LMC New Athletic Complex

Hello, my name is Jesus Hernandez, I’m a sophomore here at LMC and I’m here to show you the new kinesiology Athletic Complex We’ve got two classrooms right here from the entrance These classrooms are going to be used for academic purposes or also for team meetings and team film reviews Come let’s go check it out This is our training room. this is what we got going on here we got Sore elbow with taken care of right now in our new training room We have multiple modalities to take care of them, some electrical stem ultrasound you can turn around we have some brand new hot tubs and cold tubs Ice machine Various new equipment for rehab, you know in our new athletic training room Hear the hallway to all the coaches offices and also the athletic directors Sit here listen to music game. Get in your game mode Over here is our white board. Attack on every pitch. Decide control breathe and attack DCBA Our Loyalty Merit Champion what we take pride in Huge TV here. Our LMC logo Music on This next room that we’re gonna go into here is the fitness center the fitness center is open to all LMC students faculty and staff The way that the fitness center will work anyone enrolled in a one-unit fitness center class Will have access to the room at any time when it’s open Operating hours for the fitness center will be every day Monday through Friday during the semester from 7:00 a.m The last area that we’ll look at here on this tour is the physical activity areas So the first side here behind us We’ve got two rooms that our athletes will get a good amount of use out of as well as the students on campus To the left. We’ve got a dance studio Yoga room but with different classes and activities again for students in their advanced yoga Physical fitness type classes as well as nice for our student athletes the room next door is over to the right You’ll have more circuit training activities Just to kind of you know, a wide variety of physical activities within that room and again athletes that we use that Probably the most exciting part of it this last room We’ll check out here is the weight room that will be primarily used for student athletes Obviously though the general functions of the weight room and everything our students need to train but we’re going to take a look specifically at the Kaiser racks and the cable machines that are clips to air compression to technology that is used primarily by Division one athletes as well as professional athletes It’s called pneumatic training and a huge resource for guys moving forward. So to take a look and I’ll explain how that works So with these Kaiser racks here they’re all set on compression machines Compression which is down here Pumping compressed air through these machines works the exact same way as putting weights on To the air compressors as an edging exercise a Constant flow of compressed air coming through the idea behind the training is twofold one it takes a long to wear and tear out of our muscles when we use compressed air because it’s a constant flow as opposed to the on both sides You know in a push-up position as I create mass off my body Momentum is created and all that momentum then swings around on the back side But now most of the time I end up catching as opposed to actually controlling the compressed air I’m working a physical movement That is more constant and fluid the pressure stays the same no matter how fast slow Up or down on moving So a huge resource for our guys in terms of controlling their movements Creating more core strength and stability in their movements as well as still creating functional strength with resistance. I Think the coolest part of these machines is the tracking we can do while we’re exercising So within each machine you have tabs on here as I come up to the machine I’ll choose first what type of resistance I want. So I’ll use the compression Or subtract weight once I get to the amount of weight that I’m looking for I’ll grab the bar and do whatever exercise I’m doing on my First movement it’s going to give me some type of peak power number that is the maximum output that I’ve created so far within this set and then with every movement after that the number on the left will now show me the Percentage of my max number that that last lift was and the goal for our guys will be to stay at 87 percent or higher With all of their movements. So ultimately we’re going to try to add as much weight as we can to the bar while still staying as efficient in all the movements that we make So that hopefully at the end of the day the transfer is as hitters or pitchers we’re working to create as much speed in our power movements whether it’s bat speed in our swing or arm speed in our throws as Well as as much Strength as when you look to increase our maximum output as we go You

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