Knee Pain? Top 3 Critical Things You Need to Do Now! Treatments and Exercises (Updated)

36 thoughts on “Knee Pain? Top 3 Critical Things You Need to Do Now! Treatments and Exercises (Updated)

  1. Just found your videos today looking for relief for my husbands TMJ. Just wanted to thank you for so many helpful videos. subscribed!

  2. Bob's tibia rotation can also be done seated, with the foot on the floor or a step stool.
    Better for people with less balance and ability to stand on one leg.

  3. Can u help me ? i got a muscle tear in my foot when i fell down..done almost eveything still hurts when i walk much or put pressure on that foot. Its been more than 3months.

  4. I have a split maniscus caused by an inpact injury by stepping into a hole unexpectedly. Nothing worked to relieve the pain fir 3 years until a doctor gave me a shot. I am pain free back to a normal routine. How did one shot do that?

  5. I subscribed just because of how comedic these two are. Also because they helped my neck pain, but they were funny while they did it…

  6. So what do you do for the treatment of patellofemoral syndrome when your knee cap going up and down causes extreme pain and snaps. My knee locks up sometimes while walking forward and thankfully I no longer fall because of the pain. However the knee still snaps and I have extreme pain. More pronounced pain going down incline and a struggle going up incline.

  7. I have developed a bad condition due to a bad eating habit. Now my body has allergic reactions to certain food (anything not fresh). I get sharp pain 2 to 3 hours after I eat something. Now some food look innocuous, but if it has not so fresh ingredients, my joints (fingers/wrist) will be paid did (and paralyzed). Minute amount of soya in chocolate can do this or shrimp in curry sauce. Oddly, the pain location differs from one food or another! The pain vanishes adter 24 hours. If a researchers wants to use me as lab rat, let me know. lol


  9. A soft compression knee sleeve can be nice too if someone doesn't want to get a full-on brace. It feels strange at first but once you're used to it, it feels nice.

  10. My knee pain is not when I am walking it is when I go from sitting to standing. All the pain is on the top of the knee. ??? I'm walking a mile or mile and half per day. Oh I'm old also, 74 next birthday.

  11. Can you talk about cons of sitting on your leg. I have of sitting with my left leg under me. Hurts to do that with the right leg. I'm sure neither is good for me. I'll add that I get left foot or plantar issues. Wondering if it's related to sitting on it!

  12. I am turning 22 and I have hip pain and knee pain and now shoulder pain. Last time I went to my doctor I just got an nsaid. I am about to go back in. My previous time in he was moving my knees around and leg. But obviously when I was in there no popping or anything at least to my knowledge. Should I push for X-ray or ctscan I want more information on exactly what’s going on. This all started after starting work at a mill where I lined up boards as they came off the saw. Though months prior I had groin pain which I may or may not have mistaken as hernia because I have had a groin hernia at a young age and swear it felt the same so knowing now the hip at least couldn’t been prior

  13. Very good advice in this video! Regarding that “knee kick” demonstrated by Brad (second last exercise), that’s a good move to remember because even though I’ve had two successful knee replacements, my knees stiffen up somewhat after eating out in a restaurant. I will try and do some ‘kicks’ under the table just before I leave.

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