Men’s Fitness-10 Reasons Why I Should Be the First

hey guys kevin kreider with pursue more than just muscle so I decided to come up of the list of 10 reasons why I should be the first Asian male to be on the front cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine number one my whole life I’ve always been told that I look like Bruce Lee anyway hi so you just say brewskies on the front cover no one’s gonna tell a difference but number two unless things Kreider Kreider how much more why can you get them at three I know martial arts so I’m just going to kick your ass until you get me on the phone cover number four I eat a queen Men’s Fitness pepper diet how much more strict you want me to get number five I work out really hard to be able to look the way I do so I could be on the front cover number six hello up japanese chinese taiwanese number seven I look like an asian Superman I’ve been told number eight I’ve always been told I was a triple threat I think think I’m a genie in the bottle oh yeah yeah I’m a genie I dance and I can tell really awesome jokes so what guys like I’m an asian guy walk into a Men’s Fitness canvas so the top ten reasons why i believe i should be on the front cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine but also along with that I sort of show you how much we all look alike these asian models that can be on the front cover as well so i can see why you don’t want us on the front cover so do you still think we look alike please guys subscribe to my youtube channel let’s hope you found that entertaining and fun help me out get the word out show the love and share this comment take care and I’ll see you next week Oh

7 thoughts on “Men’s Fitness-10 Reasons Why I Should Be the First

  1. Kevin, this was such a great video, you have my undying support to get you on the cover of every magazine and that includes field and stream, just sayin'. But Mens's fitness….for sure you should be THE man.

  2. Not a single Asian person since 2011? I really hope that changed since the upload of this video. Did MF of any other fitness mag reach out to you since?

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