Leg Exercises & Workouts : How to Do Back Thigh Exercises

Hi, my name is Katie Bowers with Expert Village
and we’re working on some leg strength training. I’m going to go ahead and lay down on my back.
The key thing about hamstrings is that it tends to be the area that a lot of women are
self conscious about. This is like where the cellulite shows up and you tend to start sagging
from the glutes all the way down. What we’re going to do is lifting the hips up to the
ceiling and squeezing. Squeezing your buns, holding that for a second. You’re going to
feel immediate tightness in the back of your legs as well as in your glutes. You just have
to keep repeating that because what you’re trying to do is give your muscles some memory,
so they’re holding themselves in place so you don’t have to do it all the time. So that’s
what we’re going to do. Laying on your backs, go ahead and going to lift up first. Now what
I have here is both legs, pushing off both legs, squeeze your abs, squeeze your glutes.
Hold that for a minute. Not a literal minute, we’ll say 10 seconds and then go ahead and
relax. Do that again. Lift up and hold 10 seconds again. Feeling that. So you feel that
immediately, it’s so tight. And then lower down. Now I’m going to start alternating,
doing this on one leg at a time. It’s going to get more challenging. This is always an
option. If you want to keep it modified and stay on both legs, you’re perfectly welcomed
to, this is your workout. So I’m going to go ahead and do it on one. Lift and hold.
Two. Now we’re going to cut the time in half only holding this for 5 seconds and lower
down. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. With your foot placement you can just cross the leg over, or you can
lift it straight up to the ceiling, I think it’s just personally easier if you lift the
leg straight up. But some like think it’s a little easier to rest the leg across your
other leg, so either way is fine. But you’re going to start to feel it really tight. It’s
going to tighten after a while. Again, 3 sets of 15. Maybe make your third, your second
or third set with the single leg if you can do it. If not, do all 3 sets with both feet
planted. Even lift up off onto your toes. So you can see now I’m flexing my calves.
So I’m up on my toes, squeeze and hold it 10 seconds and lower. Up on your toes, squeeze,
lift, hold up on your toes and then pulse it. Pulse it when you get to that 15th one.
So you go 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, this hurts, 2, and 1 and relax.

62 thoughts on “Leg Exercises & Workouts : How to Do Back Thigh Exercises

  1. thank u for all your help now that ive been doin execisis my husband cant keep his hands off me thanks 🙂

  2. How come dynastyISlife has got 6 thumbs down for saying this gives him a boner, but williamscandice has got 12 thumbs up for saying her husband can't keep his hands of her?

  3. heyy, im a guy, i have pretty nice size thighs, i mean, they're somewhat muscley, but i know i have a little extra fat on them it seems like you know what you're doing., i want to get rid of that fat. will this help?

    please respong.

  4. yeah and because they live on a really strict diet XD I'm a sporter myself and can tell you if you dont change your food pattern you wil not loose all your fat or you have to train like a pro and you prob dont got the time to do that 😉

  5. I love that she doesn't sound out of breathe… That's what made me want to try this exercise 🙂 and I loved it… You can feel the burn immediately 🙂 thanks !

  6. Omfg, I like her so much!!!! -laughs-
    Cuz she's just like me, I can feel the
    burn really fast. And I started to laugh
    and covering my eyes when she started
    pulsing!!! XD <3

  7. thank you thank you ive been searching for this for a long time and all i found was inner and outer thigh excersises and i finally found this vid its great. keep it up:)

  8. @ViiCKii15x Its very hard to feel the burn in your glutes the next day even if you do them right because when you walk most of the time you don't use your glutes, unless you purposely squeeze them on push off

  9. So many ppl that workout,make it seem so easy when they do their vids,I like that she lets the viewers know that she feels the burn in the process of the workout. That gives her a great relatable quality.

  10. Very interesting workout. I dont remember ever doing this in gym class, I think I know why though. 😛 lol

  11. Idk if im doing them correctly I tighten when I push off but I also do these without shoes not sure if that makes a difference?

  12. Everytime I try to work out I play starcraft or get distracted by the inredibly hot women wearing skimpy clothes in these videos

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  16. Yep dear! Its the only program that targets my
    muscles beneath my cellulite zone. It was
    really good and really quick. Anyway, you
    got the name of the site misspelled. It should be:

  17. I've done these exercises for like 1 month and a half and it works, I can feel and see my back thigh muscles already ! 

  18. I love rhis workout cause I actually do feel is stressing the muscles and works out ! I like your technique but I do something different 🙂 …when i do it i lay down like you do on the video and instead of putting on leg pointing up I make my leg point straight in vertical , same hight as the bent leg and it really kills your back muscle and gluteus! Try it out ! Is really difficult at first but I love it !:) results come fast !

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