what was graduation for my exams and welcome to meal prepping and the Carter Spears now behind me are all the foods that I eat to meal prep and I’m going to show you guys the most efficient way and the best way to do this meal prepping has many many advantages one of them included save you a lot of time so I’m going to spend about an hour preparing these food that’s going to save me an hour every day so take me about five hours within the week – it saves you money why because all these foods are cheap as hell secondly you don’t know outside and you don’t buy food then you don’t need a number three and most importantly it keeps you on track with your diet if you’re bulking or shredding this is absolutely great I’m at the peak of my balls now and this is what I’m going to be eating to get ready training for three years that I’ve been undergoing boxes it’s seeing right here I have been getting to that absolutely and these screws right here are absolutely great to achieve both of those just depending on the amount of calories you do add and you guys will notice that I’ve found the perfect balance it’s a mixture between old-school bodybuilding and if it fits your macros so my diet is enjoyable I love it death I don’t straight away from it bulking or cutting so quickly mimicking me give you an overview of all the foods that I’m going to prepare starting up in the back diet Pepsi’s this will last me for about two weeks this helps me curve my appetite and it’s diet zero this will not get you fat let’s move on to my protein section I take at least one or two scoops a day of whey protein to help me hit my protein and as well to help me get my closings a chicken breast and lean ground beef here then let’s move on to the carb section make veggies here then I have rice cakes as a snack beans would also have a good amount of protein in there and then this is for breakfast which is both I also have Oreos as I told you guys I love having an enjoyable side and one or two packs a day is exactly what I have moving on we’re going to have rice is one of the main meals as well and then chicken breast with bread crumbs on it which is absolutely great tonight and then to be able to hit your micros which is extremely essential bulking or shredding Argos spring onion some red and green peppers and then don’t forget you also need to have a serving of fruits every day so this is a great overview of all the foods I eat let’s prepare it before we get started guys most of the food is going to last me for a week exactly and I prepare this all on a Sunday the Monday to Friday goes extremely smooth so later there are all the foods that I’m going to prepare here is the station for weighing out and cooking all the foods and cutting it up with a cutting board and here are all the spices that I’m going to use including barbecue spice garlic powder barbecue sauce and Tabasco guys just to note a lot of people ask me this it is completely okay to use only these spices wrong keep it consistent and last but not least the cooking station entity every kind of like Huey you let me down and the people who say that it’s magical [Music] tell me and as you guys can be have the ground beef on the stove in the chicken breast in the oven and what I do is I measure one kilogram of ground beef one kilogram of chicken breast and I’ll divide that by five so that’s 200 grand into each container but for now let’s get the right one for the week now that the rice is cooking is kind of amazing [Music] ground beef back by check chicken breast check crown beef rice chicken check my fish and Yolo uh now that all the food ready table them see you Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] so at this point of the video guys the main meals are done it took 1 hour to prepare those but I want you to not forget leave the video and like if you are enjoying it thus far and if you think this will be helpful someone I think this video will help the channel out a lot so right now don’t forget leave the video like it would mean the world to me but let me show you guys what foods we have prepared and the exact macros of each one of them oh these are all the meals yet you guys can see it in its entirety so let me run you guys through the meals from breakfast and down so for breakfast you can have 80 grams of oats which are those two packets through your day if your student of you’re working you can have a fitness bar and Orioles I’d rather have this for lunch and this after my dinner and then going on to your main meal which can be lunch there’s 200 grams of chicken breast 200 grams of beans 160 grams of mixed vegetables and then going on to your dinner and the last main meal there’s a hundred grams of basmati rice there’s 200 grams of ground beef and 30 grams of beans the asparagus is a really great diuretic if you’re trying to lose weight and maintain your water weight but these are all my foods in its entirety I have two scoops of optimum nutrition weight protein every day and have three to four rice cakes as you can see and as a snack right here I have a cynical as well so this is plenty of food guys I also wanted to mention that this is awesome for cutting or bulking what you’re going to have to do to adjust it to your macros you’re just going to have to change it up if you’re going to move around with the rice and maybe add more or less depending on your goal and as well as the meat so the chicken breast and the ground beef did you really save it and there you go guys they’re all the meals that I did mention as you guys can see is a good blend between bodybuilding and if it fits your macros there’s a lot of meals here that are enjoyable and the ones you’re helping is the goals that I need – now guys if there’s any questions you might have I know there’s many things that I might have left out do you drop them in the comment section down below leave the video like we did enjoy drivers in you you can check the gym clothes I wear at gym short calm using the link in my description and I’ll see you guys are an expert peace [Music] don’t damage them together

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