Make Your PC Run Faster: Deleting Cookies, Running A Speedtest And Tune Up Utilities in Windows 7

Hi,welcome to techyv channel,your solution provider.I am Sophia. I am here to help you with your technical
problems. Today’s tutorial will be very
interesting and informative. Since i will be teaching a lot of
useful stuffs, for computer maintainance and preventing from slowing down. First i will teach you how to delete cookies in
google chrome.It is very important to delete these cookies from time to time to
optimize your web surfing experience. So the first thing that we have to do is
to open the google chrome browser which i already did. Then go to customize and control
which is usually located in the operate corner of your browser. Then click on history. Under history you can see all the websites you have visited. To delete cookies, just click on clear all browsing data and from that you can choose the action
to be performed simply by checking on this boxes. So, if i wanted my browsing history to be cleared and
then a check on this to clear my download history or to empty my cache, to clear saved passwords or to clear saved autofill from data, clear data from hosted apps and
deauthorize content licenses. I usually clear all my browsing history
and delete cookies as often i can. After choosing your action select the start time here where you want chrome to began its
clearing. So you have to choose whether you want to delete from the past day or or from the past week or from the last 4 weeks
or from the beginning of time. I usuall choose beginning of
time. Then proceed and finish by clicking on clear browsing data. It will automatically clear everything. So you just click on that and it’s done. So the second tutorial that i will
be teaching is ,how to use these TuneUp Utilities 2013
software. Running this software for
maintenance is very important because it helps a lot in boosting your computer
speed.It repairs registry. It extends your
laptops battery life. So we see that, we have a lot of options
here, such as of this optimise computer, PC optimization, mode from economy, standard to turbo. or the optimizations status. But that what i am going to teach is about this
one click maintenance feature, which is very easy and just
click on this one the maintain system and it will automatically run its
maintainence. Lets just wait a couple of minutes for its done. I usually do this once in every week, to make sure that my computer would never
slowdown. So just wait for few minutes. Since i always run this tuneup utilities maintainence, there are very minimal problems. As you can see in my clean registry, there is no problem found in the defragment registry. I have a problem with my
broken shortcuts.It has 34 problems found. I have here 8 items found here. When the analysis is complete, just click on the run maintainence and it will automatically clear the problems.Here you can see all in green. After the optimization is complete, you can close this box. So that’s very easy. So the last but definitely not the least tutorial
is running a free speed test to know your internet speed. so what i’m going to do is to open
my browser and go to speed As you can see here,this is our speed test website. Just click on the begin test recommended server and it wll directly run. So lrts just wait for a few seconds before its completed. So as you can see in the result, my ping is 55 which is good. Smaller the value of your ping,faster your internet speed. Hope this tutorial will be helpful. For more tips and tutorials,please visit Thankyou.

5 thoughts on “Make Your PC Run Faster: Deleting Cookies, Running A Speedtest And Tune Up Utilities in Windows 7

  1. Awesome! I really didn't know what cookies were and I could not figure out how to delete them. I want to say bravo to Sofia, who is responsible for this site; you are good enough to clearly explain what cookies are (I'm amazed when I think about how people have complicated their explanations of cookies) and to describe how to clean them up without the extra stuff such as clicking on one thing after another or any other nonsense. This is a great video! You gave me exactly what I wanted.

  2. Any computers running over time will store junk files that are getting piled inside the system and makes the PC to run slowly. Online browsing is one of the main reasons for producing these junks. Fortunately, we can easily clear these off. I’ve come to know all these right now, after watching this video. It’s very easy to clear the browsing history, clean cache, cookies, etc. Though I’m using Windows 8, this technique’s still valid for all systems and all browsers. Watching this simple tutorial helps me and my computer to run in its original state again. Nice tutorial.

  3. Thanks for the tip about getting a cookie-cleaning extension. It was so annoying to move through all the menus to get rid of my cookies; now I can do it in a single click. After completing all of your suggestions, I've noticed that my PC has become very fast, and now I can work very smoothly. I am an avid user of browser extensions, but I've never thought about getting an extension for cookie management. Much appreciated. I was lost and your instructions were awesome. Thanks!

  4. Any computers running over time will store junk files that are getting piled within their computer system and therefore makes their PC to run slowly. One of the major causes of this is, when we are browsing the Internet and visit any site, the browser will download temporary Internet files so it will be easy to load up the same website when you visit it again. And those browsing history, cache and cookies should be cleared. I was a bit confused at first, but watching this simple tutorial helps me and my computer to run in its original state again. I am running Windows 8 and the technique still works. Fantastic tutorial.

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