Midway City Airport dress-scene | Suicide Squad

All evacuees must report to a FEMA representative. What’s going on in that city? Those assholes here yet? Yeah. They’re here. Alpha, Bravo team, on me What the hell, Flag? Unlock’em. Hi boys, Harley Quinn Huh? What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry. The voices I’m kidding. jeez! That’s not what they really said. What do we got here? 12 pounds of shit in a 10- pound sack. Welcome to party, Capitan Boomerang. Hey, hey, hey … What’s going on, man? Calm down. Hey, one minute I’m playing Mahjong with me nanna then this red streak hits me outta nowhere. Shut up! You were caught robbing a diamond exchange. I was not. Here comes Slipknot the man who climb anything. Wonderful. Have a good time, scumbag. She had a mouth Listen up! In your necks injection you got, It’s a nanite explosive. the size of a rice grain but it’s powerful as a hand grenade. You disobey me, you die. You try to escape, you die. You otherwise irritate or vex me, And guess what? You die. I’m known to be quite vexing. I’m just forewarning you. Lady, shut up! This is the deal. You’re going somewhere very bad to do something that’ll get you killed. But until that happens, you’re my problem. So was that like a pep talk? Yeah. That was a pep talk. There’s your shit. Grab what you need for a fight. We’re wheels up in 10. You might wanna work on your team motivation thing. You heard of Phil Jackson? Yeah. He’s like a gold standard. OK? Triangle, bitch. Study. What? Won’t fit anymore? Too much junk in the trunk? Nah. Every time I put this on, somebody dies. And? I like putting it on. Goody. Somethin’ tells me a whole lotta people are about to die. Yeah. It’s us. We’re being led to our deaths. Speak for yourself mate. Hey, what’s that crop on your face? Does it wash off? Hey, if you like a girl, can you light her cigarette with your pinkie? Because that would be real classy. Hey, y’all might wanna leave old boy alone. He could torch this whole joint. Ain’t that right, ese? Ain’t got nothing to worry about from me. I’m cool, homie.

71 thoughts on “Midway City Airport dress-scene | Suicide Squad

  1. 3:58 Ever heard of the song "The Men All Pause" by Klymaxx .Yeah, that's how I felt when I saw Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn dress like that and all the guys(and freaky girls) just stood there,
    looking at her.

  2. The fact that they show you Harley’s classic costume, and mallet, but don’t use them is everything that is wrong with franchises that aren’t based out of Disney. STICK TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL YOU MORONS!

  3. Thank you God for blessing earth with Margot Robbie, not only that but Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn…i'm super turned on

  4. Idk but they couldn't have gotten a better actor for Harley tbh. It's like she was made for Harley, just as Ryan Reynolds was made for being Deadpool

  5. 2:54 what the kindergarten teacher is thinking during a lesson when the stupid 5 year old can’t differentiate between a triangle and square

  6. Margot Robbie…
    I'd start out on her like a butterfly landing on a rose petal, work it an hour, then finish her off like a bulldog eating a bowl of ice cream.

  7. 한글 자막 어떤 병신 버러지새끼가 만들었냐 1:54 그녀는 입을 가졌다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 애미씨발. 실화냐?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  8. Awww Harley missed jocker….😪that part was kinda sad when she held the belt close to her face……☹

  9. Lol this movie is such shit 😂😂 I can appreciate it as an alternative universe, but otherwise it's garbage. It makes me laugh.

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