Leg Day | Cheap Pre Workout Drink | Squats

what’s up guy’s Jaxs here again about to have pre workout actually this is to prevent that but and driving to the gym already know it’s
raining today if you guys have asked me to do my next video which i’m happy to
accommodate for actually gonna be legs ’cause if you have actually asked me to
apply that so today’s the day this is a second leg day in the week for me this
will mainly be focusing on quads still with a bit of hamstring but I’ve done
hamstrings and quads a little bit of clouds earlier in the week so hopefully
can get some what’s happening get some white moving
around and that’s pretty much it I just like to say about mister J Med your
menace and hopefully get some gains enjoy guys legs lips read something not be asking
my platform I am a nose which are in here somewhere amino X BSN fruit punch so I take those during my workout
scoops like sherbet straight in the mouth as one of my channels that I watch theonelinecoach straight to the dome some aminos as you could see today i didn’t go too heavy on my squats I was getting knee pains I kind of work around that pain to
still get a good pump and contraction of the muscles so yeah

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