  10. When you love what you do and do what you love discipline in the form described in the video ( forcing self to do what does not like) does not exist. Then you have the best form of discipline which is dedication, devotion, commition and everythings comes in its way and done.

    And loving what you do ( which develops self) is all the fuel to keep you going and enjoying the way to the final destination, not living for the final destination and live in misery in between.
    Miserable life comes, by rule, if you do things that you do not love doing, just becaus you "have to" and these beong to a wrong path in life, these do not belong to you.

  11. It's 4am, rise and just accept that you'll hate everything until noon. By noon you'll be ok and damn glad you army crawled your way to the shower this morning.

  12. What if you had success but you fell off of a roof from a six story high rise condo? Excuses,excuses

  13. 0:47 it's turkısh. Means:
    "ı am grateful to you my loneliness,
    For never leaving me alone,
    Thanks my loneliness,
    For everything you taught.
    For all the things…"
    And keeps going.

  14. Ups and downs. Need to be able to handle stress and anxiety well. It comes to us all sooner or later. Can't avoid the tough times if you live long enough. Need to do the things you don't "feel" like doing more often than you think.

  15. For me making me bed doesn’t rlly encourage me to do other things cos I just do them anyways…

  16. This is so very much inspired inspiration to me I'm trying the best I can with the Lord by my side pray for one another God bless your day 🌻

  17. Control your Emotions. Take Responsibility for your own actions!. Do the right thing!. Do Not do the wrong thing!. Quit making excuses!. Enough already!.Go out there every day and Commit to yourself every single day!. It's your choice alone!. Don't waste life opportunitys!.

  18. I need this so much right now, Thank You.
    I'm struggling so much. I wake up in the morning and wonder why?? What's the point of getting up?? I feel like I don't have my own life, that I'm not living my life, for me – just someone else… I have no direction in life, I can't find my purpose…
    I makes me want to cry to be honest…because I know I can do & be so much more… 🙁

  19. I'm learning a lot with this channel, I'm a brazilian and speak portuguese, so discipline is almost everything of my result to learn English more fast. Thank you so much to teach me English and behavior tips.

  20. On this day 31/08/2019 I decide to change my life .. Bit by bit.Brick by brick.I am on a mission to clear a very important examination and I weigh around 273lbs on this day.I promise myself that in one year from this day,I will be the fittest I ever was and that I would have already been half way into clearing the stages of the examination. #changenow#makeachoice

  21. My grades are below average but listening to this gave me enough courage to study even more. I will! Study! I will achieve Greatness!

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  23. I promise myself I'll never waste my time on pornography well I have wasted 22 years till now and most of the people have already succeeded who r at my age n most of my friends r doing jobs n working at good companies while I haven't completed my degree yet well Okey whatever happened it's done by me but it's time to change I have to focus on myself I won't count on my age from here on I have to start believe in myself I need to be so disciplined n I gotta take the responsibility of my own life it's time to payyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm coming for uuuu life


    To The person who’s reading this, I’m proud of you. I’m
    proud of you for not giving up. I’m proud of you for not trying to get better.
    I’m proud of you for searching for ways to improve situation. I’m proud of you
    for smiling eventhough at times you wonder if it’s all worth it in the end. I’m
    proud of you for every positive thing that you do, no matter how small you
    think it is Most of all, I’m proud of you for the person that you are becoming.

    You matter in this world, never forget that.

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