Lower Body Workout | Toned Legs & Butt | 2 Weeks Challenge

Hey everyone, so today’s workout is a lower body workout. It’s gonna target both your legs and your butt. This workout is part of two weeks shredding program and can find a schedule over here. Now this program is all free So don’t forget to smash that like button subscribe and also turn on Notification write if you want to join in on this challenge do not forget to leave a comment down below if your progress Or use my hashtag on Instagram Or even create a YouTube video like these girls have so that we can support one another and let’s get started We’ve got 19 exercises today 30 to 50 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off. Let’s start with curtsy jump Take a big jump to the left and land softly and do a curtsy lunge then do the same on the other side for low Impact just do it without the jump do it safe and controlled Next we have reversed lunch, bring one leg behind and lunch down and make sure your front knee does not pass your toes Make sure your core is engaged too Now we have 50 seconds of squat with front kick. Squat down as low as you can and make sure your glutes are engaged then do a front kick as you come up Next lateral lunch with toe tap. This works the outer thighs and also the inner thighs Now on to the other side All right, we’ve got slightly longer break here and we’re going into single leg deadlift with toe taps push your hips back as you lower down your body and make sure your back is Neutral then come back up and touch your toes with your opposite hand having balance is the key here So take your time and do the best you can it’s okay. If you are losing your balance, just try your best Now on to the other side Now we have kick back with lateral raise Make sure your core is engaged and kick your legs back and then to the side this works your butt and legs at the same time Next we have to squat jump followed by squats. We’re halfway through the workout guys. You can do this So we’re halfway there guys You can take a longer break here if you want to and next we got curtsy lunge with knee tuck bring one leg diagonally behind you And lunge down then pulse one more time then bring your knee towards your chest. This works your legs, butt and abs at the same time it’s amazing Now on to the other side Next we have squat with side kick go down low and have your glutes and core engaged. This works your side glutes and also your legs Now we have squat pulse we’re really burning out legs here So squats and pulse five times then come back up and squat again My legs are dying on me here, but I’m pushing it and you can do it, too Now get on the mat and we’re going to do some rainbows Imagine during a rainbow using one of the legs. This works the glutes and also the back of the legs. Now we are doing the same on the other side Now we have fire hydrants And I’m doing a harder variation with a kick have your leg bends and bring it to the side then Extend your leg into a kick. This is going to work the side of the legs and you should feel the burn right there Now on to the other side All right, now we’re ending the workout with more lunges to work those legs you can do this guy’s let’s smash this That’s the for today’s workout don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button subscribe and turn on notifications So you don’t miss out on my new videos, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

21 thoughts on “Lower Body Workout | Toned Legs & Butt | 2 Weeks Challenge

  1. I’ve included that workout in my morning routine. It’s only 4 days and I wish I’ve had taken pictures but I can definitely already see results!! My legs are more toned, and way less cellulite. Also I love the workout itself, the exercise the rhythm love everything about it! Excited to be tomorrow morning to do it again, thanks Chloé!!

  2. I'm in day 3 of the chellange. After doing the 2 other exercises I only made it to half this exercise.. I'm physically dead but never felt so alive..

  3. my legs become so tired by the end of this workout that i literally stop feeling any pain in the muscles at all 🙈

  4. Who wants to be my workout partner? We can make sure we do these workout everyday make sure we stick to them together comment your Snapchat if so☺️

  5. Hi Chloe. I don't know whether my legs are bulky because of fat or muscle. When I stand up straight, my thighs and calves look very muscular, but when i sit down, they look not fit at all. Is just me or everyone with a fatty legs feel that??

  6. Im on day 3 of the 2 week shredded challenge. I don't know if I see results (I haven't really checked for them) but my body hurts so much. Ik this is just its way of telling me its working but this is much harder than I thought. You're so strong for doing all these workout with ease. I have yet to keep up with even 1 video smh

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