Morning Glory: Pre-work rave which replaces gym workout

Cocky-corn is the Morning Glory mascot. He
is half cockerel and half unicorn, hence Cocky-corn. Everybody’s potentially on the same page. You don’t often experience a normal nightclub
environment where people are actually completely different and zoned within themselves. It does something really extraordinary when
there’s so many people on the same level. It creates a really, really powerful energy
in the room. What you gonna do when I appear? When I appear?
What you gonna do when I appear? If you think about it logically, we’ve been
dancing since we were living in caves and dancing is like actually the original form
of exercise. It’s pretty seductive. Mmm seductive. I like
that. Yes, Morning Glory is seductive. So hopefully in the next few months, you’ll
see Morning Glory sprouting up. Yes in different parts. We’re basically just finding our twins,
our twins and you know and collaborators in different… Glory agents. Morning Glory for peace. Yeah yeah yeah totally. We’re there. We are offering Morning Glory for free to
the Russian government. Yeah, and… It’s the only freebie we’re offering. That is
a freebie. Vladimir, we’re yours. Yes, basically. Dance Putin!

7 thoughts on “Morning Glory: Pre-work rave which replaces gym workout

  1. Now this is an awesome idea, imagine going to work after raving for an hour in a morning!!

    The scarlet speedster approves!

  2. "We were dancing since when we were living in Caves" whom are you talking about?? Start saying " When your ancestors were living in Caves". I know my roots.
    More so, what sort of work these people do? I am sure not the Administrative type.

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