Lower Ab Exercise (Incline Reverse Crunches)

right now I’m doing reverse crunches on an incline bench and this is probably the best exercise you can do for your lower abs because unlike other ab exercises like sit-ups and leg raises where your hip flexors do most of the work… In reverse crunches your hip flexors aren’t doing any work since your hips are already flexed and you have to use your lower ab muscles to rotate your hips and pelvis upward until your knees touch your arms.
So watch how I always keep my hips flexed and I never extend my legs out because I want to keep all the tension on my abs the whole time so all I’m doing is I crunch up by rotating my hips & pelvis using my lower abs all the way up until my knees touch my arms & then I come all the way back down until my butt & hips arms & then I come all the way back down until my butt & hips almost or just barely touches the bench. because remember you want your lower abs to do all the work so whatever you’re holding onto try not to grip it with all your fingers so it’ll prevent you from pulling too much with your arms taking away from a good lower ab workout.
All you need to do is 2-6 sets of 8-to-20 reps taking 1-3 min. breaks between each set
Now once you can easily do 8-to-20 reps…Raise up the incline bench or You can hold on using less fingers… You can use ankle weights or you can add resistance like this using cables and you’d increase the weight as that gets easier… And once all that gets too easy you can do hanging reverse crunches. now if this is too hard for you You can also curl ½ way up instead of curling all the way up until your knees touch your arms or… You can lower the incline bench or simply start off doing the exercise flat on the floor and you can do this at home holding onto the end of your bed
Now to get an even better lower ab workout with this exercise you’re going to want to extend your legs out at the end of each rep and hold it for 1-to-4 seconds and You’re going to need to squeeze your lower abs hard for those 1-to-4 seconds to keep your lower back flat against the back of the bench or floor and if you’re having trouble keeping your lower back flat then you need to extend or put out your legs higher and as your lower abs get stronger you can extend your legs out lower & lower but whatever version of this exercise you do. Do 2-to-6 sets of 8-to-20 reps 1-3x per week and yes This will give you a six pack but it will not get rid of belly fat so Make sure you go to nowloss.com/abs to see 6 steps to get rid of belly fat to make your six pack visible.

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  1. Awesome workout!  I have to try this!  🙂  Just wondering, can I use the bench from the total gym for this.? not sure.

  2. You say you have to diet to loose any belly fat, well I'm already skinny enough were I dont want to loose any more weight but just my little stomach pooch.. what do you recommend for me?? Please help!

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