Hello and welcome to Jon Sheppard
fitness. Today I’m doing a little bit something different and I’ll be going to
be talking about my prediction of the UFC 229 khabib vs McGregor
fight. Hey I’m doing a little prediction of the
Conor McGregor fight who’s fighting against khabib and my
take on what I think it’s going to be the result who’s gonna win if they’re
going to be a knockout and all its going to go to points well this is the first
time Conor McGregor has came back into UFC since he had his boxing match and
lost so tonight or early hours the morning for me in England is going to be
the Khabib vs Conor McGregor 229 UFC match so I think this will be a
make-or-break fight for Conor McGregor if it goes wrong I can’t see him coming
back into UFC I don’t think he will be able to go into boxing because he’s not
good enough but why I think about this fight is it’s gonna be one of the
greatest I do like UFC I do follow it time to time I like watching it when the
big fight to come on I don’t know all the fighters but I know
the main ones and of course Conor McGregor is one of the main ones but
that does not mean that it’s going to be an easy win for him well I know of
khabib is basically he is a very good takedown merchant he will take them he
wins a lot of his fights by taking them down wrestling into
submissions where, Conor McGregor is obviously he he’s an all-rounder he can
he can fight he can punch you can kick it can take that you know but um what my
prediction is of tonight is think kind of aggregor will win not because of he’s
any better than could he I think he is going to need this more for his career
than khabib I’m saying that because obviously he did a big massive fight in
the boxing industry which a lot of people criticized and in a fairness
even though our massive payout he made himself a bit of an idiot in that fight
he didn’t pot himself he didn’t make himself look good at all he gave me all
the talk like he does in most of his UFC fights but where he does the talk to
talk he does the walk to walk in UFC he didn’t do it in the boxing so he need to
go back to how he was before where he knew absolutely dominate the whole UFC
world and today in UFC two to nine he will have to show the world he’s number
one say Conor McGregor is going to knocking about in the second round with
a kick I don’t know why I just have a feeling he’s gonna kick him in the air
and he’s gonna get knocked out and I don’t think it’s gonna be a very long
fight at all that’s why I say the second round off in the first round it’s just
going to be like carnage they’re going be going or at each other like mad men
the second round I think kind of McGregor’s going to sort him out for the
first round see his weakness kick him in the head and he’s gonna get knocked out
anyway let’s see if I’m right and enjoy the fight and I’ll see you next time


  1. Well he did throw some kicks so I’m liking the upload. I think Greg has shown throughout he’s ‘hard’ and that’s it really. Comes at opponents in a karate stance trying to throw a counter punch doesn’t mind getting hit in the process. His last two fights showed he needs to improve cardio and forget the karate.

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