Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to GTA san andreas and our 100% playthrough where today we will be
starting off all the stuff in Las Venturas which is the next section of
the game and we’re kicking it off with the Las Venturas Gym. A nice easy
little side mission to get us on our way but first if you haven’t already done so
make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification bell down below the
video so you get a notification to your device every time I upload. And as always
guys thank you all for your ongoing support. So let’s do this then this is Las
Venturas Gym. M’m going to learn some new moves screw you
right I’ll be back guys ok we’re back we’ve gotta learn some new moves how do
we fight again I’ve completely forgotten how to fight that’s helpful isn’t it she
can’t flippin move there we go back in the game we got beaten up there for a
second all right this guy is tanky as hell
look at his health it’s not even taking any damage there we go he’s going a bit
yellow now finally wow this guy is a tank I guess he’s a boxer so that makes
sense I think he’s a kickboxer technically if
memory serves there we go we’re getting him now jeez he nearly killed us look at
our health I said a nice easy side mission a minute ago didn’t I he’s down
we’ve been running attack whilst running lock onto the target with r1 and press
triangle what was that hey ground attack lock onto a downed opponent than using
r1 then press triangle alright that was a bit better kick him on the floor combo
attack lock onto get by pressing r1 and repeatedly press
triangle it’s not quite for real what is that about well we learned the new moves
anyway geez what the hell was that okay well I think that is literally here
let’s check our stats screen is we’re up to 50% we’re halfway through Oh guys I
don’t know what to say about that first punch what the hell was that but
yeah that does it for this one that’s all there is to it I can’t
believe that punch oh god fifty point two seven percent was
it yeah we’re over halfway through the game now finally so that it’s gonna do
it for this one guys so as always thank you very much for watching if you
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grow so I do for EJ it make sure you hit that subscribe button and the
notification better than you or just haven’t already done so and I’ll see you
all next time

5 thoughts on “LAS VENTURAS GYM!! – GTA SAN ANDREAS 100% #107

  1. That episode though 😀 :D. You basically went without health to learn basic kick-boxing attacks. Really smart, Turian <3. I imagine you fighting irl with no health and you're like: That guy has tank of health. Loved it <3. But please do more San Andreas like longer videos it's discriminating compared to the other playthroughs :(. Make CJ wear suit for me <3 to show you got them big cash rolling in, you're in Las Vegas after all and he's like a bum who people are trying to avoid. Time for something random as always otherwise it wouldn't be me. I've hit the subscribe button and like a long time ago, but I need a new monitor now 🙁 and phone :(.

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