MCDONALD 12000 Calorie Challenge – Italiano Cheat Day – MAN VS FOOD (ENG SUB)

another day is gone and now I just have a nice nap Hamburger chips milkshake come Thomas … come Thomas … Wow, I have to go to MCDonald! good morning table ninja! and welcome new video! and of course welcome in a new challenge Monday, September 3, 6:13 am another week has flown! it’s already on Monday so it’s already time for another cheat day this cheat day I really dreamed of it for a long time guys … a fast food challenge! and what is the best place to choose to face this challenge! obviously MCDonald! be clear I love cooking I love home cooking I love to eat but when I hear the word fast food or McDonal I do not know but there’s something in that food that … it is impossible to resist! however we are going to present this new challenge McDonald challenge! rule number 1 this will be a 12,000 calorie challenge which means that I will have to take 12,000 calories coming only from McDonald’s rule number 2 this challenge will start after midday and will obviously last until midnight that is 12 hours, in short 12,000 calories in 12 hours rule number 3 I will not go counting the calories of liquids as always but milk shake is also allowed because I tell you the truth today I really want to drink a nice milk shake! from MCDonald! and rule number 4 maximum three meals to try to complete this challenge and then ninja we just have to leave with the usual practice, control of the body! via my cannotta! table ninja I’m ready! and weight control! 68.1 68.1 here we start to get a little fat, what do you say ninja !? no, do not worry the weight is more than good! August if neither went, summer whether or not, September began and so obviously my mass journey has started too it is logical that I have to put on some weight! well presented challenge, rules presented, physical control done, weight control done what else? behind you.. obviously coffee! how to start a morning if not with a nice coffee! now I feel charged! well now we can leave! so I taste this nice coffee! I’m going to do my usual cardio! and not ninja see you with my branched amino acids exhaustive after my cardio! even in bulking! so refreshing! however 1 hour and 36 minutes of spinning and 1015 calories burned very good cardio gone! now I finish enjoying my amino acids as always I’m going to take a shower and then I go to McDonald’s because the breakfast closes at 10.30 and it’s already 8:40 am and I have to drive for 20 km to get to the McDonald’s near my home so table ninja I’m going to rob McDonald’s and we’ll see you later with the first meal of this cheat day! and here we are finally with the first round! I already have two bags ready for this fantastic breakfast What did I choose for breakfast at MCDonald? a MCMuffin and egg MCMuffin Deluxe MCMuffin sausages and eggs 5 hash browns MC toast obviously could not fail to miss bacon scrambled eggs and bread pancakes with maple syrup and this is the salt part, then we also have the sweet part of course .. then yogurt Chocolate muffin croissant with jam donut to chocolate and donut with marshmallows and here we are ready ninja! I’m really excited for this breakfast! the last breakfast I had at McDonald’s was in the UK a year ago and these things are fabulous especially the MCMuffins are one thing …. guys as always missing our zero coke! this time I also have the glass of the MCDonald! really refreshing! as for every cheat day I have a camera in front of me, I have a camera next to me it’s 12:30 am split but before starting … sharing my first meal of this challenge so table ninja if you want to see spoilers during my cheat days, start following me in instagram vgthomas1987 anyway I put the writing here and do it guys because you can be spoilerati on my cheat days so you can stay with me live! we just have to start then away the shirt a lot better! in this challenge I will go to use my timer because it is from a lot that I do not use it then party timer! and ninja I would start with these fantastic scrambled eggs bacon and bread! first bite of this fantastic challenge! very good!! bacon scrambled eggs and bread trust your breakfast at MCDonald is an extraordinary thing! eggs brushed! and now I would go to taste that I have not tasted so much a nice hash browns also this is a very good thing! madonna that good! these I would eat in spades! do you want a ninja? no! all mine! time to go and taste this fantastic MCMuffin with sausages and egg and cheese of course no excuse this was with the bacon! very good! while this is the one with the sausage
el egg and cheese also this is very good absolutely AMAZING! this is really one of my favorite guys! my mother what goodness! time to go with our MC toast even these I ate a lot when I was little when I went to McDonald’s every time happy meal with MC toast always! very good! how to get back children! the last hash browns, these in total were five ok time for the pancakes with caramel ie for the food porn what a show! what do you think? absolutely amazing! here is my beautiful pancake dipped in maple syrup AMAZING! my mother that good! it was so long since I ate them! then with maple syrup .. my mom … this is absolutely ninja food porn! pancakes go! very good! and now I have obviously kept this MCMuffin deluxe last you can see? there is sausage, tomatoes, lettuce, a creamy sauce, I do not know what it is and cheese of course I’ve never tasted this, so let’s try it very good! very good ninja! but now it’s finally time for the sweet part I have a craving for sweet sincerely so let’s start! and I would start with this chocolate muffin really amazing! this is extraordinary! unfortunately today you will hear the word amazing so many times I have no idea what this yogurt is like, it just looks like white yogurt! good though! not bad! and now it’s time for my croissant with jam because the jam croissant is one of my favorite brioche! very good! why not with yogurt? ninja i’m in heaven! now it’s time for this chocolate donut not bad! it is practically a normal donut only that it is glazed with chocolate! there is nothing inside and to conclude this obviously donut breakfast with marshmallows I do not know if it’s stuffed inside .. no it’s empty, however, however, we taste really good anyway! with the icing on … my mom! the last piece even the yogurt is gone and dirie that breakfast is gone! 24 minutes and 23 seconds and 13 are split I really enjoyed this breakfast! the salty side was fantastic! I must say really good above all MCMuffin try ninja as for the sweet part, that was really really good too! I really loved the donut with marshmallows pity that it was not filled but we will make up later! now ninja I make my bag I go to the gym so I’m going to take advantage of these nice carbohydrates that I just ate and we’ll see you later for the second meal of this challenge! and here we are back from the gym and we are ready on our battlefield to face the second meal of this cheat day Today’s training? nothing special I did a bit of squat, I did a pectoral, I did a bit of legs in general and a couple of crossfit circuits just to burn a bit of decline however, as a second meal of this challenge we have MCDonald obviously that is two more parcels and we discard them together as usual so I’ll show you what I got a MCWrap, this must be really good 4 chicken MCNugget obviously a grand big mac, could not fail to miss a gluten free burger .. just a second … a gluten free Burger now you see a little better a double BBQ chicken, this is also really good and a simple hamburger because the simplest things are the best obviously fries the biggest version mozzarelle MCBites strawberry milk shake, I’m really excited to try it and MCFlurry to the kit kat well everything is ready, as always sauces coca cola zero very good! and here we are at the second meal of the day my dear table ninja of course I’m sharing this fantastic meal in instagram so start following me I remember you for the second time of the day always here in description my name it’s 5:30, off the shirt! timer! party! and I would start with this 1955 MCWrap really good guys! can you see inside? there is meat, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, this is really good! I love wrap! chips with the BBQ sauce which is my favorite sauce cin cin ninja! very good! with the BBQ sauce .. my mom! and I would go to try this gluten-free burger now they have done gluten-free up to MCDonald, we have never tasted it nothing more than a double cheese-filled hamburger go with the chicken MCnugget they are really good! Mamma Mia! also because I love chicken so .. however they are 4 the last bite time to go with the big big mac really good ninja! this deserves! let’s try these mozzarelline MCbite mozzarella Madonna! I said mozzarelline MCbite I do not remember the name they have nothing of mozzarelline sincerely .. it seems more bread than mozzarelline still good full day of MCDonald who would have never said I would have done it! anyway let’s go with this MC double chicken must be amazing and indeed it is! really really good this with grilled chicken as I like it! however I think really ninja that with all this sodium tomorrow I will have a really really bad water retention and even the potatoes are gone and time to go with this simple hamburger I took it to get it I did not know what to order anymore because I had ordered almost the whole menu the last piece also the coke is gone and finally it’s time for dessert because with all this salt guys I could not wait to have some sweet! however, let’s try this strawberry milkshake amazing! the taste is very good! my mother that good! really tasty and refreshing! gone! and let’s go with this MCFlurry to the kit kat very good ninja! and even the MCFlurry is gone! 31 minutes split! it is 6:02 pm now I relax a beautiful hour! it takes me since I woke up really early this morning! then I’m going to take my usual walk and table ninja see you later to complete this fantastic challenge! and another cheat day has almost reached the table ninja then I slept two good hours when I finished my second meal today because I really had an absurd sleep! then I went to drink coffee from a friend of mine just to introduce a little caffeine and feel a little stronger and then I went to walk, I did not walk a lot, I only walked for 40 minutes like that just to lose some air because outside the temperatures have dropped and are 20 degrees and you are divinely! especially in these days calories I feel like a stove! I’m giving off an absurd calorie! the fault of the MCDonald! after the MCDonald, let’s go with the last meal of this cheat day and then another box is ready for us … even better two! and like every meal of this day let’s go and discover the products of this last meal together then we have a MCWrap caiser cheese we have the rich cheese and bacon fries with cheese and bacon another packet of fried potatoes obviously always large portion spinach croquettes, I’ve never tried them! chicken wings a simple cheese burger, the classics always go strong! and finally a 1955 chicken to close in beauty! about beauty we have another MCFlurry this time to taste kisses from Perugia and a chocolate milk shake of course I have my usual coke zero! I have my usual special glass of the MCDonald day so refreshing! off the shirt! much better! here is my third meal of this cheat day and last follow me in instagram table ninja ok? always above my name it’s 10:26 pm, my usual timer party and I would obviously start with this 1955 hamburger AMAZING! this is really good guys! one of my favorite sandwiches! let’s go with this simple cheese burger fries .. now as now sincerely zero desire but .. ok .. let’s go with these chicken wings, let’s try them not bad, not bad so you eat the chicken wings! you have to finish them all! go also the … sorry! go also the chicken wings, there is a bit of spicy inside so … let’s try these croquettes with parmesan and spinach wow! these are really good! this is good! and let’s go with this last chicken wrap! not bad inside there is also the slice of Parmesan, salad, not bad! ok up until now it was fun I admit it! now.. it will not be anymore! these potatoes will give me a hard time for the simple fact that I took them this morning, however, I warmed them in microwave but I still got cold and will be a bit bastard to throw down but guys, a table ninja never abandons so let’s go! these have cheese and bacon I can not wait to enjoy the dessert anyway! damn fries! also finished the coca cola! give me just a second … do not get your fingers! I have the cheese slide! nothing .. I try with this hand! succeeded! in extremis! the last bite guys! never more chips at MCDonald! never more chips at MCDonald! finally some ice cream! they really screwed me these potatoes however MCFlurry to the taste kisses Perugina, this will refresh me for sure AMAZING! really good! even the MCFlurry is gone! and all that remains is our chocolate milk shake and with the last sip of milk shake I declare this 12000 calorie challenge MCDonald! 33 minutes and 26 seconds, 11 am split as always I did the slaughter for everything on my phone on my hands however it was a fantastic day really ninja up to the chips! French fries how hard to throw them down! anyway another challenge in the archive now I’m going to relax in the chair because I can not go to bed with this belly I’ll show you then a good night’s sleep and we table ninja see you tomorrow morning with weight control and physical control in the meantime, I’ll give you a good night! see you ninja! good morning table ninja! Tuesday, September 4, 10:36 am this morning I woke up really late because last night I got really late sleepy! my belly after the last meal I do not know why it swelled up maybe it was the combination of coca cola and milk shake because mine was already successful! so I could not get to sleep immediately because I felt like I was a beached whale I could not find the right position anyway maybe I’ll have been sleeping around 2 so this morning 10:30 okay sleep apart as always .. control of the body! via my cannotta I must say that you still feel a little bloated .. my usual water retention .. and weight control! 70.9 Well not even much! I thought worse! anyway, I hope this ninja video is also potbellied I forgot to tell you that this cheat day cost me 82 Euros so please guys try to share the video try to put me like, it’s very important to grow up with our battleship ninja and for the fourth time in this video I remind you that if you want to stay with me during the week if you want to see my workouts, if you want to see my diet if you want to see the crap that public, if you want to be spoiled on my challenges start following me in instagram find me with this name as you can read above vgthomas1987 Is the most important thing! if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, do it immediately! click right here! table ninja it’s time to close the video we obviously see each other next week with a new video and in the meantime … STAY FIT … & STAY HUNGRY …

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