What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If there’s one thing that an MMA fighter must
have when they get in the cage, it’s strong abs. Abs are going to be able to deliver the force
behind their punches through every rotation, they’ll also be able to help with the absorption
of the blows they’re going to take to their body. If you don’t have strong abs, you might as
well tap out right now. So, what I wanted to do guys was put together a killer ab circuit. One that’s an impact ab circuit, I like to
call it, and we’re going to use just one thing that you can pound on. It could be a stack of couch cushions if you’re
at home, or it could be a dynamatch ball like I’m going to show you on, or it could be a
stability ball, right. So, there’s going to be 3 exercises. I’ll
take you through each one, what you’re supposed to do, and how you progress yourself through
the workout right now. Alright, so let’s get this impact ab circuit
started. As I said, 3 exercises you can use whatever you’re going to use depending upon
where you’re training. Here, a Dynamax Ball, so, we have it down
here. You’re going to Plank in front of the ball. When you’re down here on the ground,
what you’re going to do is again, MMA guys, impact. You’re going to take your fist, pound it down
on top of the ball. The impact of having to absorb that and prevent your whole body from
caving in from that impact is where the abs are going to get the additional
work beyond just this 3 point plank, alright. And when you pound, don’t just use your hand
like this. That’s not going to work your abs that much.
What you want to do is get it to the point where you get your whole trunk parallel to
the floor. You’re going to start with 1 on the right,
1 on the left, ok. Then, you’re going to crawl yourself up on top of the ball. Now, we got
to drive the elbows. Again, in that constant plank position. Elbow
up, drive it in. Elbow up, drive it in, ok. Then we come up on top of the ball here. Now,
we’re going to drive the knee, bam, right in. And then bam, right in, ok. Back into the plank again. Now, off the ball.
Off the ball, down into the plank. Now we’ve got to go 2. You’re going to work your way
up. One. Two. One. Two. Come up on top. One. Two. Here. One. Two. Very difficult to
absorb that. Up on top. Drive the knees. One. Two. Here.
One. Two. And back down again. The idea is to see how high you can climb
the ladder before you tap out. You’re going to go 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, in every
position until you get as far as you possibly can. But what I want you guys to do is leave your
tap out score below, alright. Let me know in the comments. Guys, we talk about it all the time. If you
want to look like an athlete, you’ve got to train like an athlete. Athletes rely on their core, but at ATHLEANX,
we don’t just bring you creative core workouts, we bring you creative workouts that work you
from your toes to your fingertips, ok. This is what it’s like to train like an athlete.
If you haven’t already started, head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and start seeing just what your
potential is. Because when you train like an athlete, you
unleash a body that you’ve never really thought possible because you’re allowing muscles to train the
way they’re supposed to train. I say it all the time. Head to ATHLEANX.COM right now. In the meantime,
leave your comments below. Let me know if you found this helpful. And I’ll be back here again in just a few
days with another workout.

100 thoughts on “MMA AB WORKOUT (You WILL Tap Out!)

  1. Hey Jeff, any exercises for the SHIN SPLITS? Please recommend some shin strengthening exercises. Thank you.

  2. hey jeff, you always tell about how to have abs if you are fat. What if a skinny guy wants to get ripped and have abs ? What should he do ? like steps and diet, etc. 

  3. Jeff… Weed/alcohol effect on muscle and conditioning… make the video. like this comment if you agree

  4. Excellent video. All of them!
    I may have missed it but I'd like to see a video with tips and a routine for the hardest muscles to develope expecially for me… 


    Looking forward to it. Thank you

  5. I'm 16, 6'1 and 200lbs i think i got 40-30% body fat and i've never exercised my whole life. Wt should i do to get ripped?

  6. What's wrong with u guys , fat free yogurt and skimmed milk and u think u having a proper diet . Don't u people read anything , first of all fat is not bad for u it's actually good on moderation ( saturated ) and the skimmed and fat free products are full of sugar to make them taste ok , which in the other hand is the worst culprit when people try to lose weight . Start reading more people , educate yourselves .


  8. Jeff these videos keep getting better and better

    there is hardly anything left to critique on things to improve the quality. 

    which is a good thing. keep up the great work man

  9. This is a good workout but I don't see how it qualifies as a MMA workourtor in fact anything really MMA is a sport where its a mixture of martial arts it has nothing to do with specific workouts only specific fighting styles

  10. the first few time I did it…I got up to 3s and 4s…this is bad ass…I doing this every time I'm in the gym…

  11. can I take suppliments like the fat burners. SAP T3 , Hydroxycut, Hypershred , Lipo 6.
    Can u suggest me one which is best relieble and powerfull

  12. Just tried this (using 3 cushions stacked up worked fine) and was not only an awesome ab workout, but throwing the punches down was a nice little shoulder workout too.  Using the knees here really works the lower abs nicely too.  Thank you, Jeff.  

  13. You might still get weird looks from people at the gym, but if you've managed to get over the hip thrusts in his program, this is nothing in that regard lol

  14. Awesome workout!  I love the idea of working until you tap out, it gives you a goal to beat for the next time.  Great workout Jeff!

  15. This is the best workout of all YouTube, great job!!! It helped a lot, everybody should try this. Cheers from Mexico.

  16. Question jeff. I have a dislocated right shoulder. As a PT, will I be able to compensate that torn ligament if I build more muscle on my shoulders. Cause right now, I can't punch, swing a bat, throw a ball as hard as before. I can't even do freestyle swimming for long time.

  17. Hey Jeff, great workout! I am a fan of MMA and couldn't resist trying this out. I have done an entire MMA program called Georges St. Pierre RUSHFIT. Could you give your opinion on that? ( i would love to hear from a fitness expert) Keep up the amazing work at Team Athlean! 🙂

  18. This is a great exercise and has made me want to share a personal story.
    I used to be a serious kickboxer focused in muay thai when i was 14-21 alongside studying etc i had multiple fights and only lost one by decision. I was in unbelievable shape, but i developed a strange tendonitis that affected my forearms, wrist, elbows, one shoulder, knees and shins. I was largely out of action for at least 3 years (even with regards to normal daily activities) and then one more year on and off as i learned about my injuries and recovered.
    I'm 24 now and just tried this out. I only managed to reach level 2 when in the past i'd definitely go on for much longer. This is a fantastic exercise and a good one to clock progression. I'll be doing this every day, time to climb the ladder 🙂

  19. Yeah man. This set is awesome!
    if I was still in Martial arts training, I'd tell my sensei's, and see if our dojo could do it…

    This is some really hard stuff here though.–I'M GONNA SHARE IT!

  20. like the workout, tough as hell. also an ex muay Thai fighter and the vigorous conditioning we went through to stay in fighting shape was insane. these exercises are just adding to the madness. thanx

  21. Yesterday in the gym as part of our ab training a friend and I were doing some conditioning by punching each other in the stomach after each leg raise on the pullup bar. Does this actually give stronger abs?

  22. awesome video, Jeff!! i don`t think that ball stood a chance with you pounding on it, and i doubt it will ever disrespect you again!! i didn`t even try this one!! my upper body strength sucks big time!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  23. Holy crap,used an old backpack instead of a medicine ball,lasted 2-3 sets only.Damn,I need better abs to be a better fighter…

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