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– What’s up, Elite THENX Athletes, it’s Chris Heria, welcome to
another video of OFFICIALTHENX. Today, we’re gonna be
analyzing how McGregor and Mayweather are training
to prepare for their fight. (upbeat music) Alright so let’s get started, so today we’re gonna be analyzing how McGregor and Mayweather are training to prepare for their fight. This is gonna be a boxing match, now aside from all the years of form and technique that comes into boxing, boxing basically consists of quick jabs, explosive punches from the upper body, a lot of core engagement, that’s basically what controls
the rest of your body, from your limbs to your legs. Lower body footwork,
agility and explosiveness, which is something that you
apply from your upper body, core, all the way to your lower body. This is something that’s gonna allow you to evade those punches as
soon as they’re coming, as well as be able to land them as soon as there is an opportunity open. And lastly, it takes a
great amount of coordination and mind-body connection,
mind-body reactions. Like Bruce Lee once explained it. – When there is an opportunity, I do not hit, it hits all by itself. – He does not go for the punch, the punch just happens on its
own, the punch just punches, he does not even think about
it, it’s a body reaction. He’s trained so much that as
soon as an opening appears, his hand is already hitting that opening before his mind can even think
about what just happened. So he’s basically in
like a meditation state, while being fully aware of
his body and coordination. – A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready, not thinking, yet not dreaming, ready for whatever may come. – This is why when you’re training for combat, contact sports, you’re mainly training with calisthenics, you’re not really training with weights. You can build a lot of power
and strength with weights, but if you have strong legs, strong core, and a strong upper body, but
if you cannot simultaneously apply them all together, you’re basically useless when
it comes to these sports. Boxing is a full body sport, you need to be fast and explosive. Calisthenics trains you
specifically for that. In calisthenics, you’re engaging
your fast twitch muscles, explosive strength. You’re training a lot of coordination because you’re using your body to train, and of course, you’re developing
a body-mental awareness, a body-mental connection. Eventually you do a lot of these and this is come like breathing, this is gonna come second nature to you. If you see Mayweather and McGregor preparing for their fight, you can see that in their trainings, they’re using 70% calisthenics. They’re using moves like jump rope, which is gonna develop their
coordination and endurance. You have to basically keep
a beat, keep a rhythm, and as you stay mentally
concentrated on this rhythm to not skip a beat and not to
lose that jump rope rhythm, so you’re constantly being aware, coordinating your body
as you begin to fatigue, and you’re building your
endurance at the same time, as well as building your cardio of course, which you’re gonna need
to last during a fight. So it’s a great move to be doing, when your goals are to stay in
the ring as long as possible. They’re doing muscle-ups which
is a full body engagement, it’s a full body control movement, you’re using your whole upper body to bring you from complete dead hang all the way to the top of this movement. Now that’s explosive strength right there. Not to mention the grip strength that you’re going to be developing when doing these types
of explosive workouts. You see, when you’re lifting weights, the external force is just
amount of dead weight, but when you’re doing calisthenics, you’re doing workouts like this, the external force is
your own body weight, it’s literally like you’re
battling against another body, which is yourself. So if you can completely control and manipulate your own body, imagine what you can to to somebody else. So let’s go onto a workout
that’s going to consist of exercises that Mayweather
and McGregor have been using in their training to prep for their fight. The first exercise we’re gonna be doing is jump rope for coordination, then we’re gonna move into muscle-ups for an explosive, full body control. After, we have flag raises
for core engagement. Next we’ll be going
into explosive pushups, training for upper body
strength and explosiveness. Next we have high knee taps
for footwork and agility, and last we’re gonna go for ab wheel, which is gonna train
your full body connection and your core. So if you guys are ready, I’m ready. Let’s go right into it. First, we have jump ropes. Alright now, with jump rope, you’ll see Mayweather going
crazy with these things. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Start off, just being able to do jump rope steadily at a steady pace, and once you master that,
try doing it with one leg, switching legs, try different patterns. These different patterns are gonna stimulate your reaction time as well as train your
mind-body connection, so let’s go for it. (relaxed EDM) So once you get the hang of this. (relaxed beat) Always keep the core tight the whole time, and regulate that breathing. Keep those knees up. Alright, that’s a good little warm-up. Alright next, we’re
gonna go into muscle-ups. Now as I said before, this move right here is gonna test your full
body explosiveness, as well as your
coordination, grip strength, and a lot more, let’s get right into it. To get the most out of it, start from a dead, dead, dead hang. You know, from here, there’s no momentum
that’s gonna help you up. (relaxed beat) Whoo, alright. Alright, let’s move it on. Next, we have flag raises. Let’s get some chalk. Alright, so this is a
special move right here. We’re gonna be getting into flag raises. Now, this move specifically is gonna train your side core, as well as your obliques. It’s a lot of times where
you’re gonna be taking blows right on that side. So having a strong side
core is gonna help you to take in a lot more of those hits. This move is also gonna train your lats, now, your lats play a big factor when it comes to having energy
and power behind a punch, throwing it as fast as possible, as well as having some
weight and power behind it. So we’re gonna go ahead, and
go through these flag raises. So you wanna put one hand down, and we’re gonna put one hand on top. So with this grip right here, we’re gonna lift our body up,
keeping our body straight. (relaxed beat) Alright, let’s move on to the other side. Alright, so there you have flag raises. Let’s move on to the next exercise. Alright, here we are, at the parallettes. So we’re gonna go for explosive push-ups. Now as you can see, this move right here, it’s very similar to the movement that they’re doing when they’re throwing these punches, so being able to explode, boom, as hard and as fast as you can. And specifically, not
just exploding weight, but exploding your own
body, your own body weight. That’s gonna replicate doing
that to an actual body, doing that to an actual person, in the middle of combat,
in the middle of a fight. Now while we’re doing this movement here, we’re gonna add in a
little bit of coordination, and body reaction by exploding, and then landing on the ground, exploding again and being
able to catch the bars, as soon as you’re going in the air, to come back and explode off
again and catch on the outside. So let me show you what
this move looks like, guys. (mellow beat) Alright, so as you can
see that move right there, if you don’t react fast enough, if you don’t grab at the exact same spot, you’re gonna find yourself
hitting the floor, completely missing the
bar which one, will hurt, as well as it’s gonna
train your reaction time. It also trains your precisioning, you have to go straight for that bar, if you miss that bar,
you’re not gonna make it. So being able to use that precision in the fraction of a second
when you’re up in the air to grab the bar, come back down, and of course, do it all
controlling your body, controlling the entire movement. So now we’re gonna go onto a move that trains your agility,
and your footwork. We’re moving onto high knee taps. This move is also gonna
bring up your cardio. Let’s go ahead, go right into it. Make sure that you keep
your knees really high. Here we go, three, two, one, go. Try to test yourself, try to go as fast as you
can for a couple seconds. Slow it down. Alright, we got the last one. This one’s pretty tough. We got the ab wheel. Now, this move is probably one
of the most important moves. Because when it comes
to physical activity, when it comes to moving your body, when it comes to sparring, the main power, and the main technique,
comes from your core. So actually, having a
super super strong core is gonna be a great advantage when it comes to sparring,
or any other physical sports. When you’re engaging your feet, you first start by engaging your core, when you’re about to throw a punch, or when you’re engaging your upper body, you first start by engaging from the core. So the core is being used
to engage your entire body, every action you do is
being driven by the core. So the stronger core you have, the stronger your actions will be. So let’s get right into it. Now, this move here, we’re gonna use every muscle
in our body to do this, so you need to have a really strong core. We’re gonna go all the way out. (calm synth music) Whoo, alright. Well, that’s the last move right there. That’s a killer move, right there. You’re making your body
completely vulnerable, completely extending all
the muscles in your body, and being able to suspend
your weight from there, that’s a body connection right there. So to sum it all up, when your goals are to fight in the ring for a billion dollar match, the way that these
professional athletes train is through calisthenics. So if you guys want to take
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