Morning Meltdown 100 Final Review! Morning Meltdown 100 Transformation!

holy cow
it’s done I cannot believe I finished morning knots on 100 and I feel so good
about it I love that there’s a checkbox on every single box on that calendar I love that I could do the doubles
calendar so I printed this off because there you can do this program in any
amount of time that you want honestly there’s pregnant women doing it and
they’re doing like three workouts a week and that’s fine it doesn’t matter how
fast you fill that up but for me I was like I’m gonna fill it up as quickly as
possible so most days I did double workouts which I needed like 45 to 50
minutes on those days but that wasn’t that crazy and it made me feel really
accomplished and I could be like check check like two boxes at a time I don’t
know what that was but it was like the achiever in me feeling fantastic I
really loved that most of the program had moves that I had never done before
I’m personally working out for the last six years consistently I want to
challenge I want to be challenged I want to be a little scared when I push play I
want to be like can I do a flanker be what is happening right now that is fun
and exciting for me especially because DJ jesse was playing with the tempo and
giving us good beats to work with so my mind wasn’t on I’m doing jump squats for
40 seconds my mind was like oh I feel the beat okay I count this eight rhythm
I can count the next eight rhythm like I’m not Musical at all but I loved the
way that it kept my mind off of what I was actually doing and more on the music so when she has this deal the 102nd
challenges they’re oftentimes like a different move than anything we had done
that day in the workout and when we would do the revive workouts like the
stretch one we would do like a hundred seconds of journaling so I really
especially loved my final thoughts I just sat there for a hundred seconds she
encourages us during that time and I just like bring dump to everything that
I was thinking and feeling about the next phase of where I was gonna go
because obviously you complete a program and that’s not the end you’re gonna go
to a new program kiddos they would love either the Freestyle flow the yoga or
The Fight Club or even like little three pound weights we have down here for
upper body or lower body but upper body was maybe a little bit easier for the
kiddos and my daughter did not like the lower body ones as much like total body
badass was no gofer The Fight Club you’re moving more it’s
fun it’s good for kids so I encourage you to do it morning Melvin 100 I know
you would love a lot of the girls I talked to you some of them didn’t love
it and they actually stopped made program but once you get into the
program and trust the process she’ll bring back moves she’ll bring
back music it does get better as you go in the last two weeks of any and every
program I’ve ever done that is when the real results start to happen so you
can’t judge your results of your thoughts on the trainer the program on
the first month you just can’t so my personality always finishes it out
I always give it a chance because I’m I just I used to be such a fitness quitter
and I would just quit if it got hard and I can’t do that anymore more I refuse to
do that so with this program I was just like uh
when I first started I was like these seem really easy like the first week
especially if you were not doubling up you were like this is not for me this is
way too easy but let me tell you in phase two and three it was oh my
goodness like she definitely pushes you and but then boom Reno when it’s over I
mean if you’re doing this single workout like twenty to thirty minutes a day and
that’s it that’s why it’s so doable for people so I encourage you to ask any
questions reach out to me I have a new curve starting soon I would love to hear
your goals I would love to do this together whether it’s this program or
maybe it’s a different program that you want and want to do more weights focused
or whatever but I will tell you that this was so fun and she played with the
tempo so much that you could play with some weight and you know sometimes like didn’t think I was using those muscles
and that is how programs are wait my feet can’t touch the ground touch the
ground feels like I can see the sands on
since every time you I really thought that I was moving
faster than I actually was in this video but let me tell you I got to nine on
that ladder and I should actually just add that ladder on to the end of any
workout that I do because it was a crazy one
so she really did throw curve ball in this last phase the last two weeks of
the program I thought okay I’ve got this I know all the moves by now nope
she changed up Fight Club completely totally new moves
she changed up some of the core moves and it really kept me guessing which of
course I loved but there were some familiar moves in there as well so she
would give us 100 a minute you know obviously I hold up my 1 0-0
our little 100 second meltdowns and they really were kind of fun I actually
looked forward to them you would think that they would be the hardest part of
the workout but they were usually like a really nice taking at your own pace push
hard type of move you guys said it take it say old Joe
he started together we finished we can talk

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