Meal Timing and Peri-workout Supplements

Hi, guys, The question was:
What should I be eating and taking as supplements pre- and post-workout? This is dr.Fox from the Fox’s Power Basement. Please, like and subscribe. For health reasons, meal timing does not matter
a lot, as long as your energy balance is in check, you get in a minimum of all 3 macronutrients,
and a lot of micronutrients by eating as many unprocessed, whole foods as possible. If you manage this for example in one single
meal or in 7, for health that is completely fine. For body composition, energy balance is the most important factor as well, but macronutrient ratios need to be in second place, especially getting
in enough protein. Sadly enough micronutrients do not matter
a lot for body composition. That’s why the “If It Fits Yours Macros”method
works really well for body composition. That said, for body composition meal timing
does play a more important role than for health, especially the peri-workout nutrition. Let ‘s keep it really simple. 2 hours pre workout get in a meal consisting
of complex carbs, for example potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, pasta, etcetera. Consume about a third to a half of your daily
carb allotment. Eat a whole food protein source, for example
a serving of turkey or chicken breast. 30 minutes pre-workout you take your pre-workout
supplement for better focus and performance. Main ingredients should be caffeine, beta
alanine, citrulline malate, and vitamin B12. Intra or during your workout you need a really fast absorbing carb source like 40gr of dextrin and a fast absorbing source of amino
acids just like hydrolyzed whey protein or EAA’s Essential Amino Acids. Not BCAA’s as I have explained in my previous
video on supplementation mistakes. Post workout drink 30 to 40 grams of whey protein with again some simple carbs at first. These can be some children’s cereal or some fruit. If you really want to, this is the moment
to eat some candy or a cookie. Last is the post workout meal, with again
a serving of a whole food source of lean protein and more complex carbs as in the pre workout
meal. Again consume about a third to a half of your
daily carb intake allotment post workout. As you understand, meal timing is more important
around your workouts than on rest days, and it’s more important for optimal muscle building
than for eating for health in general. Please, like and subscribe.

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