Martial Arts Stretches : Martial Arts Partner Hamstring Stretches

Our next section is going to be partner stretches
using the wall for the hamstrings. An important thing to remember for partner stretches, these
are more of an intermediate or advanced stretch. If you’ve never stretched before it?s usually
a bad idea to go into this intense of a stretch because your muscles might not be ready for
it. Jabary is going to back his way up to the wall, the thing about partner stretches,
it allows you to get a little deeper into the muscle than you would easily be able to
do on your own. You can’t relax as easily into this stretch, but your muscles are going
to be active a lot more and a little bit more in their natural state if you were doing athletics.
Therefore, it can be an effective tool. He’s going to have his back flat to the wall and
he’s going to raise his right leg up, I can catch it like this if he’s not very flexible,
Jabary is. I can go like this where I’m tucked under my arm, I can hold it here for quite
some time, or if the person is very flexible I can put this on my shoulder. I can feel
his muscles tightening up a little bit so I’ll probably hold it right even though I’m
sure he can go higher. Basically from this position he’s going to push down, once he
pushes down for about ten seconds, when he gets to zero, relax, I’m going to raise his
foot up a little bit higher. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t do any
fast movements, you have this muscle that’s stretched so tightly and this person who’s
trying so hard to maintain their balance that any fast movements can actually cause damage
to the muscle. I have, one of the things you could do is after doing this push for ten
seconds, increase in height, push for ten seconds, one more increase in height and then
lay it on your shoulder again or the bend of your arm and grab his wrists, and this
is only for advanced people in stretching. So his foots up on my shoulder, I have his
wrists for balance, I’m going to start to step away from the wall slightly. Notice I
give time to turn his planted foot so that way he can adapt to it. All I do is slide
away until he gives me some sort of signal, he tapped on my hand, that I’m at a good extension
here and I’ll sort of hold this until he says he’s good. Then I’ll slowly make my way back
up to the wall, I’ll let him turn his foot back, get his balance, grab his knee, I’ll
bend it, press this up into his body. Very importantly afterwards I’m going to slowly
let this lower down to the ground, shake it out a little bit and you would of course repeat
this on the other side.

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