Moms Gone Wild – The Real Mom News Show – Episode 1

This is the Real Mom News Show with Deva Dalporto on PMS. Welcome to the Real Mom News Show. I’m Deva Dalporto. Thanks for tuning in! Tonight we start with news from overseas. A french PR firm has developed a slipper that protects adults delicate feet from stepping on a Lego. Opinion polls say the slippers are just like any other slipper except way more expensive and really really ugly. For more on the story we have our senior pregnant correspondent, Abbey Campbell Cook. Abbey? Well more on that later. We have some sad news coming out of Colorado this evening. A mom of two has totally lost her mind because no one in her family will change the toilet paper roll, except for her. Neighbors report seeing the distressed matriarch walking down the street, clutching an empty paper towel roll and babbling incoherently this morning. For more on this story, we go live to Lizzie Bermudez. Lizzie? Deva, I am here with Chandra who has lost what was left of her mind, after going pee and finding every time she went to the bathroom there was no more toilet paper. Chandra? How are you coping? Every time I went, every time I try, there was nothing there. It was just an empty roll! Who are these monsters I’m living with? Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Deva, back to you. Thank you Lizzy. I’m sure all moms can relate to her plight. A new study in the British Journal of dermatology finally explains why women get stretch marks. For more on this story, we have our senior pregnant correspondent, Abbey Campbell Cook. Abbey? Thank you for that Abbey. In some uplifting news a Wisconsin mother of three, after a decades-long struggle has finally finished all of her laundry. We go to Lizzy Bermudez live on the scene. Lizzy? Deva it is an historic day here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I’m standing by live with Amanda, who is celebrating with other mothers across the country the fact that she has finally finished all of her laundry! Look at this basket, it’s… Okay. Never mind. Deva back to you. A mom’s plight never ends. Thank you Lizzie. This just in! A mom in New Jersey was able to go to the bathroom all by herself today! She said the experience of peeing alone was quote “Amazing.” For more on this story, we go back to our senior pregnant correspondent, Abbey Campbell Cook. Abbey? Thank you, Deva. I’m here in… Thank you for that Abbey. And finally in social media news, Candace on Facebook has reported that she has finished wrapping all of her Christmas presents already. And now she is getting a head start on Valentine’s Day by perusing pinterest for ideas for her daughter’s preschool Valentine’s Day party. Candace, nobody likes you. And that’s it for this evening. Thank you so much for tuning in. Stay classy mommies, and I’ll see you next time. Sorry! What you say?

70 thoughts on “Moms Gone Wild – The Real Mom News Show – Episode 1

  1. LOL! I still say your a nut, in a good way! Gotta luv ya! Hope you all all your mommy friends had a wonderful Blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Very well done. I almost glossed over your thumbnail. It looked so professional that I thought it was one of my news vlogs that I usually watch much later. Everyone played their parts well. If I had to pick the cutest shot it would have to be: "Who are these Monsters I am living with." 01:27

  3. I'm like 12 but I still like watching your channel it makes me laugh I love these ideas there so clever how do you come up with them?

  4. This is fantastic everything you do is hilarious <3 And I'm almost 20 and my sister is 16 and I think we still drive our mom nuts with the toilet paper

  5. You should make subtitles under your videos (not under your parodies) . I'm from Turkey and I can't understand your videos without the subtitles very well. Haha I love your videos and parodies<3 You're a crazy mom , aren't you? :3

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