It’s that time of the year again, where medical
school interviews and medical school screening exercises have started and you probably want
to know how to prepare for them. Well, I’ve got good news for you!!! In this video, I’ll be sharing tips, things
you should and shouldn’t do while preparing for your medical school interview and your
medical school screening exercise. So if you are interested, keep watching!!! (*Music Intro)
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first tip. Trust me, I know there is no way you can predict
all the questions you’ll be asked, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for likely
interview questions. Questions such as; “Tell me about yourself”,
“Why do you want to become a doctor? “, “What are your strengths and weaknesses? “. As simple as you think these questions
look, it might be difficult to answer them directly, you’d want to practice answering
questions like these and even more, directly and concisely. Keep practicing. There is no number of time to which you can
practice. Remember, no two interviews are the same and
so you’d want to keep practicing. Practice answering these questions with your
family or friends first, with people you are familiar with and people you are not familiar
with, like people who has passed through the same medical school situation and also you
don’t know if you might even get some answers and some good questions from them and so you’d
want to practice so you have a feel of what both sides look like. Also practice keep words such as “Like”, “Umm”,
“Ermm”, “Honestly”, “To be honest”, practice keeping them out of your vocabulary because
if you say something like “To be honest” you are to tell the interviewer that every other
thing you said before “To be Honest” wasn’t honest and that’s not the impression we are
going for. Another thing also under to be prepared is
to research about the school you are applying to. You’d want to know everything you can find
about the school. Read everything you can can find on the schools’
website. You’d also want to know about the schools
curriculum and things that make the school unique, you’d want to know that. Also remember that whatsoever you put in your
application, you must to prepared to discuss it and so you’d want to know your application
inside out. You wouldn’t want to be found wanting when
you are asked about things you put in your application and you don’t know what to say
or you say something else. Remember that they’ve already seen your application,
they just want to know what you have to say. Now for screening exercise you’d also want
to research about the school you are going to and find out the method that they are using
to do the screening exercise. If it’s through exams or if you are just going
to submit your credentials. If you want to submit your credentials, then
you have to know the requirements, things they need that you need to submit to the school. You don’t want to find out that at the end
of the day that they are asking for WAEC certificate while you have WAEC statement. That’s not what you want and so you want to
know everything, all the necessary requirements you’ll need for the screening exercise. If it is exams, please make sure you read
and study and be prepared for your exams, read subject like Mathematics, English Language,
General Knowledge and mostly current affairs and anything related to medical field or the
health care system. Remember, being social and likeable doesn’t
always translate to a successful interview and so you need to always be prepared. Yes I know, in as much as I’ve emphasized
over the importance of interview preparation, I don’t want you to memorize your answers. You’re going to write them down in bullet
point form; writing out the main and the core ideas. If you should write down your answers in paragraphs,
you might be tempted to want to answer those questions exactly the way you wrote them and
you’re gonna come off sounding like a robot or you’re trying to read off from a script
or you are trying to remember what you wrote down. That’s not what you want. Don’t memorize your answers. Write down only bullet point form (main ideas)
and from there you can flow. Remember spontaneity is what makes it real,
it’s a conversation, treat it as such. You’ll definitely be asked if you have any
questions, you’ll want to have a list of questions for the interviewer, yes. Not just any questions but great, thoughtful
questions. You don’t necessarily need 5 or 4, just maybe
3 or 2 you’ll likely want to ask the interviewer. Be enthusiastic. Make your passion and dedication come though
with the way you speak and ask these questions. By doing this, this is an opportunity to show
the interviewer that you are interested. I know you can be so scared and nervous when
you see the crowd of people that are coming for the interview or the screening exercise. But Hey!! Your are there because you are strongly considered
or you are there because you have passed the first stage and you are at the second stage
and so be happy and enjoy the fact that you are there and be confident. However, you don’t want to be over confident
because there is a thin line between being confident and being arrogant. That’s not what you want to come out as. So be confident remember you don’t know it
all. Before i continue further, i want to ask two
questions. The first one, I want to know which of the
tips I mentioned helped with your interview so you’ll have to watch till the end to answer
the question. And the second one, I want to know which other
tip do you think i left out and is worth mentioning. I’d also love to know that. Go to the comment section and answer these
questions. At the end of this video, l’m gonna head down
there and continue this conversation. I know a lot of times when we are stressed
or put under pressure, we tend to become tensed and so uncoordinated. But i want you to take your time and answer
each question as relaxed and calmly as possible. Don’t be too fidgety and don’t be too calm
either so you want to try and find a nice balance. Maintain a good amount of eye contact with
the interviewer. It shows interest and engagement. Remember to use a firm handshake if the need
arises. But if it doesn’t, keep your hands to yourself. Don’t be afraid to also smile and don’t also
fake a smile either. Also remember to be respectful, courteous,
genuine, honest, yourself, be yourself, be natural… I mean, you’ve got this!! For interview, carry your document in a portfolio. For screening exercise, that goes back to
my first tip, when you are prepared. You’d know the requirements and so make sure
you carry all these things for your screening exercise and also for your interview. You wouldn’t want to reach the venue and find
out that you’ve left any of these requirements or documents. You’d want to have a checklist of things you’ll
need. The previous day, you look at the list, you
check the things off and drop them in your bag so you wouldn’t forget any of the documents. This goes for both interview and screening
exercise. You want to dress the way you want your doctor
to be dressed. You’d want to dress professionally. Remember your Friday party night cloths would
not suffice for this interview or screening exercise, you’d want to keep that!! Dress professionally. For the male side, make sure you have a clean
haircut and a nice shave. You don’t want the interviewer to be focusing
on your beards so keep it well. For girls, you wouldn’t want to wear flashy
makeup, you wouldn’t want to wear 6 inches high heels. To me, the key thing about this particular
tip is to be comfortable and let your dressing be in moderation and so you don’t wanna go
overboard. Dark colors and neutral colors are really
safe colors to go for dressing professionally. You’d want to choose colors like black, navy
blue, a little bit brownish color but not that “shouty” color. You want to avoid shouty colors please. Go for dark and neutral colors while trying
to dress professionally. Remember you have to be comfortable and moderate. I know that day you’ll be so tensed so please
don’t let your cloths add to the tension you have already. You’d want to take time out and sort out your
clothes that you’ll want to wear. For girls make sure your hair is properly
done, you’d want to go with little or subtle makeup not too much, not too flashy makeup. This goes out for both interview and screening
exercise. Remember you are not the only person coming
for the interview or screening exercise and so you’ll want to come early. For interview, if you come late, you send
off a bad signal, you send off a bad impression and that’s not what you want. In as much as you’ve done every other thing
i have said from the beginning of this video till now, if you arrive late you send off
a very bad impression. For screening exercise, you are not the only
person and so you’d want to go early, so you get attended to on time and you go back home. Remember it’s gonna be a long day and you
are not the only person. Go early so you wouldn’t be late. Ways in which you can also arrive early is
by doing one of the things i said first – Be prepared. Knowing things about the school, that means
you are also knowing the location and you are going to determine if it’s far or close
to wherever you are staying. That’ll also enable you in getting there on
time. Also wake up early. You can set an alarm or you can ask someone
that stays with you to please remember to wake you up when it’s time but you’ll want
to wake up early so you’ll be able to do everything and get there on time. Now you’re fully prepared for your medical
school interview and your medical school screening exercise, I wish you all the best, and i do
hope you get accepted into the medical school of your choice. Remember join the family by subscribing to
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  1. Whoa!!! I learnt so much from this video!! You said every tip I could think of!! Well done and keep up the good work. Am proud of you!!

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