LIP RELAXATION EXERCISES (4 of 6) — Vocal Exercises — American English Pronunciation

In this American English pronunciation video,
we’re going to go over lip relaxation exercises. I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid,
one of the funny faces that I loved making was the fish face.>>Nice. That’s a good one. The lips are two wonderful articulators for many sounds: B, P, F, V, M, W as well as rounding for vowels
and diphthongs like OO, [UH], AW, OH, OW. Let’s practice some relaxation exercises that will help
our lips become as flexible and versatile as possible. Let’s start by massaging the lips,
which are really mostly skin and mucous membrane. Anyway you like.>>I can’t do that because I’m wearing lip stick,
but otherwise I would. I like to spend some time on the corners of the lips,
where there is some muscle that you can feel. Now blow through your lips,
like we’re making the sound of an airplane or boat. This can be a good chance to connect with your
support and blow through the lips from support.>>I’m going to go higher than you.
>>Okay.>>You know that really is hard. If you have an tension
in your lips, they won’t do that. Singers do that too. You can start by blowing through just with the breath,
and then add voice to it. Now, let’s try the fish face. Can you do it? It actually feels pretty good. Now here again, let’s drop our heads and shake the lips out.>>Do I have to do that again?>>You don’t have to if you don’t want to.
>>Well, it messes up my hair.>>Wow. So, when you’re doing these exercises,
try not to wear lipstick, and do it before you do your hair.>>And pull your hair back in a bun. Now, let’s work on some vowel sounds with the lips. OO-EE, OO-EE So the lips start very forward and rounded,
and then pull back in the corners for that EE vowel. OO-EE, OO-EE And now, we’re going to get the jaw involved on this next one. We’ll go from OO, where again the lips are rounded forward,
into AW, AW, where the jaw will drop a bit. OO-AW, OO-AW And now, let’s go from OO-EE to OO-AW. OO-EE, OO-AW, OO-EE, OO-AW Nice. Now, drop your head and shake your lips out again,
and you’re done! This video is part of a series on Relaxation and placement. If you liked, it, check out the one that came just before on
Tongue Relaxation, and the one that comes next, on Throat Relaxation. Now, all of these exercises are new to me as well,
and they were taught to me by Tom. He learned these exercises while he was getting his
master’s degree in acting at Harvard University.>>So Tom, thanks so much for lending your expertise to this series.
>>My pleasure. That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s English.

56 thoughts on “LIP RELAXATION EXERCISES (4 of 6) — Vocal Exercises — American English Pronunciation

  1. Excellent. Congratulations for such nice and useful exercises. Besides they are like a kind of mind relaxing exercises as well

  2. wow,this is my first to log on youtobe,very nice to hear your method! i am learning english in china,i will follow you suggestion to practice more! thanks! and i will share it to more friends!

  3. Hello Rachel, Please make a video how to pronounce " Campbell". Originally I thought I can pronounce like Camp Bell, but no one understood what I am saying.

  4. ive seen some facial muscle relaxation videos, but your series is the most comprehensive and detailed so far. Good job, Rachel, and thank you for your contribution to the community 🙂

  5. I have big lips and cheeks ( chubby) and i find difficulty in speech, basically i stutter and i find lots of letter that i get stuck in pronouncing. Any help?

  6. Hi Rachel, My name is Serge and I am from Madagascar. I wonder if my question makes sense. I think you are the one to respond or Tom. When speaking, why do American upper teeth always appear more? Is it because the upper lip is relaxed? Thank you in advance.

  7. Rachel, Tom I love this lesson so funny and interesting. I did all exercises while i am watching you.thanks both of you. By the way Rachel I am gonna ask you about one slang"bun in the oven" what does it mean?

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