Knee Replacement Rehab: Top 5 Mistakes People Make

hi I’m Bob felt physical therapist rather physical therapy we have the most famous physical therapist on in a brand our opinion of course Brad top five we work with a lot of people who had totally replaced great lots of thousands and you know over time these are the top five mistakes that we find people make after they have their replacement done and they’re doing their rewrite so let’s start off with number one number one is they don’t focus on the right thing and that’s the thing they want to focus on is they want to focus on getting the knee as straight as possible and as bent as far as possible right now scar tissue is being laid down bread right after this the surgery’s being done so it’s a race against scar tissue it’s the race is to get that knee straight and the race is to make it that deep and to many people focus on the walking or the strengthening all that’s going to come I can guarantee you that’s going to come but those two will not necessarily come those are the ones you might have trouble with soul to you the majority your focus and time should be spent on that range of motion range of motion up what’s number two and number two keep your pain under control I’m working with three different D patients right now and it’s amazing one has a pop with pain and the other two are doing well is controlled by their pain medications as well as cold packs right and they use them and they’re consistent they take them where they’re supposed to they don’t try to avoid the pain pill and see if they get away with it for a day and then they come to therapy without pain pills and then you cannot range them as well you can’t get anything done you go ahead you know it’s a waste of time so you got to make sure that the pain pills in place you have 45 minutes to an hour before and you got to make sure it’s a pain pill that’s going to work right so otherwise it’s just it’s wasted time right and cold packs we’ve got a video axe yeah we got a video how to make your own and how to use them Bob can you put I’ll put that alright alright number three number three I find so many people that again they got they want to progress to a cane too quickly they’re starting off with a walker usually and they started going to get to the cane or the you know and I’ll tell them not to do this but yet next time they come in they’re using a cane and I felt like it it’s like I would not generally this is my opinion Brad we’ll stop that like CD going to a cane until your range is almost all the way there already sure and my mother-in-law is a good example she had knee replacement I came to visit her hello my knee motion got worse and I go what’s going on and found out she’d gone to a cane we went back to the Walker and she started making progress again so compensate with that cane in that compensation goes the other direction for you and the big picture up number four breath this is these aren’t order I don’t think is this I think is one of the biggest things that end us compare yourself to other people’s progress with their needs the matter of fact Alice will fire five dot three or four knees working at the same week I will only sometimes I’ll have them schedule my schedule or say put these two together if they’re both the same right and other personalities will fit but if there’s one that’s not doing well and one that’s doing really well I never want to see them together because the one that’s doing not so well is going to compare themselves for the right one or the one that’s getting down faster and they’re going to feel depressed and it’s just a vicious human nature and and I tell people everything everyone I tell before we start brown and everyone brings it up anyway and you know the problem is someone’s coming up to them go on hello my me I was up dancing in three weeks and the thing is they weren’t quite often but that’s how they remember right the other thing is if you have two needs done let’s say one you have one done they later on you have another one one of them is going to do really well in comparison to the other right I mean that’s how it always is so it’s just it’s beyond your control how quickly these thing I know so and the whole point is is 90 plus percent do very well writer time exactly I just saw that as a study you bad yeah and number five number five is some people just stop therapy too soon or don’t go to therapy I mean okay this is not therapy out of need is one where you often need a therapist because it’s very difficult for you to inflict pain on yourself I hate to say it but knee replacements it’s one of the therapies where it is no pain no gain most of them are not that way right most of them were trying to alleviate the pain but with therapy you got to have something that’s going to go in there and stretch that knee and you’re not going to probably do it and your spouse is not going to do it or your family member is not going to do it so you need to keep going with therapy so don’t get that wrong because therapist no tricks that can make it Bend easier is pain that’s why you go there but there’s still going to be some pain involved and remember Brad we’re not just pretty we’re what are we about we’re we’re really experienced and what we’re not pretty ugly well right let’s not let’s not go there and so you want to make sure you’re going to subscribe to us if you haven’t already we’re going to give you videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free we’re kind of like mechanics for the body right exactly we can give you a little tune-up yep – it up turn up turn down all right comb your hair thanks a lot

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  1. Thanks for posting such informative videos!! I'm entering my 4th week post TKR and am having difficulty bending my leg to the expected 90 degree angle due to swelling and pain. I have help with bend and stretch exercise but haven't been totally consistent, again due to soreness and swelling.. add a bit of exhaustion and laziness honestly. Is there still time to redeem myself or will my knee feel like a petrified tree limb for life???

  2. Good information, and you both are quite handsome —— NOT!  But, you are absolutely adorable!  I'm getting TKR for my right knee in a couple of weeks, then the left one shortly after.  I NEED to get these buggers working again SAP.  Thanks for warning me about the pitfalls.  I will try not to fall into any of them!  Mahalo from the Big Island, Hawaii!

  3. Did pre-therapy and I was physically fit to begin with at 65. I ditched the walker after 1 week and started walking 1/2 2nd week on. Range of motion improved by post surgery physical therapy to 112 degrees and straight. At this point my last therapy date is day 37 and I expect I will be measured at at least 120 to 125 degrees. I have returned to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the rowing machine. I am blessed that I had the physical therapy both pre and post surgery and my knee was so bad the doctors could not understand how I could walk on it. I have a high pain tolerance which I think is why I am back to almost full function. I exercise and stretch on the alternate days between therapy and I use cold packs with my knee elevated to reduce swelling. My surgeon is one of the best in the country and I tried to this state to use this surgeon. My opinion is the surgeon is the most critical followed by the hospital you pick followed by your physical and mental condition…

  4. I had knee replacement over two years ago and I still have major pain and the x-ray showed the tendons may be causing the pain over the knee cap on both knees.


  6. Very informative.  I made two of the mistakes.  Anybody having lower back pain and hip pain after TKR?  I know my body is not aligned properly but was told by the physical therapist that I would just be wasting money if I go to a chiropractor before I'm walking normally. Why doesn't therapy include the total body after knee surgery?

  7. Great video, I am a 48 year old male who had a motorcycle accident 21 months ago on 9/11/2015. I had a Tibia Plateau fracture that required a large plate and 11 screws to rebuild. I had external fixation with no load bearing for 3 months post initial surgery while in a rehab care facility. Then another month after the fixator was removed with only toe touch load bearing. I have went through many, many days of PT, a manipulation of the knee, then hardware removal just over 6 months ago and a Mako robotic arm assisted TKR 10 days ago. Leading up to the TKR I had range of motion issues due to my extension and pain whenever I stood or walked more than 5-10 minutes which was why the TKR was suggested. My Doctor told me at the initial surgery post accident that I would need a TKR in 5-10 years most likely. I have been diligent with my home therapy (not home care) with my wife who has 18 years experience as an orthopedic nurse until I could start outpatient therapy 5 days after surgery due to a full schedule at Outpatient PT. Before surgery my flexion was at 105-110 and extension was -12. At my PT eval my extension was at -5 active and -2 passive which is great but My flexion was only 50. One thing that is concerning is when trying to do straight leg raises, short arc quads and long arc quads I cannot lift my lower leg at all. It is like my quad can't pick up the leg as well as considerable pain in the quad along with the typical knee pain associated with a TKR. My Therapist is also concerned since she said usually people can do those exercises right away. Have either of you had any experience with a struggle like this? I understand that my TKR is not a typical one due to it being brought on my a major trauma to the knee. I am just concerned that the considerable scar tissue I have may be interfering with my muscle action and or nerve function in the knee. I still have my staples in the surgical leg and get those out in 4 days.

  8. Thank you for this video! I'm a former collegiate and professional basketball player and I'm having a knee replacement next week at 38 years old. This helps ease my mind about rehab. Thank you again.

  9. Thank you so much for the informative video! I am having my knee replaced in 2 weeks and this information will be very helpful!

  10. I have had knee replacement 5 1/2 weeks ago and my knee is very very stealth I can only bend it back about 20% and I'm so scared that it's going to lock up on me I'm working really hard with my knee bending and the exercises that I'm supposed to be doing I'm really scared that it's going to lock up on me can you please give me a little information I have to go back to my doctor and five days but I am scared

  11. Thanks..
    You both are next to angels..

    I am (31 years old) professional soccer player at University .. I have an ACl Tear.. Will be able to reconstruct it after my Ph.D defense .. Till then i have to do some physio to retain my muscle strength and flexion.. Please do suggest me some wonderfull suggestion ..

    And I Would also like to know how to make cool pad (U said somewhere in the video about: how to make our own Cool pads for knee)>>

    Please do suggest me some good advice..

    Thank you very much

  12. I I had bilateral knee replacement June 26th after 4 weeks I have 130 range of motion in left leg and 120 in the right leg both legs are straight and I am climbing at least 100 stairs a day. I ditched The Walker after my second week and now I only use a cane in case I lose my balance I am continuing with the stretches and exercises. I feel my legs getting stronger daily thank you so much for the informative videos I have one more week of physical therapy and then I will continue with your exercises until I have a full recovery I wouldn't have been able to do it without your videos and the motivation you guys have given me . Thanks for the great videos . You guys are amazing!

  13. Yes! Best post op advice my Dr. Gave me: "Don't be a hero – take the paid medication, and keep on top of it." I took 5 mg of Oxy before physical therapy. I never used a cane or a walker – I used one crutch for a week. Done.

  14. Thanks for the time and effort that you both put into your videos. This one will be handy in a year or two! For now I have moderate degenerative osteoarthritis in my knee. I have used other of your videos on sciatica and sore knees. Have you or will you please make a video on trochanteric bursitis?

  15. Does a person need to lose weight before they can have knee replacement, my sister is 270lbs 5'0 does she have to lose weight and how much. ?

  16. I just watched your video for the first time ever and I have to say, it truly was educational and informative to me. I just had my knee replacement a month ago and everything you guys said is exactly what is happening with me. Except I did not know about a few things. But I have an ice machine which is Really Great for my pain relief.

  17. Excellent video gentleman. I preach the same lessons when I am in the patients home as well. One of the biggest problems I run up against is your recommendation of not getting off the pain medication too soon. Many of these patients get scared to death by the media or thier neighbor down the street to " get off your pain medication as fast as you can" big mistake.
    It does prevent the patient from putting 100% effort into their rehabilitation or causes them to have many a sleepless night.
    Another big one as you mention is trying to get off the walker too soon, another common crime committed in the rehab world by patients that expect this type of surgery top heal overnight.
    Thanks guys, love your humor as well!

  18. I had a total knee replacement on SEPT. 27th. Getting along fine with my therapy but having trouble lifting my leg when laying down flat in a horizontal position. Could this be just a temporary thing due to the muscle being cut during the replacement procedure?

  19. Hi guys. Your videos are great. This past summer, my right knee started hurting a lot. It had never given me problems before; I’m 63 yo. I hike, bike and chase grandchildren. A MRI showed severe arthritis on both bones on the median side of right knee. He suggested partial/full knee replacement. The surgery is scheduled in Jan. Since then, I’ve been doing knee exercises, stationary biking, and losing weight. My knee does not hurt like it did. Though I have severe arthritis, do you think I could delay the surgery?

  20. I'm slated for a knee replacement, but I'm losing weight and "pre-habbing" first. I've lost 50lbs already on keto, and am looking t lose another 50lb before the operation. I'm going to remember the advice – it's a race against scar tissue and loss of range of motion.

  21. I had a total knee replacement in May of this year 2017. I now need a revision replacment in January. I had a failed tea, and I am so scared. I was in a fehab for 1 month, then went to outpatient therapy, which did nothing. My knee is in pain and under the knee down to my foot is numb. Please help.

  22. My mother had surgery on the same knee 4x's in 4 years! (the just can't get it right!!) This time, the Tibia cracked down the middle… Q: BEST PT for her since she is NON-WEIGHT BEARING…

  23. Ok thanks for this. Had TKR 9 days ago…I can walk without the cane slowly; ditched the walker when I heard my friend who had a double was walking right away with no cane…I was comparing. Can only get to 95. Quad still not working for a dead lift. Worried about that. I am amaze at how little pain. OK, I need to take the pain meds 45 minutes prior….I was doing half hour. This video was good. I was worried I was behind the curve.

  24. Good info; but they need a better videographer.  Particularly, a remote mike system would make the audio more understandable

  25. Thanks. I believe in therapy. Since Nov 10th, 2016  I have had both shoulders replaced witH reverse replacements. I'm doing quite well. Now, I am a Parkinson's patient with NOH, STIFFNESS and very tender feet. I've taken Precocet 5/325 since my first surgery; both shoulders due to (osteoarthritis). X Rays tell my knee doc, my left is in worse shape. Also, I have CKD 3.  I dread the upcoming knee surgery and, I'm left with little choice but, to stay tough! PAIN TAKES AN EMOTIONAL TOLL. I'm praying my CKD and/or PD does not hinder my recovery. At his time (1/21/18) I'm fortunate to get 5 hrs sleep a night. Help me, I need some encouragement. I like this video. THANKS AGAIN

  26. I had both TRP done 4 yrs ago. Can u recommend what exercise shd I continue to do to keep them flexible n strong. Yr videos are informative n helped me in understanding the need to do the right exercises. Thks!

  27. HELP! My dad had full knee replacement and is having a heck of a time with bending and when he tries to do his exercises at home he's in a lot of pain he's having a heck of a time sleeping as well the oxycodine he's on didn't make him sleepy or really help I told him he needs to call his doctor and have him switch the pain med. Any tips on how to get the knee to bend at home he does really good at therapy but at home it's different

  28. I have heard this 98 percent success rate number from several sources. I do not believe it. There is a saying that carpenters fix everything with a nail. This, I found is true with health problems. See a surgeon about your knees and he will try to fix them with surgery. See a physical therapist about recovery and physical therapy will be his remedy. I had both knees replaced and wish I had never had it done. It's been a disaster. 4 years later and I hurt worse and walk worse than before. After my surgeon decided he couldn't fix it with more surgery, he was done. After 3 different PT groups worked with me, they gave up. After I spent all my monies on tests, that the surgeon ordered, then ignored, then ordered again, he said it wasn't his problem any more. Made me feel like when there was no more surgery money to be made, he cared no more. Same for the PT groups. Be aware, not all knee replacement surgeries are successful. By the way, my surgeon still states the same success rate as before my failure. He just ignore the ones that don't work out, as I believe most medical statistics are not accurate. This allows people to make their health decisions based upon false data.

  29. I had my 2nd TKR 3 months ago. My first was in 2014: Both times, my doctors used the Conformis knee, which,was customized for me based on my bone structure. Both times, I went straight home from the hospital (only have to walk 250steps and climb stairs to be released) . I ditched the walker in 3 days, and was driving within the first week. Was in therapy for about 1 month. I still have some swelling and slight pain.
    If you commit to making your goals, this surgery is life changing. I can hike, dance, walk without a limp and enjoy life. Good luck to all who have this done!

  30. I had my left knee done last sept and I just had my right one done 3-16-2018 the first one i got flexion right away i waked on the latest on 45 min after the surgery and Im waking wit a walked flextion is doing good just Musial pain not to bad start P T 4/16

  31. great video thankyou very much. Im 5 weeks and only have 110 bend and 5 at extension. You say its a race against time. How much time roughly do you mean? im very anxious to get to 120 130 plus and 0. I dont want to run out of time before these targets are reached. thanks.Annie

  32. Great tips! Can you offer any links to peer reviewed articles that provide documentation of decreased ROM after progressing to a cane too quickly?

  33. My dad is very cold hes 60 years old he has us suffering in heat at home…isnt cold good for his knee?

  34. I have had a tibia plateau fracture, 8 screws later, 4.5 yrs later, just had tkr Tuesday. I find they want to push you at the hospital even if you have no meds. I see push push push to get leg bent etc. My thigh is killing me, I also have a gamma nail in thigh. I know they used a turnicate, at first I th ough ought oh. But some others I had talked to said they had pain as I do. The pain is preventing me to do much with rom with my knee.I have also read that working rom to quickly can further bruise your soft tissue which should heal before you work on the deep muscle tissue. Any suggestions or thoughts on this. Thanks

  35. I'm having trouble I am 12 weeks out and every time I go to stand I feel this kind of rolling pain its my right knee so the pain goes from left inside to right outside its snapping and popping and it HURTS ME a lot I have found myself using my hands to move my leg out enough to stand I can't put pressure on it until I have come to a complete stand using my other leg to get there please can anyone help also the swelling of my foot is driving me insane thank you to any one

  36. As a group of Nurses (RN, EN's and AIN's) as well as other HealthCare Professionals ie Naturopaths, we have heard and seen many results of TKR patients. In your Clinical Experience which patients seem to have better results in order to gain full ambulatory capacity? Those who use crutches (both underarm and Canadian or Forearm/Elbow Crutches) or those who use walkers or canes? This is ofcourse considering that the patient is being ideal and doing all prehabilitation and posthabilitation exercises as instructed. Thanks in advance. PS I nearly forgot to say how much we, and our viewers (many of whom watch your videos on many of our websites) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your videos. Keep 'em comin' .

  37. Very invaluable advice. I had a Patellar tendon rupture repair as well as MCL surgery 2 months ago. Now Dr had me in the legbrace for 6 weeks at only 30 degrees flexion. Been going to physio as per the schedule but since the brace came off they focus a LOT on getting the knee to bend more by stretching and that hurts a lot, but yeah no pain no gain. But doing my regime of exercises they gave me daily makes my knee swell up, making walking painfull when I put full weight on it. Using ice packs helps a bit. I went off 2 crutches a couple weeks ago but using one only. But this seems to make walking more hazardous or painful and slow. I am making progress with flexion but seems walking is not progressing as I would like. What would you guys recommend?

  38. Hi just wanted to say that this crackel n popping is not any better in fact it hurts like hell any help out there also my foot is still swollen how long should I baby this thing honestly its pokeing my last nerve… Help

  39. I stopped using my walker the first week after surgery and received positive response from my physical therapist, and surgeon. I was carrying it around so they both felt it wasn't helping me.

  40. I had a TKN of the right knee a year ago. I was able to rehab and have great ROM, then I had to have a right total hip replacement. From walking with a woble, I never noticed, now my knee has loss ROM and trying to stretch the knee I have a lot of pain on the outside of the knee joint. Has scar tissue started to form and can I force the knee to bend further?

  41. You made some great points about one knee doing better than the other & not to compare yourself. I'm 7 weeks after a patellofemoral replacement and seemed to have plateaued about 3 weeks into my recovery, despite only being in my early 50s, relatively fit, a non-smoker & religiously follow the exercises given to me by my physio, despite the pain. I'm also regularly applying ice-packs & keeping up with the meds. On top of this, I try to walk everyday, outdoors using a cane supplied by the hospital (on their suggestion). Despite all this, the knee still swells almost as soon as I put any weight on it, it's very stiff (especially when I first wake up) & it hurts like hell if I walk. As a bit of background, I stupidly crossed my legs over on the day after the surgery, which caused my knee to completely seize-up but my consultant didn't x-ray it, thinking the problem was "merely" caused by a post-op hemorrhage behind the cap, and so would not show up. Before the leg-crossing, I was doing so well, I was able to climb stairs with only a single cane, so you can imagine it was a bit of a shock. They had talked of discharging me the day after surgery, but kept me in another couple of days because of the "set-back", as it was called it. Frankly I wish he had sent me for x-ray, just for re-assurance (especially now the knee has started to squeak when I flex it). I was beginning to get really worried & depressed about it tonight, as I've had a really bad week, but your points have helped to reassure me, for which I'm very grateful.

  42. Well I started off with a strong leg after 3 months extended pt and a gym 3 Times a week now but after 3months the atrophy started and I continue to work out lost 85 pounds take the whey protein I still can't get it back the pain has never been controlled from the epidural not working the first time he went back an cleared the scar tissue! Noone knows why!???

  43. Thanks for the tips. I'm having knee replacement surgery in the Spring. I'm in Canada so having to wait a while for it. I've had the pre-op therapy and I do 15 miles a day on my stationary exercise bike. I've lost 20 lbs and trying to see how much more I can lose before the surgery.

  44. I just had surgery yesterday total knee replacement. It hurts so bad, I had no idea. I think the staples have a lot to do with the pain. I'm 55 and am hating myself for gaining weight.

  45. I’m having HUGE AMOUNT of pain behind my knee. If you could feel behind knee right at the top of the calf. OMG. This pain is what is stopping me. Besides the stiffness

  46. I’ve have 5 surgeries requiring PT. Some PT follow the book and forget we’re all different. Just because the book says “try to push the wall back”, doesn’t mean I’m ready for that. I’m not in a race or competition.. At one PT session I was fine at level one therapy and level 2 seemed like it was level 4. I felt a pop in my arm after rotator cuff and did great after that at home. The other was knee arthroscopic. I told the heffa my leg couldn’t bend backwards any further than where it was. She pushed it down and I left limping and had to get an injection. Jan 21,19 is my TRNR. Excited and cautious to make sure I have a good therapist and that I exercise at home by myself also. I’m not in a race or competition. Slow and steady works for me.

  47. THIS VIDEO MAY BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT I'VE SEEN ON YOU TUBE. I hate to say it, but I'm guilty of probably ALL of the mistakes you listed here. Thanks for your continuing free help to knee patients everywhere.

  48. Just had knee replacement surgery followed you guys prior to and still do , home made ice packs are the best. Thanks

  49. I don’t deal w pain very well. I can only have Tylenol or ibuprofen bc my doctor won’t let me have anymore good, strong pain killers. I go to PT anyway but I don’t like it! 😩😩😩😫😫😫

  50. I live in FL and getting a pain pill is dam near impossible. My wife had a hysterectomy and got 3 days pain pills and it the law . Suffering in Florida.

  51. One month and one day out from partial knee replacement. I am also a gastribypas person. No pain meds. I just did the excersize where you sit in a straight back chair with your affected leg on another chair. You said let it stretch for five minutes. It was hard but when done it felt wonderful. Thank you.

  52. I love you guys. I am recovering from a complex meniscus tear in my left knee. Surgery on the 21st of February. I began researching recovery strategies and when I went back to have my stitches removed and had good range of motion my surgeon who is an awesome veteran Dr M. Zacchilli remarked how well I was doing and to start PT. All I thought was Bob & Brad the two most famous Physical Therapists on the Internet. Love the jingle. I wish I could you to you guys. Any suggestions on how to know if the PT center I go to is good and how to identify a great PT? You guys Rock 🎸. Q

  53. Well what do you think about living upstairs and knee replacement scheduled early May? I can't move. Will I be able to do this?! I'm really starting to freak out. I did have both hips replaced 2 months apart and lived upstairs, did great, had very little help.. but I hear the knee is waaay worse!
    By the way, first time seeing you guys and I can't wait to see more! You guys are great and very helpful. Thank you.

  54. Focus on ROM instead of walking and strength, Stay on top of Pain control, Don't progress to cane too quickly, don't compare to other people's progress, stop therapy too quickly

  55. Good advice guy's, I have had a total of 9 knee surgery's on my left knee. i had three infections which cost me a partial knee replacemant, then a total knee replacement and now i have a revised total knee replacement in. Since august 2017 i have had a total of 6 on this knee as of 3/8/2019. I have to say that my surgeons are fantastic, they have had nothing but care and the hopes for the best possible outcome for me while dealing with these darn infections.

    Im in rehab now for the revised TKA and doing ok considering the amount of atrophy from having this many in such a short time. I can't say it strong enough……WHAT YOU GUYS ARE SAYING HERE IS SPOT ON , I HOPE PEPLE LISTEN…… stay focused on your own situation and work hard to progress it will come in time. prayers to all who are facing surgeryforfull and complete recoverys, good luck

  56. Thank you!! I am on my third week of recovery and therapy is hard. I appreciate you two sharing important info,

  57. I am 8 months into tkr I fell off the bed & hurt both knees . I immediately applied cream & ice pack. There is some swelling, what is going to happen now,do I need to worry, please give advice.

  58. made a few of the 5 mistakes, makes perfect sense, AFTER you watch this clip, great info, many thanks from Ireland

  59. My right knee replacement was awesome. Within 2 weeks I was walking up stairs like a human. My left knee was a LOT different. I had to have it manipulated under anesthetic after 6 weeks because of the scar tissue buildup. I still can't bend it as far as I can my right knee and its been 4 years (March 2015 for my right knee and October 2015 for my left). But ya, physio was a big part of regaining range of motion, painful, but necessary. I still ice periodically and I still elevate my feet above my heart every day for at least 15 minutes

  60. What was number 3? Please mention and reiterate the points clearly, the audio is not clear and echoing.
    Some inserts/captions around the video could help big time. Thankyou.

  61. I think you're both pretty, so there! :o) I have a question?? Can I have my total knee replacement done if I broke my baby toe (on same leg) 3 weeks before the surgery? Thanks!

  62. Great advise. You say no pain no gain and about the medication no P/T has said to take the medication otherwise it is a waist of time…good points

  63. The clicking of the implant is driving me nuts.. hopefully that will get better but it might not, sigh.. Plus swelling, even though outwards it looks good, inside it hurts. Skin still sensitive but incision looks great. Good mobility too. Still QUITE a bit of pain. None of this was or is fun. Physical Therapy also kicks my butt bigtime. But it's just been over a month. This HAS to be a success for I don't ever, EVER want to do this again. The hip replacements, at a month apart, was SOooo much easier.

  64. I have had both knees done since December and March .Went through Phys.therapy first time in home only 3 weeks ,2nd time in home only 2 weeks started riding a stationary bike on my second day home in Dec. and first day home in Mar. Stopped using Pain meds in 2 weeks both times .Yes it hurts been told its one of the most painful surgeries you can have .Im a sill working carpenter ,retired 27 yr firemen and played soccer until I was 45 . So I did not have an easy life.My wife worked in the orthopedic floor in the hospital where I had them done and she told me all the time people would have the surgery and all they would do is whine and cry .They wouldn't move the joint or do what they were told ,so of coarse

  65. nothing was right.Go into surgery stiff, come out stiff .The most positive thing you can do for your self and the hospital staff is a positive attitude . If you can't handle pain and discomfort and some restless nights for maybe a month maybe a little longer .For the sake of hospital staff, physical therapy staff ,and family don't have the surgery .I was walking within an hr of being in my room after surgery because I know I have to use it or lose it .Just to let you know I'm 63 and both knees were total knee replacements.Do it right or don't do it .I'm back to work and there is a new pair of running shoes on my dresser as incentive to do it right.

  66. thank you for your videos I have tried many of the recommendations following my bilateral knee replacements. I nearly six months out from the surgery now and I am wondering how long you recommend the daily exercises and if they need to be adjusted?

  67. I WAS SO extremely active 9 years BEFORE HAVING UNNECESSARY knee replacement SURGERY! I WAS living down south-riding a bike going up & down Hills with 2 PINS holding my knee ABSOLUTELY phenomenally GREAT; traveling OVER 15,000 miles within 10 years that we HAD lived down there; taking care of 17 dogs that my husband & I HAD rescued & PINS that were put in me after being run over by a car 1991 HAVE ALWAYS BEEN holding my knee phenomenally GREAT! The only thing is I HAD put on some weight after my husband passed away & I HAD STOPPED riding my bike –BECAUSE I moved back to Chicago with the majority of my dogs & ALL I NEEDED to do WAS lose weight- but slick-talking Ortho DOCTOR TOTALLY defrauded the Government- scaring ME to death- telling ME that PINS MUST be REMOVED– BECAUSE they HAD BEEN in ME MUCH TOO long-& NEVER took any tests to PROVE that they HAD to be & NEVER took any VENOGRAMS WHEN I WARNED HIM a VERY long HISTORY of PHLEBITIS! This DOCTOR broke his Hippocratic Oath- & NEEDS to face disciplinary ACTIONS ASAP- otherwise it's going to be butchering up other people and destroying their lives ALSO+ BECAUSE he HAD ABSOLUTELY CRIPPLED ME for LIFE SO CRIPPLED– NO chance for revision SURGERIES- SO CRIPPLED– I can hardly make it 2 feet walking with my Walker in my son's apartment with HIM as my caretaker NOW with ME loosing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING as a RESULT of TRUSTING this DOCTOR & Illinois MEDICAL SYSTEM! My WHOLE LIFE is in a TOTAL shambles loosing NOT only ALL my Independence LOST my apartment– LOST ALL my beautiful dogs-WHO I'LL ALWAYS Miss & LOVE & my LIFE HAS BEEN reduced to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING & this happened WHEN I WAS only 65 years old-ending UP in an "Old People's Home," BECAUSE I WAS bounced around from ONE FACILITY to another– going through 15 MONTH TORTURE CHAMBER, of being ABUSED HORRENDOUSLY all the way down the line- until my son rescued ME & got ME the HELL OUT of there & brought ME to live with HIM– otherwise I wouldn't be alive today to tell YOU my TRUE STORY!! SO YOU tell ME Where in the world is JUSTICE? I'VE BEEN on the horn reporting this OVER & OVER again & nobody seems to give a darn! State of Illinois HAS ALL my detailed written COMPLAINTS, & THEY'RE NOT DOING anything to rectify the PROBLEMS, SO I MUST REMAIN living here in my son's apartment with HIM as my caretaker as a recluse– which is WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING for the past 3 years BECAUSE I CAN'T do steps can't get in & OUT of a car ANYMORE, which I WAS able to do EVERYTHING ABSOLUTELY PERFECT BEFORE; CAN'T do anything ANYMORE; that's HOW MUCH this MISERABLE DOCTOR & the rest of the HORRIBLE MEDICAL PEOPLE that HAD ABUSED ME SO INHUMAELY HAD CRIPPLED ME FOREVER! ONCE again I'll ask; Where in the world is JUSTICE?? if anyone can find it- Please let ME KNOW. Thanks.

  68. State of Florida only allows THREE DAY SUPPLY of pain meds. VERY difficult to manage pain with only Tylenol.
    Wish I knew THAT before this surgery.😳
    Week 5 today, only at 96 degrees. Doc says if I do t get to 105-110 by the 28-29, I’ll have to have a procedure called “Manual Manipulation under Anesthesia”.

    Working it like a mo-fo!!

  69. Had my TKR on July 5th. Did not realize how much pain I would be in. It’s the 20th today. Hopefully I’ll get the staples removed this Monday the 22.nd. Using Percocet and cold paks.

  70. This is helpful, thank you. I live in the UK. My wife had a total knee replacement 2 weeks ago. She's doing her best with the exercises, but can't take codeine-based painkillers as they make her nauseous. She's trying to manage pain with just Paracetamol tablets and Ibuprofen tablets. I'm sure with better pain relief she'd bend her knee more easily. Would you have any suggestions please.

  71. Therapy was pure torture. I was only given one week’s worth of strong pain meds, so unfortunately I suffered through PT for about 4 weeks and cancelled the remaining 5 weeks they recommended. My doctor said that I’m doing well enough to do my stretches at home which I do 2x a day. I was at 120 – 125 when I quit going. I talked with the PT on 2 occasions that they were being too aggressive, but they didn’t care. No one will ever force my knee back with their hands! I ended up not sleeping for 2 days between sessions (PTSD).

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