41 thoughts on “Mod-01 Lec-01 What is theory of computation?

  1. There are two kinds of activities in computation:

    (1) finding out facts
    (2) changing a state

    The first is identified as calculating the value of a function like value of PI(), but the second is not clearly named. The difference is vaguely referred to as returning a value and not returning a value (or an effect other than returning a value). It is more correct to call them calculations and actions, respectively.

    Computerized process control systems depend on actions, which might internally require calculations.

  2. Increase the speed to 2, and it becomes interesting all of a sudden. Thank you fo r the wonderful lecture

  3. maha maadarchod teacher hai… stop watching his lecture.. bhenchod nind mai rehta hai.. kuch bhi padata hai…… study from someone else…..

  4. I'm interested in making very tiny symbolic computing engine system with ability to work on very tiny computers (microcontroller-based systems), or generating some C(++) code able to cross-compile to this tiny systems and compute my tiny tasks numerically. By the other words, I'm searching info on basics of symbolic methods and it's realisation at very basic level. Can anybody can advice me what free online books or video lectures shoud I found for the first time ?

  5. Sir is Very meticulous in his teaching !
    Best Foundation Lecture seen !
    Suggestion- increase the speed if you find it slow.

  6. Great video lectures. Thanks nptel for posting these kind of lectures. Way better than my university professor.

  7. This is how things should be explained , slowly with examples , I'm really amazed by the style of teaching of this man , GOD BLESS YOU sir .

  8. atleast 3 weeks will be over before completing these long videos,why not make 30 minutes 20 minutes videos stick to the basic and make student work hard for the 20 minutes more then spending his or her time on your video.

  9. I am confused. Why are there two sets of videos? One as Theory of computation(by Somenath Sir) and another one as theory of formal automata, formal languages,computation(Kamala Kirthivasan) ! what is the difference?

  10. Can you tell me which is the best video on ntpel for this subject the previous one of iit madars or this one ?

  11. I was stoned while watching this. I wish all the lecturers at college spoke like him while I was high in their class. Blissful!

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