Moms Gone Strong – One-Arm Rack Carry with Dumbbell and Kettlebell

Now Amanda’s going to demonstrate a
one-armed rack carry with a dumbbell and a kettlebell. You’re fine to perform
this exercise with either one, but if you’re not proficient with lifting the
kettlebell from the ground into this racked position, then you might want to
stick with a dumbbell. This exercise is fantastic for all of you moms who need
to get used to carrying heavy weight on one side. So she’s going to show you
she’s going to push back into her hips, pick up the dumbbell and curl it up
towards her shoulder. She’s going to keep that elbow in by her
side and she’s just going to walk nice and slowly, good alignment, anything you
would think about, kind of not leaning back and almost leaning into the weight
a little bit. So stay nice and tall, weight leaned into the dumbbell a little
bit because she’s going to turn around and set that down, and she’s going to
show you what the kettlebell looks like. So she’s going to stand right over top
of the kettlebell, she’s going to grab it with both hands and she’s going to do
what’s called a cheat clean to stand up with it, good. She’s going to keep that
elbow in by the side, keep a nice straight wrist, good, and yep bring the
elbow hand a little bit closer to the body, good, and she’s going to keep that
elbow in and carry that kettlebell, good, staying nice and tall, not side bending,
not shifting, good, perfect. And so this is the one-armed rack carry with a dumbbell and the kettlebell. Grab it with both hands, set it back down, and there you go, you’re going to need practice with this one ladies.

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