Lacrosse Ball Exercise: The Rhomboids and Mid Back

In this demonstration, Dr. Walsh is going
to show us how to lacrosse ball the muscles of the rhomboids, the upper back, and the lower trap. She’s going to take that ball and position it right between
the shoulder blade and the spine up against the wall and, from there, she’s
just gonna roll into those thick muscles right between the shoulder blade and the
spine. She’s gonna bring her body down to get the ball up higher into that lower
trapezius just wiggling back and forth to get contact throughout that muscle.
Any tender point she feels, she’s just gonna put her body weight up against
that wall and really dig into it. When people first start lacrosse balling the
upper back in the traps, oftentimes, they lose the ball as they’re rolling and it
drops and rolls away. This will happen repeatedly. Just go grab that ball, bring
it back, and start over again. You’re gonna spend about two to three minutes
on this right side and then just switch the ball over to the left and repeat the
same thing on the left side.

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