100 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly – Habits

  1. Only listening to this so I don’t go using again. Listened to it by mistake. MGK sang me to sobriety. This is literally my second comment on YouTube. Wishing everyone best of luck. Today’s day 5.

  2. Eminem is more of a combination of 3rd base and Jim Carrey morphed into one person. This guy here (MGK) is a combination of Billy Idol, Snoop Dogg, Bruce Springsteen and Twista morphed into one person. The shit is incredible. The only other rappers I can compare MGK to would be LL Cool J and Run DMC. His tracks are hard like that.

  3. Hands down the dopest thing about this whole video post is all the positive comments and not one single thumbs down on a comment, wish social media was more like that 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  4. this is such a great song it explains so much of my life the fake people not wanting hide but not wanting cry. damn! his songs just touch close to home ive nver really done drugs but i have serious anger an the more i keep it in the m more anger is biuliding up inside the more i explode when i cant keep no more inside i have to hide myself my true self becuz my fam cant exept me they judge me accuse me of shit i dont do i aint gonna hide no moe i dont give a fuck no moe who in my fam i hate to call them fam but they all i have an i dont have a chose really cuz they idek no moe i just know i aint take there bullshit no moe i tell them i aint an they r just totally DGAF bout me say they hate all the time an so i dont keepit inside no more i tell how it is cuz i aint gonna be treated like shit no more
    so fuck them

  5. Mgk I fucking love you dude all your songs hit me so hard!! So much respect man keep doing you your the best rapper hands down!! Much love my dude

  6. I can't tell you how much I cry to this song. He is the reason I'm fucking alive what would I do without him.💔❤️

  7. I was in such a shitty, dark and deep depression I never really grasped the concept behind this song. It’s a beautiful song for a beautiful life

  8. I hope mgk works out what is going on in his head we already lost mac we want him to live his life until his last breath🙏🏾💗

  9. so much feels that you can relate while you're only watching and listening. MGK is such a wonderful and great person. love this guy! kudos kells.

  10. The only thing that keeps him who he is is his daughter. If he didnt have her he would probably do what he says in his songs.

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