Lacrosse Ball Exercise: The Lumbar

In this demonstration, Dr. Walsh is going
to show us how to use the lacrosse ball to mobilize the muscles at the low back
and the quadratus lumborum. To start, she’s gonna put it right between that QL
or the quadratus lumborum and the wall and, just like with the hip, she’s just
gonna kind of roll right through there, dance with it up against the wal,l inside
and outside, close to the spine and more lateral. Any tender spot she feels she’s
just gonna press her weight up against that wall in an attempt to release it.
She’ll wait about 30 seconds and if it releases she’ll move on and if she
doesn’t release she’ll move on, too, and come back to it later and then just
repeat on the other side. To get more pressure with the lacrosse ball, instead
of being on the wall, she can take that ball and lay flat on the floor or on a
hard table as we have here. She can put that ball right in the same area but now
she has all of her body weight under gravity and she’s able to dig in a
little bit more with that lacrosse ball. Same process – she’s going to roll around,
let that ball get into that QL, hold any tender spots and then repeat on
the opposite side.

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