Life Fitness Cable Machine Workout (Back)

Right, so these are your back exercises. You
need your cable set high for these. Now, you can choose to do this single arm or two arm.
So, single arm: take your cable, take a big step back. The arm that works is that leg
back. So, this way would be wrong. This way is right.
Hold and then stretch. You pull, you stretch. You want to glide the other arm forward as
well then you can do. Doing it this way makes the abdonimals come into it a bit more. This
way makes it just the back. So you can twist or you can keep it stright.
You can use two arms. So, two handles you need more weight. Bend the knees, squatting
a little bit. Hold, and stretch. Hold, and stretch. All the way out. Keeping the body
straight. So, as you row you’re not leaning your body back.
Keep everything solid, pull in and stretch.

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