MAKE UP TO $200 FROM DOING EXERCISE! Paano kumita ng P10,000 habang nag e-exercise?

So yes, I received 449.25 Philippine peso which is equivalent to 10 us dollars But its amount is 485 pesos since it has withdrawal fee that’s why it became 449 pesos. So yeah, Truely that we have now a proof of payment in this application so let’s mark this as a legit app this is very easy, all you have to do is just exercise and watch this full video because I will be giving the name of this app. What’s up everyone? Welcome back again to earn money with Aiza and I’m back with an application where we can earn free paypal money okay in this application all we have to do is just exercise and at the same time we will earn money through exercising. If you are new to my youtube channel please do subscribe if you want to earn extra money online and please like this video to be able to join our free 500 load give-away alright let’s not make this long I will be giving you the name of this application first is this Yhit Body Maker and ofcourse paypal. We can get our cash out through paypal, and on how to setup a paypal account just go to my video because I already made a video presentation on how to setup our paypal without any credit card. In your google playstore search or look for yhit body maker and the founder of this app is lucky fitness It says here that it is a brand ndew application, just complete the action to get free points to unlock more actions, you can work out with your family, share fun and do your exercise, alright so now let’s open the app. I will show you the basic from the start so watch this full video tutorial for steo by step from here you can login or sign up using your facebook your google or login later then here you just have to put the code of the one who invited you and check my video description if ever you don’t have yet a referral code because I put their my invitational code then select the Philippines I think this is not yet available world wide so yeah just check if your country is available in the choices then next. if you’re done with it go to menu here just setup your account like profile picture, your name your birthday, your gender, your height and your weight. Just set it up then after it, click okay in this part, all we have to do here is watch ads to get points or special offers here you can download this aps then you will points if you finished its taks then it will enter in your progress a very typical one, like you downloaded an app and at the same time it will also pay you, here in watch videos it’s just you have to watch ads to get points. NExt, invite friends to earn points here you will get 800 points if you’re able to invite and the one you invited will automatically earn 300 points so yeah here you can found your invitational code feel free to comment down your referral code in the comment section. To all who’ll watch this video just use the codes of our viewers below to help each other, forgive me with my voice. Let’s now go back, task center it’s all here, just sign in everyday watch video, special offers, lucky spin I guess we have a wheel speen game here and then join their what’s up group to get 200 points here and this is all there task keep training for 3 days, 7 days, 21 days and many more so yeah the more you exercise everyday you can get the more points in here. Alright, in the lucky spin just let it spin Alright we got 4 coins or 4 points and if you want to triple the reward all you have to do is to watch videos. Okay now let’s proceed on how we will do the main ways of earnings here, which is exercising. So for example, the free-hand deep squat so here their are instructions on how to do the specific exercise. all you have to do is to do it for 30 seconds so just imitate the action of the girl in video. So totally this app is so good because you are exercising and at the same time you are getting fit and also you are earning okay so if you’re good on it and finished your squats all you have to do is to click “get 30 points” alright before getting the points an ads will apppear here for 15-60 seconds just watch the full ads to get the 30 points you’ve gathered during your exercise. So yeah, you got your 30 points it will be added in your account okay next is planking for 30 seconds so that’s all you have to do just do the plank for 30 seconds next is 6 crunches, it’s like you’re bending your body just do what the lady in the video is doing like for example, put your hands behind your ears, draw close and bend your legs, use your abdomen when getting up okay let’s do it to have some abs! This is really fit into who loves to exercise and to those who want to get sexy. Next is the quiet squat Do it for 60 seconds, and the other exercises can be unlock if you are able to get the certain points, for example this one you will 500 points to unlock this and so on so that is how easy to use this application just exercise and you will earn points and then let’s check the minimum withdrawal. So here let’s go to “my points” and click go on then click paypal this is the only cash out method that it has, paypal so here as you can see the minimum withdrawal is 72,000 points and it is equivalent t 3 us dollars then its maximum cash out is 200 us dollar alright so you can see all the cash out in this page and last time since I really need some exercise I already tried this app before, that’s why I’m able to cash out 10 us dollars. I just do my exercise daily that’s why I’m able to earn this amount of points. I don’t have invite here meaning that we can withdraw here without inviting so let’s go to my paypal So yes, I received 449.25 Philippine peso which is equivalent to 10 us dollars But its amount is 485 pesos since it has withdrawal fee that’s why it became 449 pesos. So yeah, Truely that we have now a proof of payment in this application so let’s mark this as a legit app. Okay basic information about this app Yhit-Body MAker just exercise to earn money. I hope this video help on how we can earn extra money online. Don’t forget to like this video and comment down your referral codes, and if this helps please do share it with your friends and groups and ofcourse subscribe to my youtbe channel Earn Money with Aiza and Aiza Mer 2.0 and to my telegram channel “Extrang Pera Online”. Then again thank you for watching, stay cool, stay wealthy my name is Aiza Mercado, and have a great day.

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